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 The View from Here. . .
  September 2013 
What is this, and why am I receiving it?
Welcome to my new monthly newsletter, Tunnel Vision! Every month, I will share observations, musings, and tips—based on what I learned during and since my Near-Death Experience—on where we are in the Great Shift of the Ages and how to navigate the waves of change, rather than getting dragged under, kicking and screaming! (Been there; not pretty!)
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Theme for Fall: Let Go, or Be Dragged!
I've had more than one occasion in the past couple of years to deeply ponder the Zen proverb, Let Go or Be Dragged! And, given the inexorable influence and energy of the Uranus/Pluto square, you probably have, too. And it probably won't end anytime soon!
On the collective/global and individual levels, we are being asked (forced?!) to sweep out the old and bring in the new. Sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? We all want changes: We want world peace, government that works for the people and not only for the corporations and the wealthy, more income, fewer expenses, more appreciation at work, more time with family and friends, more happiness. But in order to have these things, we have to... wait for it... CHANGE! And human beings don't like to change. Granted, we often want other people to change! We just don't want to have to change, ourselves! Ring a bell?
Change, even when it's change we want, is hard. It's a giant leap into the UKNOWN, and that is not only hard, it is often terrifying. Why else would so many people stay for so long in relationships, jobs, schools, churches, towns, and situations that, at best, no longer serve and support them and, at worst, are downright abusive or toxic? We have the illusion that we can and must control everything in our lives, and we are terrified of the unknown and the inherent lack of control. But truly, CONTROL IS AN ILLUSION! And change is a constant! (And really, has all that control and change-aversion really created the life of love, joy, and abundance that you want and deserve?) 
In order to get through the next few years of breakdown and breakthrough, we are all going to have to learn the lesson of embracing change (yeah, I hear ya!), which involves taking responsibility for our choices and our lives and letting go of all those things that no longer serve and support us, that no longer resonate with us, that no longer align. We may have to let go of homes, marriages, friendships, jobs, and possessions. We all know of someone going through such losses for one reason or another.
But this massive letting go can also include more subtle things, such as the ways we identify, define, and limit ourselves; our belief systems and "sacred cows"; our long-standing assumptions and expectations; our ways of doing things; what we think is "right" and "true"; decisions about who we trust/don't, who we like or hate; and what we do out in the world and why. It's time to examine and let go of our emotional baggage, too, and find out who we really are underneath it all!
Make no mistake: We are all in the process of re-inventing ourselves, whether we want to or not, consciously or unconsciously, and we can do it with grace and ease or kicking and screaming as we are dragged along. The Uranus/Pluto square (through March 2015) and the Great Shift will demand it, with no exceptions! We will all participate in this great transformational process one way or another, and the more we cling desperately to the old, the harder the Universe and Life will shake us, to force us to let go of whatever we are terrified to release. Think of it this way: If you are desperately holding on to the bumper of a truck that pulls out onto the freeway, you will be dragged along behind it until you are finally forced to let go and drop. And it won't be fun, and it won't be pretty (not to mention gravel burn)! Better to let go of the truck before it leaves the curb, even if you think you cannot live without it!
The Universe/Life will continue to present us with situations that will force us to re-examine everything and let go as appropriate. It will tap us gently on the shoulder to get our attention at first; and if we continue to ignore it, it will escalate until it slams us with a 2x4. It is far easier to pay attention at the time of the shoulder tap and make whatever course corrections are necessary. If we actively and willingly participate in the process and move forward into the future to find our new selves, then Life will assist and reward us, rather than imposing it on us in ways we don't like!
The good news is that either way, Life is doing this to make our lives better and to bring us more joy and love.... even if we cannot see how that could possibly happen under the current circumstances! If Life forces us to let go of something, we really can trust that it will provide something much better, although it might not happen quite as fast as we'd like, and it might not at first look like what we want or expect. But it will be better! 
