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Wonderful Wednesday
With AlixSandra
STOP COMPLAINING AND CONDEMNING, understand that what you resist persists.
Only speak in terms of WHAT YOU WANT.
We are a powerful force for good in the world so direct your Power to Open Our Government.
“Picture the White House, feel the magnificence and the power of this institution, our creation, our symbol of freedom. (take a deep breath and say the word freedom several times).  See the trees swaying gently in the breeze, notice the beautifully manicured lawns; Behold and appreciate the unparalleled beauty as your heart swells with pride and joy.
This is My House, These Are My People, This Is My Country!
Imagine a warm fall day; all the doors and windows are open allowing the free-flow of inspiration… fresh air to flow in and through the building. Now notice the people feeling the free flow of energy, being uplifted and feeling good. Watch the President and his cabinet breathing in balancing inspirational thoughts of freedom. Recognize the members of the house and senate lifting their heads, smelling the sweet winds of change. We hear them say, “There is something different in the air today, and I like it.”
High above, appearing in the rotunda, are all those leaders that dedicated their lives for the higher purpose of making this world a better place for all of us to live in. Those who now gather together are in a better position to see the Grand Plan unfolding, They are still deeply interested in our government, and impressing the hearts of our leaders with a new perspective. George, Eleanor, Theodore, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, are joined by many others. Their interest is keen and their hearts have no resistance within them as they send their collective wisdom and well-being into the hearts of all.
This is our mind-set, our prayer, our directive, our dream now realized! All closed doors are opened. All differences understood. All suffering uplifted as you easily and with lightness of heart do the job we the people entrusted you to do.”
Now! I feel at one with My World My Way. I allow my resistance to dissipate and I experience my personal government at ease with itself. And so it is and so I let it be.
As the creator of our own reality I am asking everyone who feels the validity of this directive to copy it, print it, give it to your friends and family, email it to your lists and shout it from your heart as often as you can. We Are The Radicals, no longer conforming to the Yabbit world, following the crowd of complainers and Nay-Sayers. We Can Have Our World Our Way if we want it.
With your help Joy will become a MOVEMENT that others will place value in, focus on and teach. Inner Focus has been a Hallmark for revealing our True Spirituality, and we have it now. The pieces are coming together beautifully and my dedication gets stronger every day. Tune in your intuitive self and ask for teachings on, The Golden Age Of Joy.  My Blessings Always!
This is all there is to it. However, if you need some help learning how to CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE TO EXPRESS WHAT YOU WANT and get your momentum going in the direction you want it to flow, I would love to help you. Below are some of the ways I am working these days to bring lasting Joy into our world.
Blessings and Have A Great Wednesday!
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