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Yumwija Essentials 4 Life
Closed -Re- opens May 17, 2020
.All Yumwija Essentials 4 Life  Products are  produced  from plants  communities growing  wild  at Yumwija. Nature Preserve im the mountains of West Virginia.Plants grown at Yumwija have superior healing abilities  than commercially produced products.and have superior healing abilities for supporting the blood in all people from the Negro heritage with America.. These plants retain there original growth patterns, these wildcrafted plants are not cultivated plants so they keep all the original quality derived from thriving with Nature.  The plants heal by supporting our bloods ability to re hydrate our organs including the mind. Our indigenous Amerindian heritage healing remedy’s are not  available to the public  market .  Our remedies are created in our old and  often forgotten   cultural heritage traditions,traditions  we used as a people for thousand of years for healing our mind and bodies
Members  prices on all products add 20 % for non Members . Larger quantity orders are available  while supplies last.
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. Our essentials are made from wildcrafted plants living in nature. T These plants have the  ability to re hydrate the organs including the mind of Amerindian (Negro) peoples. Natural organ hydration is the key for staying young, disease free with  good strong health. Our heritage cultural traditions of healing remedies are not commonly available on the market Why, if Amerindian people returned to using our  cultural heritage plants as our medicine, the capitalization of our progression of health deterioration from  illness leading to death would be halted, our lives expanded. We would have a chance to change our perspective, face and overcome our fears to move forward in life. We forget the Nature of the Earth, the will of life in our blood would rebound in all of us and we would be free from death over our life.
We are a part of Nature with America as an original blood  creation of the  Earth ,all species created by the Nature of Earth, with the blood of Nature can  heal themselves.
In This Issue
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Take your Life back , live you life journey reach your destin
Nature Supports Life!!!!
What is Liquid Life??
Life Restore
Female Restore
Life Restore Tea's
Life Restore Tea Formulas 
Roots for Life
 Indigenous Essentials 4 Life Tinctures
Black Walnut Tincture-
Black Walnut &Cloves Tincture
Essence of Mint Tincture
 Horse Chestnut Tincture
Liver Restore Tincture
Pine Needle Tincture
Poke Root Tincture
 Burdock Root Tincture
Indigenous  Essentials 4 Life Tincture Combination Packet
                              America's  Secret - Beauty Restore Essentials                     Fall in Love with your Natural Beauty
  America's  Secret -   Facial Restore
   America's Secret -  Body Wash 
 America's Secret -  Facial Clay
 America's Secret -  Moisturizer 
  America's Secret, for HAIRNO more  weaves; wigs; hair extensions,relaxers, Hide your hair no More!!!!!
Amerindian Therapy  Program
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Take your Life back , live you life journey reach your destin
Today in the U.S millions of  people in black America are becoming sick and prematurely dying  from all kinds of diseases, due to  ingesting demineralized   food  from . pasteurized, processed meats, and genetic mutation or hybrid fruits as Biotec fruit and vegetables that are sold as fresh foods
Many Amerindian (Negro) people today still go to doctors  for relieve from the deteriorating effects on our bloods ability to keep our bodies healthy. As a result, take whatever poison they are given hoping for relief, as the effects of the poisons steadily and slowly kills them.  They Live with the pain and suffering from the their ill health until they  release their will to live..  . If you have any doubts about why you are losing your health read Medical Apartheid,  & Deadly Monopolies both by Harriet A Washington, and In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan.
 Since 1999,  the United States food products sold in the United States are  derived from genetically altered or Biotec seed produce. Public law 114-216 enacted July 26, 2016 allows genetically  altered plants by chemicals as Bio-tec produce to be sold and  are no longer considered GMO. Since 2016, in the United States GMO’s or hybrid Biotec produce have infiltrated over 95% of the foods commercially sold in stores to  people living in the U.S.It is estimated 90-95% of produce  commercially sold as produce in the United States  is Bio Tec produce. Bio-Tec produce can be sold as organic i .Selling Bio-Tec produce  as organic is sold by Whole Foods Markets Billions of dollars are made from the process of killing the life within us ability to live thru us..
  In contrast, the soil of the planet Earth currently supports the life of millions of species in its nature without disease.  Disease is not a part of the nature of Life. Then why are we dying from them? 
  Prophesy of the new world order, claims in order for the new world order to be successful the Earth population must be reduced to 500 million people.( The Georgia Stonehenge proclaims   Genocide through  foods is how the new world order will be implemented, as a result there will only be one race of people able to live on  the planet Earth,  Unfortunately, it won’t be our people if we do not stop following the  incorrect narrative of White mans supremacy over Nature for perception perspective. All people who look like the soil of the Earth are under civil attack for extermination, just like the  Germans extermination policy for the  Jewish population,
The Germans  captured  and used them for  medical training and experimentation. From the medical/ surgical experimentation of the Jewish   and Amerindians aka Negro people espeacially females, is the foundation for the Medical  and Pharmaceuticals industry of today . Continuing to blindly follow ways of the past will insure Amerindian (Negro) race population a permanent grave without a future or home with Earth. Extinction is not pretty. There is a Solution to save our Lives given to us by our Nature...
Nature Supports Life!!!!