We are powerful creator beings who have forgotten who we are! It is now time to wake up and realize that we each hold the power to change our lives for the better, and it is up to us to do it, even though that means moving through our own discomfort, sadness, self-doubt, and sheer screaming terror! We have resided in the limbo of imagined disempowerment and victimhood—actually abdicating responsibility for ourselves, despite our obsessive desire for control—for far too long, and it is now time to truly take responsibility and empower ourselves! Yes, even though deep down we may fear we aren't good enough, aren't worthy, don't know how, don't have the time or energy, might upset someone else, might not recognize ourselves if we do that... or might prove to be far more powerful than we think we want to be or can handle!
Just remember, during these years of incredible transformation, when Life shows you that it's time to let go of something or someone and move on to something new, you have a clear choice.... Let Go, or be Dragged!
More about the Great Shift
and the Astrological Underpinnings
Want more information about the Great Shift and the major astrological elements that are assisting the process? The Uranus/Pluto square will be pushing us to clean up our act until March 2015, often squeezing us like a tube of toothpaste to eliminate what no longer serves us. If you didn't receive it already, check out the Special Issue of Tunnel Vision, here:
We are living in challenging, exciting, demanding, perplexing, thrilling, and seemingly chaotic times! "Buyer's remorse" or second thoughts notwithstanding, like it or not, on a soul level, we all specifically signed up to be here now to experience this Shift and to help anchor the energies of the new Age and the new Earth and, yes, the new Humanity and our new Selves.
One of the most important things I learned from my Near-Death Experience (NDE) is that our concept of separation is the Great Illusion, one that we all on a soul level agreed to experience (seemed like a good idea at the time).
In Reality, we are all One, we are all Family, we are all Connected and, to paraphrase Ben Franklin, 'if we don't hang together, we will surely hang separately!' (Funny how so many issues/ideas from the American Revolution are "up," now that Pluto is back in Capricorn for the first time since then!!) Remember: What we do to or for each other, we do to or for ourselves, far more literally than we think! The Golden Rule is our best guide!
So let's hold hands, support each other as we ride this merry-go-round (with all the requisite fast plunges, sudden turns, and screaming involved!) and try to have some fun and share some laughter as we go!   
Who is Ellyn Dye?
Ellyn Dye is an Intuitive Coach, Public Speaker, Reconnective Healing® practitioner, Author, and Practical Mystic.
A Near-Death Experience in 1985 expanded her psychic abilities and created a link with some very loving—and humorous—Guardians of humanity and the ancient wisdom. They provided her with a vast array of information about life and the evolution of mankind. Ellyn brings this knowledge and connection to her clients and audiences, along with over 30 years’ accumulated wisdom and understanding of metaphysics, life on earth, and Who We Really Are.
Ellyn is the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key—an adventure about believing in yourself and the power of Love; and she is currently writing a new book, Creating Heaven on Earth. . . One Soul at a Time; A How-To Manual for Ushering In the Golden Age, from the Perspective of a Near-Death Experience, about the Great Shift we are undergoing and how we can navigate through these amazing, challenging, changing times.
Find out more at
In this issue:
What can YOU do to make this transformation easier?
Letting go can be a tricky concept, not to mention something that we really don't like to do! And we would much rather have someone else, or our outer circumstances, miraculously change, rather than changing ourselves. But we really don't grow that way, and this is a huge growth cycle!
Although none is easy, here are some tips for things you can actively do to participate in the process (and maybe avoid that Cosmic 2x4!):
Let go of wounds, pain, and grudges from the past—Unfortunately, traumatic things  happen and we can feel deep, abiding pain as a result. When we hold on to old wounds and old "stories"—or worse, define ourselves by them—we give them power and continue to relive something that happened long ago. Let the past be the past!
Forgive, forgive, forgive—That does not mean condoning bad behavior! It means acknowledging, accepting, and letting go of something that happened in the past, so you can move on in your own life. (The other person probably moved on a long time ago!) It's totally up to you what, if any, future relationship you have with that person, and that may depend on whether they apologized, expressed true remorse, made amends, and earned your trust again.
