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Wonderful Wednesday
With AlixSandra
Sailing in and out of the magnificently beautiful islands in this part of the world, I am in deep appreciation of Planet Earth’s Living Breathing World. Mt. Vesuvius stands as a monument to one of the ways Earth checks and balances to keep us all safe. Imagine the Earth staying in orbit, spinning in space, in perfect proximity to our neighbors within our galaxy. I have such deeper understanding of how each world, be it human, animal, plant, mineral or Earth is in a constant balancing act, keeping their own worlds together and habitable.
My World My Way! So Say We All.
There really is no mystery to life if we can understand the concept of vibrational attitude. Early in my career as an energy healer and teacher I used the analogy of “attitude” with reference to a pilot landing a plane. You can have 
a soft and easy landing if your attitude is corrected frequently as you head for your landing, or you can have a very bumpy touch down, and even crash and burn. Our attitude or the way we approach things creates an emotional response within us that is sent out into the world. That feeling tone resonates with vibrations like itself causing the reality you experience. So lets look at some ways we can set our vibrational attitude for a smooth course.
1. Transforming the Blame Game. When Earth blows in any direction, it is always to keep a balance so she does not come apart. Earth, a living breathing being like you and I orchestrates everything from volcanic eruptions to tidal waves to keep the world in balance. Pretty awesome don’t you think?
For example: I think it is clear to all of us that we have no control over the movement and actions of our planet. We have blamed, bullied, raged, and unleashed chemical warfare upon her, done our best to change the trajectory of her path and to no avail!!! Earth Knows Who She Is!!! We don’t, not yet.
Earth Respects Us, we who live upon her world and are lovingly irrelevant to the decisions that must be made to maintain the perfect balance that keeps our planet thriving.
If we can accept that we are responsible, only, for our own world and our own experiences, and we do that by aligning our vibrational attitude on a higher frequency that has no need to blame or condemn. Joy and happiness must result. Viola!
2. Bring your awareness to Your World. Honor your own world and stay happy. Whatever is going on in someone else’s world that may be triggering you, realize it is a projection of your own vibrational attitude. You are the only one at the control panel of your own emotions. Landing within your radiant heart, now hold the emotional attitude of “All is Well, There is Wellbeing here”.
Opinions, blame, judgments and condemning remarks throw us off balance every time, and sometimes cause us to fall apart. I want us to understand this concept much better so here are my thoughts I am working with:
“I love Earth and I respect the living breathing being she is. I am in awe of the intelligence and impersonal way she does what she needs to do for her wellbeing. I am learning to appreciate my world and understand that I am a vibrational being. The way I feel is completely within my control. Earth is my home of choice, choosing to live within her domain and according to her needs. There are a vast number of places to set up my abode, but sometimes I just love the drama of Earth’s stormy movement. There are places that are quiet and serene, I love those places as well. I know that no matter where I live, if I tune to the highest and best frequency I can reach, there is never anyone or anything to blame. Everything always works out perfectly.”
Mastering Your Joy Focus. Stepping up our Joy Focus, together we can create a new Avenue of Consciousness; it does not have to take centuries to live in The Golden Age Of Joy. With your help Joy will become a MOVEMENT that others will place value in, focus upon and teach. Inner Focus has been a Hallmark for revealing our True Spirituality, and we have it now. The pieces are coming together beautifully and my dedication gets stronger every day. I am keeping a journal of my experiences on Santorini, Istanbul, Ephesus, Capri, Pompeii, Mykonos, Athens and Naples so I can share highlights with you. I invite you to come with me. Tune in your intuitive self and ask for teachings on, The Golden Age Of Joy. My Blessings Always!
This is all there is to it. However, if you need some help learning how to Stop Blaming and Start Blessing to get your momentum going in the direction you want it to flow, I would love to help you. Below are some of the ways I am working these days to bring lasting Joy into our world.
Blessings and Have A Great Wednesday!
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