          Liquid Life  

  Is our savior  from Nature to stop the destruction of Life, break the cycle of Disease and pre-mature death.
  Our People must stop letting themselves be tricked into   taking all kinds of surgeries for restoring their health. These surgeries are destroying your blood ability to rebuild its life power  in order to heal and strengthen the body to ward off Death. , 
Say NO to accepting surgery and invasive procedures as remedies  that  actually are  invading our bodies to  further compromise its health: Example Mammograms are banned  in many European countries. Mammogram’s effect upon females is radiation poisoning of  the breast tissue. Over time, the  accumulation of radiation in the breast tissue  results in Breast cancer. The  surgical removal of our  reproductive  organs from diagnosis of  disease, allows the consensual  castration of us.
The Solution
.  If we promote respect for  the blood in our bodies to our daughters and sons, we would have no form of breast  or prostrate cancer. Fatty Lumps in female breast are natural.  Living without  body parts is Not, it is  debilitating,.   We must remember.  Life is Nature - Life is the process  of LOVE.
The Love of Nature  with Life  gives us  a solution.

 Liquid life is our solution for saving our Health....
Using Liquid Life with our Life Restore products and tinctures will give you your health back.  Watch and  see. 
I’m a mother of a 3-year-old and 1 year old, I drank liquid Life during both pregnancies and children drink liquid life first thing every morning. Children are healthy and never sick. KSM/ North Carolina
 I’m 18  years old, I  had breast pains for years, the doctor wanted to operate. Started taking Liquid Life in May, by August when it was time for me to go to college, I had lost 40 pounds, my breast was reduced 4 sizes and I am now pain-free. BM  South Carolina
I arrived at Yumwija in June of 2019 with tingling in my arm and hand and pain in my breast While  there, I took the Liquid Life in the morning and again in the evening.  
After 3 days of taking the Liquid Life, I notice that I didn't have any pain in my breast,and my arm and hand were not tingling anymore!   Since then, I have not had any problems
with my breast, arms or hand.  This product works. AZ  Alexandria, Virginia
People with chronic conditions should  apply for a Amerindian Therapy consultation  recommendation for the  best therapy combination program.  See bottom of catalog.