Give people the benefit of the doubt—Most people don't act out of cruelty; they act from their own pain, fear, and perceived need for protection. Most people are doing the best they can with the resources they have (emotional, mental, beliefs, fears), and they are not out to hurt you. Try to see that every action is either an act of love or a cry for love.
Don't take it personally—Very hard to do, but worth the effort! Usually, whatever someone else has done or not done, that has precipitated hurt feelings, negative reaction, or pain, really isn't about you, it's about them. We are each the center of our own world, not everyone else's. Often people have absolutely no idea of the impact of their actions on us. 
Take responsibility for your own actions and your own happiness—The blame game doesn't get anyone anywhere. Besides, it's all an inside job! Our happiness—as well as our unhappiness—comes from inside us; not from the actions of other people, but from our reactions to them. We react negatively when others trigger our unhealed fears and pain.
Learn to say "I'm sorry," "You're right,"  "I don't know," and even, "It doesn't matter"—The "need" to control everything and to always be right gets us all in trouble, and these phrases are the easiest ways to make peace! Often it really comes down to a very simple choice: Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy??
Ask yourself, "Who am I now?"—You will be surprised how the answer changes over time! Many of the ways we define and identify ourselves come from others and are merely overlays of who they want(ed) us to be. But who are we really? You are someone worth getting to know!! Take some time to do that!
Be careful where you focus your attention—It's a powerful creative tool! Whatever you focus on, grows in your reality; what you resist, persists! Are you focusing on what you don't want, or on what you do want? Whichever it is, you will have "tuned in to that frequency" and you are sure to "see" more of it!
Practice loving and trusting yourself—You are the only one who really knows what's right for you. Listen to your heart, because your heart (not your head!) has the map!
LAUGH, as loud and as often as possible! Some days if feels like that's the only thing that gets me through! And laughter really is the sound of Home! 
What's New on My Website
Check out the new information on my website,! You'll find:
The complete list of "What I Learned from Dying" 
The video of "Creating Heaven from Hell," my September 2012 presentation at the conference of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), with details about the Great Shift and the astrological influences, what is happening, and what we can do to navigate through these times of radical and dramatic change 
Recordings of several new radio interviews, with discussions of my NDE, what I learned, and what's going on "out there" 
New increased availability for my Intuitive Coaching services in response to demand 
My Journey Through the Tunnel CD is now available as downloadable mp3s 
2014 Calendars will be available soon! 
Details about upcoming teleworkshops.
Upcoming Events
and Things I Like
Here are some upcoming events you might find interesting:
Monday nights 8-11 pm ET (ongoing)—NDE Chat with host Rudi Rudenski on the online blogtalkradio Caribbean Radio Show. Listen to NDE stories, hear more about the Love of Home, and find out what people have learned about life from these extraordinary experiences. Listen and chat online or phone-in to listen and/or ask questions (661-467-2407). 
Saturday, October 6, 10 am-7 pm, Falls Church, VA—Pathways Magazine Natural Living Expo. 105 exhibitors and 56 workshops, all for $10. Stop by and see me at the Reconnective Healing booth, feel these amazing healing frequencies, attend our workshop, and enter to win a Reconnective Healing session and/or free admission to a Reconnective Healing seminar.  
COMING—End of October—I'll be having a teleworkshop on "What I Learned from Dying." Watch Tunnel Vision and my website for details!  
Saturday, November 2 and November 16—Two Quanta Transmissions Retreats with Dianne Shelton in Silver Spring, MD. 
Questions or Comments?
Future issues of Tunnel Vision will contain questions from readers and clients (with permission and without being identified) about what's happening in their lives or "out there," with answers about how we can make it easier on ourselves as we move through this amazing transformative process.
Please submit your questions, with "Newsletter Question" in the subject line, to I also welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.  
Ellyn Dye's Lion Magic  •  P.O. Box 7164  •  Silver Spring, MD 20907
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