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this Saturday!
Meet the Author: Stop by & say "Hi!" 
Nov 16th, 10-6p at Wings Bookstore
About Karen
Dr Karen Castle is an Acupuncturist, and has an MA in Oriental Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology. She is currently a PhD candidate for Wisdom Studies.
Karen facilitates Holotropic Breathwork in St Petersburg or in other locations by request.
Additionally, she offers a Transformational Coaching program to help people overcome fear, relieve depression and realize patterns of behavior. The intention is to remove blockages keeping you from realizing your greatest potential!
Visit her website and Events Calendar
The Inner Journey: Breathwork for the Soul
Save the Date! January 11th, 10-1pm
Location: Quaker Meeting House, St Pete
Through deep and fast breathing, a specially designed musical journey and a safe and supportive setting with a trained facilitator, you can experience a non-ordinary state of consciousness to experience a profound and deep transformation for inner healing.
Location and Contact Info
Office location:
Classical Medicine
1432 Dr MLK Jr St N
St Petersburg
For More Information,
send an E-Mail to:  
or Contact Karen for a FREE
15 min. phone consultation
Karen is Author of Two Books on Transformation 
Unveiling the Modern Goddess is based on the ancient myth of the Goddess Inanna. The book focuses on her story, using universal symbolism and the chakras for personal growth.
The Sacred Union is based on ancient myth and archetype.  The focus is  derived from the Jungian individuation process using healthy traits of divine masculine and feminine to take a look within and increase our awareness of shadow aspects which can bring a sense of wholeness.
For more information on these books, go to Karen's website, click on image and look inside on Amazon.
Transformational Coaching
Transformational coaching is an all natural and holistic method of guidance for personal growth. Our bodies manifest symptoms toward the transformative process. 
Examples of symptoms:
Anxiety or Depression, 
Unable to focus,
No sense of purpose, Seeking life meaning. 
 Guided properly, these clues can lead us to the way through, to the lighter perspective and to a rebirth!
 Want to learn more about this program? Click here.
Karen Castle • P.O.Box 8494 • Madeira Beach, FL 33738
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