What is Liquid Life??
Liquid Life is  an ancestral  grandmothers of America  Indian aka Negro formula, made from  mixing a combination of clay's in America .
How does it work? does it work?
Liquid Life supplies the blood with all the  missing minerals  from Nature needed for our life blood to make body building nutrients,  that can neutralize all acidic conditions and stop dehydrating imbalances in the body. Liquid Life can be used by black America for quick relief of pain , suffering from Illnesses  physical and mental breakdown of the body, and allow healing from all forms of illness including all forms of  Cancer.
Here are just a few Uses for Liquid Life:
Pain Killer,  Detoxifies Blood   , Blood Builder, Skin Beautifier,  Hair loss,   Headaches, Allergies Abscesses, Anemia, Acne, Boils, Tumor Growth, All forms of acidic conditions,  All forms of cancer,  Organ restoration,  Arthritis, type 2 Diabetes, HBP , Colon trouble,  Painful menstruation, hemorrhages and so much more
Take back your Life Restore your Health,  Liquid Life is easy to use ,  3 types of Formulas:
 Liquid Life Basic, Can be used by everyone including children, animals.
 Liquid Life Males -  Specially formulated to meet the needs of Males
Liquid Life Females –  Specially formulated to meet the  needs of females
SIZES: 2 week trial size - 10.00
1 month supply -  20.00
3 month supply
Concentrate  6 + months supply100.00 
Life Restore
For thousand of years the Females of America nurtures of America,, care takers of the forest, restored themselves and their people through the  life building systems of Nature. Age was non existent.... ,. Life Restore remedies were used to sustain our powerful abilities from Nature to combat ,as a result from the destruction of the forest into pasture.. The force of degeneration against our ability to regenerate the organs in our body.
 Liquid Life and Female Restore will give relieve from deterioration of health  quickly.......
Female Restore
Female Restore is a combination of leaves and roots of the Earth used  to sustain the female nature powerful abilities of the womb  and combat the degeneration of  our  ability to regenerate the organs in the body as a result of the destruction of our forest into pasture.  (deforestation)
Benefits of Restore with continued use:
Improvement of vigor,energy,stamina  metabolism. Skin. immunity  , mental depression,  youthfulness, fertility, Relieves constipation, lupus, fibromyalgia., all  sexual transmitted infections,  all womb/cervical diseases including cancer and much more……
Give Life a Chance    Save It!!!
Suggested Retail price.$100.00
Starter kit   50.00 for 6 week supply
Refill - 50.00 for  3month supply
Refill Medium size-6+ month supply 75.00
Refill Large size      12 month supply 100.00
Best offer
 Restore combination pack: starter kit- includes  Female Restore starter pack and 1 month supply of Liquid Life.
Price 70.00

Life Restore Tea's
 Life Restore Tea's are formulas  from  Negro grandmothers of America used as remedies for rebuilding their people internal health using plants from the forest.  Life Restore Tea works in combination with Liquid Life. Liquid Life replenishes the minerals in the blood . Life Restore Tea provides the moisture to hydrate the blood .  Restore  Tea is a combination of  wild plant leaves and seeds  used as a tea to replenish the moisture in the body to stop dehydration of our blood and  gives vital nutrients for the viability of  the blood,  Life Restore Tea is  rich  in enzymes, vitamins and iron. Restore Tea  in combination with Liquid Life completely energizes  the life blood .
"Drinking Liquid Life  and Male Restore has been a great help in increasing both my energy and stamina. both mentally and physically"
R Morrison. NC/
Life Restore Tea Formulas 
Female Restore Tea- restores hydration , relieves constipation, Lupus, fibromyalgia, immunity, weight loss, hormone balance and much more. Restore Tea is not Female Restore.
