What if you only had six months to live? That’s a scary proposition. It’s also freeing and surreal when you realize how short life truly is. Being passionate and embracing strong beliefs can be the unexpected gifts of brevity.
The Museum of Motherhood has been a ‘love’ project. In six months, on March 31st, our lease at the Dunhill in New York City, sponsored by Deb Whitefield and Barry Hanson, is officially up. 
The museum experiences will go into a book, 'Introduction To Mother Studies' workshops will continue, we are tapping friends for ideas, talking to universities and real estate brokers, and creating traveling exhibits, but essentially – this project, in the space at 401 East 84th Street will be over very soon. 
Time waits for no one. All great things are impermanent. Even things that appear formidable eventually dissipate. In the meantime there is still plenty of BANG in M.O.M.
Just see the amazing people on our advisory board, notice the incredible women we’re honoring this year at our first Hall of Fame awards ceremony, as we celebrate our 8th Annual Conference on March 6, 7and 8, 2014 and please, if you have a lead, send it our way. Mostly – Keep the faith. I do, every day. Joy Rose
Calling all angels; if you know one, or are one, please contact MOMmuseum@gmail.com
ONE DAY WRITING WORKSHOP WITH THE MOM EGG, OCT. 19th 1:30-7:30 (you must pre-register)TheMomEgg@gmail.com
CALL FOR PAPERS - Making Motherhood Visible, March 6, 7 & 8th Conference. Abstracts due, Nov. 15th
SPECIAL KIDS STUFF. Click for more info.
ANNOUNCING THE FIRST EVER MOTHERHOOD HALL OF FAME AWARDS, celebrating great feminist writers & scholars. You must RSVP. Limited space. Call: 212.452.9816 or write MOMmuseum@gmail.com

Admission  $15 for one adult and one child, $5 each additional child except where noted. Couples $20 
$100 General Membership: 8 discounted entrance passes (equivalent $12.50 per visit, for one adult. Kids are free, but children must be accompanied by an adult), museum backpack, plus admission to select private events. Not applicable to special program fees, organized by outside parties, which are separate from general admission, but members receive a punch card with one FREE visit after completion of 8 discounted entrance passes. $5 off door price of Eat, Drink and Be Mommy event. Good for one year from time of purchase. 
$125 Unlimited Monthly Drop-In; use for baby groups, drops ins, story time, group lunches, hang out. Good for one-month from time of sign-up. This is for people who think they’d like access to M.O.M. frequently during inclement weather or families and groups looking for a safe, comfortable place to gather. Come use our play space 6 days a week if you want! Sign up online or onsite. Additional fees apply for music performances and workshops organized by outside parties,but members receive $5 off door price of M.O.M. organized events. 
RENT M.O.M - Have a party or gathering at M.O.M! Available Saturdays day or night. Private rental $100 per hour includes one helper, semi private(museum stays open) $50 per hour. Birthday parties suggested 3 hour minimum including 30 min set up and 30 min breakdownCall 212-4529818 or e-mail MOMmuseum@gmail.comformore information.
*Check with our front desk for any last minute changes: 212.452.9816
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Stay inspired. Do whatever you have to do to remember you are here for a reason. Find your sense of purpose as if your time on earth is limited, because it is. Go to sleep each night knowing that today 'you did the best you job could', whatever that job is, given whatever limitations you have. Stay in the light. Spread peace. 
Joy Rose, President: Joy@Mamapalooza.com
Amy Andrews, Social Media: MamazinaMag@gmail.com
Suzanne Dawson, Director Sponsorships: suzanne.dawson@mamapalooza.com
Museum of Motherhood
Joy Rose, Director: MOMmuseum@gmail.com
Lisa Latcholia, Community Program Director: lisacspc@verizon.net
Board of Directors:
Gillian Crane
Lynn Kuechle
Cara Leigh Battaglia
Advisory Board: 
Joy Baum
Laura Tropp
Janae Shields
Mariama Duncan
Aurelie Athan
Roksana Badruddoja
Jill Starishevsky
Sarina Appel
877.711.MOMS (6667)
Motherhood Foundation Inc.  •  401 East 84th Street  •  New York, NY 10028
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