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Wonderful Wednesday
With AlixSandra
Sometimes it feels as if we really need to stretch every muscle and fiber of our being to keep up with our own expansion and “catch” the high flying power of the moment. 
But Oh The Joy when we really sink our teeth into the prize.
No one can take the thrill of that moment away.
On the last day of my trip, and just last week, I was standing in the central market place of Pompeii. Of all the sites I visited I was touched the deepest here, on this land, in this spot after walking for hours through a city still teeming with life. Perception is an interesting thing, our guide talking all the while about an ancient city that was for me very present and had a lot to say. I stood in this spot a long time while everyone continued their tour.
I was awestruck by the marble architecture and the grandeur surrounding me.And then I looked up and saw her, trying her best to hide behind her modest gossamer shroud, wondering who would catch her tone. But I heard her song soft and low, I did, I saw, I felt and I Know that presence is with us here and now. 
This experience with Lady Vesuvius was similar to the one I had in Sedona with Laurel, the day we recognized the Hand of the Radiant Heart. Now I Get It! The Earth and Her wisdom flow timelessly and consistently on a frequency few reach for because they are not listening within. But when you know the power offered and you lift yourself above the words of others, you find yourself in a jet stream of knowledge and wisdom, and let me tell you, it’s worth the Jump.
As the breeze caressed my face I felt uplifted. Appreciating the natural expansion of consciousness, I reveled in basic gratitude for the life we have expanded into over the centuries. Running water, electricity, roadways, from chariots to planes, trains, and automobiles. I felt the power of The Earth, the magma that runs through us all carrying the passion and power of desire to birth and rebirth.
I consciously connected with a group of women (living in Pompeii) standing under that tall column on the right, and conveyed my deep appreciation for the lives they were living in that very moment. Time is plastic; we create our own reality so I impressed them with the thought not to return to the city when everyone else thought it would be safe, to stay far away with their families for a while.
The Michelangelo painting came into my mind as I felt the flow of love move through me. I Got It. I Caught The Ball and was now paying it forward in a more conscious way that I have ever done. I embodied that experience in such a clear place that I now  “Own” it. I Did It. Its Mine! When you know that feeling, weather anyone else ever understands it from your point of view is irrelevant.
This Is Jump Time! Jumping into the realization of the moment. Knowing you can have your world your way. Being willing to catch the wave and ride it to shore eager to get back out there for the next and the next. Understanding Self-Reliance and Alignment are the keys to “Getting It” you can do it, we all have it within us, it just takes awareness and practice.
We are the embodied ADAM consciousness as we, each in our own way, align with the stream of energy that flows constantly to us. Not everyone will want to drop the tried and true ways of limitation for the exhilaration of the Joy World. But those of us who do will enter a world that dreams are made of. And as we do we pay it forward for the next wave of awakening souls.
Mastering Your Joy Focus. Stepping up our Joy Focus, together we can create a new Avenue of Consciousness; it does not have to take centuries to live in The Golden Age Of Joy. With your help Joy will become a MOVEMENT that others will place value in, focus upon and teach. Inner Focus has been a Hallmark for revealing our True Spirituality, and we have it now. The pieces are coming together beautifully and my dedication gets stronger every day. I invite you to come with me. Tune in your intuitive self and ask for teachings on, The Golden Age Of Joy. My Blessings Always! 
This is all there is to it. However, if you need some help learning how to Get It and Move Forward With Joy so your momentum is going in the direction you want it to flow, I would love to help you. Below are some of the ways I am working these days to bring lasting Joy into our world.
Blessings and Have A Great Wednesday!
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