 Male Restore Tea: The Tea is designed specifically for supplying  male nutrient  needs to stop dehydration complications in males as  prostrate malfunctions, joint tendentious,  and much more
Brain  Life Restore & is a combination of  plants used to increase moisture to the brain. The formula hydrates the brain and relieves fatigue.  The formula is made of wild crafted St Johns Wart, and other plants and leaves to create  a soothing tea with marvelous benefits. Great for over active brain, nervousness, anxiety, emotional imbalance, restlessness and much more
Smokers  Restore Blend-Works on the lungs, breaks up nicotine build up in the
lungs, starts to clear mucus from the lungs, and opens airways.
Prices: Sample pk-5.00   Reg: 7.50  Large 15.00
Roots for Life
Roots for Life- A combination of powerful plant roots, and tree barks used as a herbal tonic for blood cleansing and building by females &males for centuries around the world to maintain virility and strength, Using Roots for Life tonic with drinking clay water a person will maintain optimum health . Comes in 3 combinations Please specify if to be used by Male or Female
Basic Bush Root- - Sm- 5.00 Med 7.00 Lg 10.00
6 - Bush Root Sm-9.00 Med-12.00 Lg-15.00
9 - Bush Root Sm-12.00 Med-15.00 Lg- 20.00
 Indigenous Essentials 4 Life Tinctures
. .All products are made fresh to insure the highest quality of essence. Our products do not need refrigeration. Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
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Black Walnut Tincture-
is a well recognized all around tincture that should be in every indigenous home for it has so many uses. It is the best remedy for thyroid, hormonal, and endocrine imbalance as well as for the following; abscesses, acne, boils, diphtheria, dysentery, eczema, impetigo, itch, parasites, poison ivy, prolapsed uterus, ringworm, shingles, syphilis, tumors, worms, to name a few.
Price: 1oz 10.00
          2oz 15.00
Black Walnut &Cloves Tincture
The most common medicinal use of black walnut & cloves is to kill parasites. Black Walnut oxygenates the blood to kill parasite, stimulates the circulatory system, clearing the mind and reducing mental exhaustion and fatigue. It has also been used to aid insomnia, memory loss, anxiety and depression. It is used to help balance sugar levels. It also is able to burn up excessive toxins and fatty materials. The combination has also been used as an effective vermifuge.  Vermifuge is just a fancy word to indicate that the properties in black walnuts and cloves eliminates worms or parasites that use humans as hosts. It purifies the blood, but also aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels, and may have benefits for diabetic individuals. The clove extract offers a powerful action against gas and bloating. It reduces gas pressure in the stomach, aiding in the proper elimination of food and toxins. It also relieves the discomfort of peptic ulcers. Effective for stomach related conditions including nausea, hiccups, motion sickness and vomiting. •
Black Walnut & Cloves Tincture - 1oz 12.00
          2oz 20.00 
Essence of Mint Tincture
Mint is a wonderful remedy to use for all forms of digestive difficulties. Mint helps the body break down foods. Today most of the foods we eat contain genetically mortified combinations of natural plants. As a result our bodies are having difficulty creating the digestive components needed to create nutritive values from these artificial foods to maintain optimum energy production and efficiency . Thanks to Earth Nature we have Mint. Mint makes available to our body the components it needs to make new combination of extracts to digest the artificial forms of food we ingest. Essence of Mint tincture is a combination of spearmint, peppermint, and wild mint to make a comprehensive aide for our digestive system.
Price: $1oz 7.00
             2 oz $13.00

