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                                         Mary Pritchard, ND, CNC
Hello everyone. Welcome to the newsletter that is about better health through self education. We will be exploring a few topics that can help you make better choices about your health.
First of all a little about me. As most of you know, I use the Asyra
bio-energetic screening test. It assesses aspects of the body's current health that are weakened or in an imbalanced state. At the same time, it allows for a homeopathic signal that can help bring the body back into balance, thus promoting better health. The Asyra combines Eastern meridian pathways with Western Homeopathy and botanicals to reactivate and anchor the body's energetic flow. I have been working with sound therapy for 20 years now, and I have discovered that we each have a unique vibration that reflects our physical and emotional status. The Asyra gives us this information so we can make the best choices for good health. A multi-chord(as in music) containing your homeopathic frequencies will start the body on the road to homeostasis, unblocking drainage channels and restoring the cellular communication system.
I work with Dr. Cass and Physica Energetics from Canada. He has had over 40 years experience melding ancient wisdom with modern requirements and necessities. He combines European, Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic, North, South, and Central American traditional medical practices in the Physica Energetics remedy line. I see much success and I continue to support his products. I will be spotlighting some of these in this newsletter.
In order for your Asyra Multi-chord to work at optimum, we must look at how to support the immune system. We want to maintain balance in all organs, glands and systems through gentle detox and drainage.
Dr. Cass had put together a program that creates a firm foundation for balancing the whole Endocrine and Digestive system and helps open the drainage pathways; specifically the kidneys, liver and colon, as well as, the lymph,electrolytes, probiotics, amino acids, basic vitamins, etc., the body is challenged to keep balance in this way. We also have to look at our over-alkaline/acidic cells and dehydration. With the seven products suggested by Dr. Cass, taken for ONE month, a foundation is established that will create a terrain that allows the multi-chord and drainage pathways to bring substantial results, Dr. Cass also includes Patricia Fitzgerald's book " The Detox Solution" for additional understanding.(as long as copies last) The strategy is to work with the whole body to get great results!
PH: Lets talk about pH (Powers of Hydrogen) balance for just a bit. PH controls the speed of enzyme activity and the speed of electricity through out the body. Low is Acidic and high is alkaline. Both in extremes create problems. The norm is 7.4. Acidic foods create; bacteria, fungus, mold, and allergies add weight and fatigue as the body pulls too much acid into fat cells away from the glands. Over- alkaline, above 7.8, is just as bad and the body wants to shut down. Rehydrating and Lymph drainage(discussed later) are important remedies for these conditions.
These are the seven products. I will give a brief explanation of each;
1- CataZyme 7/CataZyme U- High quality, vegetable digestive enzymes in a bed of bio-dynamically grown, organic botanicals. The Cat-U is without protease for stomachs that are ulcerative or inflamed.
99% of people have low-stomach acid. When food goes into the stomach, lots of bloating and gas occur. Food needs to go into a good stomach terrain.
2- Nat Colon CLR- a specific blend of bio-dynamically grown, organic or wild botanicals designed to feed the colon and promote healthy movements.
3- Nat Body CLR- a specific blend of bio-dynamically grown, organic or wild botanicals designed to nourish, and restore the liver, kidneys, pancreas and other organs of detoxification.
4- ReHydrate- assists the cells in absorbing water. This is the #1 nutritional deficiency. Drink half your body weight in water sodas and caffeine drinks take away from the equation.
5- Spectralyte- helps re-establish minerals in the body. It restores the electronic charge outside the cells so the cells can now take in nutrition properly and expel waste properly.
6- Flora Syntrophy- restores flora in the GI tract. Right spinning probiotics(lactobacillus sporogenes) with FOS(insulin). Spore form survives antibiotics and gastric enzymes. Healthy, non-glycemic raising!
7- GALT- Fortifier- Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue. This has to do with the immune system. 70% of all dis-ease starts in the GI tract. Most of the immune system is surrounding the GI tract. Allergies, immune deficiencies, hormonal challenges, digestive imbalances, emotional and psychological factors may be due to the rubbery, excess mucus on the lining of the intestines, so nutrients are not allowed to come up to the Peyers Patches.(a part of the immune system)
The  cost of this restorative program which includes these seven products, book, and instructions to be taken for one month is 328.80. This includes shipping and handling.
Think about health naturally.
I would like to add one more NEW product that Dr. Cass has brought out recently. It is excellent in restoring biliary function, particularly for the Gall Bladder. The Gall Bladder is constantly under stress due to dietary factors, emotional imbalances, pathogens, etc. Bile becomes thick ad syrupy and is a breeding ground for bacteria, parasites, mold,etc.  This  new product promotes bile flow, breaks up stones, helps clear parasites, mold,bacteria, and converts blood fats into blood sugar. As a result, it assists the whole biliary tree by decongesting and repair. I love this product as I have seen results with myself.
This product is called GB-40 Yuan Source. The cost is 31.90.
As I mentioned earlier, I also like to put everyone on a Biotoxicosis Lymph Drainage protocol: Lymph 1, Lymph 2, or Lymph 3.
These products are so important to the "Lymphatic System". Sick cells cannot live in a healthy terrain. I can test which one is correct for you on the Asyra Pro.
I encourage everyone to eat as healthy as possible. So many of our products are GMO (Geneitcally Modified Organisms) that may cause long term health problems. These GMO s are not necessarily listed on the food labels. Here is a website to begin your study of GMOs , ( subject of my next newsletter.
Thank you everyone for tuning in to the first "Self Health Newsletter".
I look forward to exploring better ways to take care of ourselves through better education. Health begins within!              

Mary Pritchard
Mary  •  104 Mallard Dr.  •  Lynchburg  •  VA  •  24503
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