 Horse Chestnut Tincture
Horse Chestnut extract for diseases of the . circulatory system (veins)Horse chestnut is the third most common single-herb product sold in Germany, after ginkgo and St. Johns wart. The horse chestnut has been used as a traditional remedy for arthritis, rheumatism and the management of varicose and hemorrhoids The herb is anti-inflammatory which decreases swelling and astringent which reduces bleeding and adds tone to connective tissue.. Benefits includes improved circulation to all areas of the body including cellulite reduction . Horse Chestnut Side Effects: Mild stomach upset may occur with the very first dose. It usually goes away and does not recur Horse Chestnut TinctureIt is used internally for circulatory problems, including hardening of the arteries, stroke, heart attack, varicose veins, phlebitis, chilblains, hemorrhoids and swelling following trauma.Price:1oz - 12.00
2oz -20.00
Liver Restore Tincture
One of the most overworked, ignored organs in our bodies. , the liver is just as important as our heart. It is the manufacturing center for our body to produce what it needs to function.., it is also one of the organs that can completely regenerate itself. In this regard liver restore is valued. The combination of thistles, plantain and burdock root will help the liver regain it’s function by giving the live enzymes that feed the liver organ. Liver Restore Tincture. The combination energizes the liver to heal itself. You will notice a difference in the first week, Price 1oz -14.00
                           2oz -24.00k
Pine Needle Tincture
The  Pine Needle tree for centuries represented.. integrity, purity and long life for the properties is has to fight fatigue and maintain one's youthful vigor. Pine needles hydrates our organs relieving our organs, muscles and bones from internal stress. Pine needles not only promote the discharge of waste from the body, but also stimulate brain activity and strengthen the heart. In addition,. Pine needle have more vitamin C than 2 lemons they are rich in iron and thus effective for treating anemia..
Pine Needle Tincture will give flexibility and vigor back to the body. Price: 10z 7.00
2oz 1
Poke Root Tincture
-.. Poke weed remedy used by indigenous people is as old as we are a people, Poke root is noted first and foremost for its effect on the Lymphatic’s. All glands are also benefited by its judicial use. It will relieve the body of tumors and is a rapid anti-cancer agent. It is a powerful and effective treatment for abnormal growths of all kinds, lymphatic glands, goiter, mammary abscesses, leucorrhea, paralysis of the bowel, hard liver, hard, swollen, enlarged thyroid and spleen, polyps Poke Root Tincture is a very powerful rapid anti-cancer agent and slowly builds in the body to give magical relieve. Price:1oz 12.00
          2oz 17.00
 Burdock Root Tincture
Burdock is one of the most powerful super healing plants available today. Harvesting our wild grown burdock allows our tincture to be fresh and full of the trace properties which make the burdock plant so unique. Used by indigenous Americans for a host of ailments. Burdock has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. Traditionally, it has been used as a "blood purifier" to clear the bloodstream of toxins, as a diuretic (helping rid the body of excess water by increasing urine output), and , stimulates digestion, aids kidney, liver and gallbladder function, and as a topical remedy for skin problems such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis. The medicinal uses of burdock in treating chronic diseases such as cancers, diabetes, and AIDS have also been reported.
Price: 1oz 10.00
2oz 15.00
Indigenous  Essentials 4 Life Tincture Combination Packet
Indigenous  Essentials 4 Life combination Packet: includes Essential of Mint, Plantain, Liver Restore, Pine Needle and Black Walnut Price $55.00  non- members 50.00
                              America's  Secret - Beauty Restore Essentials
                     Fall in Love with your Natural Beauty
 America's Secret -  Beauty Restore  is a old time tested recopies and remedies  produced by  the indigenous females of America. These formulas are used for the maintenance of the largest and one of our most important organs for our Body.  Indigenous Female of America aka "Negro"  females made their  recipes   from nature for  feeling healthy and looking agelessly beautiful for centuries......
Starter pack- $40.00  + $10.00 shipping - includes 8 oz America's Secret Beauty Restore Facial, Body wash, Mud. and Moisturizer. 
Female Restore and  America's Secret Beauty Restore Essentials  used together will "rejuvenate " you  to your indigenous ageless health and  natural beauty. 
Complete starter kit with Female Restore 6 week supply  $100.00- 
It is our Time " Reclaim our " Beauty" 
  America's  Secret -   Facial Restore
 America's  Secret - Facial Restore  used regularly will nourish and tone the skin, keeping the skin tight while locking in moisture, leaving the skin smooth with out blemishes.  America's Secret Beauty Facial Restore can be used as a wash or a scrub .Use with America's  Secret Beauty Restore Moisturizer as skin sealer . Watch the skin flourish.!!
Sm: 8.oz -8.00

Lg:  16oz  15.00

   America's Secret -  Body Wash 
Indigenous Beauty Restore Body Wash is another remedy used by indigenous American  females aka Negro people to gently remove dead skin while keeping the mantel of the skin nourished and subtle strengthening its ability to maintain internal moisture protection  and external moisture absorption. Used daily skin will stop drying out and stay subtle and young.
Small 8oz 8.00
Large 16oz 15.00 

 America's Secret -  Facial Clay
America;s Secret Beauty Restore Clay is a must have for ageless beauty and skin tightening,. Use on the face or over the whole body including feet for a refreshing ethnic  appearance that can't be beat. Used for ages, as a skin lift. Use once a week and watch your confidence rise. Beauty is  our right don't let it go restore it......
8oz jar: 10.00

 America's Secret -  Moisturizer 
 America's Secret  Beauty Restore Moisturizer used after America's Secret Beauty Facial Restore  and clay will keep your skin moist and you looking fresh.
Sm, 10.00  

  America's Secret, for HAIR
NO more  weaves; wigs; hair extensions,relaxers, Hide your hair no More!!!!!
Discover the  secret key to RESTORE OUR HAIR.   Its time to use the  secret  for revealing the true beauty of  our natural hair..
Learn to use this simple secret  for keeping black America's hair. Restore your damage Hair, Return to having full, thick,radiant naturally beautiful hair. Stop the damage Rebuild your crown
Love your Nature again.
All it takes is 3 simple steps.
 Step 1.Liquid Life -Hair Restore, put  1 squirt in a 10 oz small to med size  spay bottle. spray hair and scalp until damp.
Step 2. Apply America's Secret- Hair oil  to scalp. Massage  damp scalp and Hair to the ends with fingers.. Start with 3 x a week
Step 3. Take 1 teaspoon  America's Secret Beauty Restore Hair Nutrient ,for added boost take  with Liquid Life, everyday. Watch what happens
 America's Secret - for Hair Sample Kit:  Includes instructions for different hair conditions, Liquid Life Restore, Restore Hair Oil, and  Restore Hair Nutrient
Starter Kit-20.00
Amerindian Therapy  Program
Amerindian  Therapy for Health Restoration  Program
                     WE WILL HEAL OURSELVES

Amerindian Therapy for chronic Illnesses Program is for all the people indigenous to America aka Negro only. Who desire to return to wellness. NO more surgeries, No more toxic drugs, No more side effects... The program is for people ready for a change from pain and suffering who are ready to HEAL using  Natural therapy for reversing malfunctions in the emotional body causing disease, rebuilding the blood, recharging the Life force, and  restore the life body back to balance.
In order to achieve the reversal of  any disease condition the therapy  will take 6 consecutive weeks to allow the nature of the body to correct any condition that is destructive to its LIFE..  Once the body has regained its ability to  keep its balance. The person can continue rebuilding their health with a new vigor and make corrections in one’s life style for sustaining life longevity.  The  program includes room and board ,meals and progressive therapy for 6 weeks,
  This will be our 3rd year, in this regard,  WE will accept 8 people with  chronic illness up to stage 4 cancer, who are ready to allow our ancestral Amerindian therapy to  restore them back to health  at our West Virginia location Yumwija  Nature  Preserve . People in need of detoxification of heavy metals and radiation poisoning from radiation and chemo. treatments. should attend therapy at  our   Belize, Central America location Luk Makoo Paradise Retreat. Natural Chemo using  fresh Soursop is available there

To Qualify.
The person must be willing to regain their well being with nature, learn how  to  correctly keep their physical health for life ,and  give others  awareness of an alternative method to wellness, that is a non- intrusive and destructive way  of treatment .Amerindian Treatment accelerate ones  health, quality of living, and rob from our people from their ability to  regain physical health  with Life  for continuing their Life journey to reach their destiny... 

  2020 year program will  have 2 locations,  Belize CA  Luk Makoo Paradise  Retreat  3 sessions , 4weeks each .                

                                     Starts in  January -
                                     First Session Jan 13,-Feb 10,
                                     Second Session: Feb 11,- March 10,
                                      Thirs Session:   March 11- April . Starting in May 3, 6 week sessions in West Virginia@ Yumwija.. First session starts   May 22- July 3,
                               Second Session:    July5th- - August 7th ,                                Third Session:    August 16th,- Sept 29,

  Cost: $400 per week, price includes food, and lodging,  and therapy treatment, the donations we receive will be used to create more housing  to hold more people.. Payment plans available,
If you are interested, or know someone who is looking for a way to restore their Health for Life without drugs or surgery. . To schedule a  appointment  for  consultation  to apply..
Fee 40.00
Contact the office at 304-212-2362
                         Give YOUR LIFE A 2nd CHANGE


I was a bit apprehensive, but told myself that this was apart of the therapy program and I should be open to a new experience. I am glad I did , although it was a bit noisy listening to nature music. it was the best sleep I ever had in my life. Little did I know that sleeping under the trees, breathing clean air would have such a positive impact. I was hooked, the amazing thing about the therapy is that there are no synthetic. Every medicine I was given was made directly from nature, including the meals I received. As a cancer patient given the conventional medicine, my body reacted far more positively to the therapeutic healing than I ever expected using Earth medicine. it took a little time for I had to detox to rid myself of all the drugs given conventionally, but I feel so much better. I look better and i am no longer using my cane. This is a wonderful healing program and I will recommend the Amerindian Healing Therapy Program to anyone suffering from a chronic illness.,

 Amerindian Therapy Practitioner Program 2020

People interested in apprentice program must register at the Institute for Indigenous America Studies, School of Ancient Wisdom and Healing Arts.
Order by Phone  or email:
  For more info or   order by phone 304-212-2362,  or
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