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Self Health News, Volume 2, Pt 1
OCTOBER 1, 2013
Hello Everyone. Welcome to the news that is about better health through self education. This edition we will be exploring some topics that are a concern for us all. GMOs, Yoga for health, phases of healing , and a very important subject, Lyme's Disease. There is so much information about Lyme's, that we could spend days talking about this subject. In fact, we will explore this subject here in part 1 and in the next few newsletters.
GMO's and you!
 (Genetically Modified Organisms)
So much has been written recently about GMO foods. Organic does not necessarily mean GMO free or heavy metal free, nor does anything labeled Kosher. Read for yourself and decide what you think. http://  http// 
Also, here is a list to run off and take with you to the store.
Some of the many companies that use GMOs in their products are:  
Blue Sky   Coca Cola   Hansen   Kraft   Nestle   Procter and Gamble   Libby's   Ocean Spray   Kellogg   Nature Valley   Nabisco   Hershey   Lifesaver   Quaker   Pepperidge Farm   Campbells   Frito Lay   Hostess   Heinz   Crisco   Kashi   Peter Pan  
Smuckers   Skippy   Hormel   Progresso   Eggo   Boca Marie Callender   Morningstar Farms   Stouffers   Betty Crocker   Pillsbury   Aunt Jemima   Duncan Hines   Beech-nut   Enfamil   Good Start   Similac   Isomil   Yoplait   Land O Lakes   Keebler   Dannon  
There is also a wonderful documentary called “Thrive” which you can see for free on your computer. It was put together by Foster Gamble( son of Proctor and Gamble) and explains what is going on with GMO's It runs about 2 hours. You can also order the DVD. It is eye opening!
Obama has declared the whole scheme "classified," but it involves allowing the CEOs of Monsanto, Merck, Wal-Mart, the MPAA and other organizations to dictate a new global trade treaty that would outlaw all GMO labeling and force GMOs onto member nations.
Read the full details of this astonishing "trade scheme" here:
Many of you have asked to have the Western Yoga exercises. Here they are. You only need a small space, comfortable clothes, and 15 minutes to work your whole body along with deep breathing. These exercises cleanse and strengthen the body. 
DEEP BREATHS(where indicated) Inhale through nostrils: exhale out mouth. 10 to 12 repetitions suggested. 
  1. Twist. Gently twist body, shoulders, head eyes back and forth, swing arms freely, Inhale way. Exhale the other.
  2. Tilt. Arms extended sideways, always in line with shoulders
  3. Forward and Back.  Inhale. Lean forward swinging and stretching arms to horizon exhaling. Return to erect position inhaling swinging arms u and back. Clasp hands behind gently arching back. Pull elbows together and exhale.
  4. Shoulder rotation.  Rotate shoulders in exaggerated circles, rubbing arms against torso. Inhale while raising shoulders. Exhale as rotate shoulders down. Reverse direction.
  5. Arm rotation. Inhale as rotate one arm forward and up to at least head level. Thumb ALWAYS perpendicular toground; elgow straight. Exhale as rotate back and down in smooth windmill-like fashion. Reverse direction. Same with other arm.
  6. Leg rotation.  Stand on one leg. Rotate other foot in small circles, foot turned in. Reverse direction, foot turned in. Same with other foot. Hold on to something stationary if needed.
  7. JANGLE. Jog in place  bouncing on toes, shaking arms and hands loosely throught. Reach to sky inhalingdeeply, arms and hands still shaking. Exhale as lower them. 3 repetitions.
  8. Knee bends.  On toes always. Hands on waist, thumbs forward, back erect. Inhale deeply. Exhale as squat. Inhale rising.
  9. Hip rotation. Hand on waist, thumbs forward. Rotate hips keeping head and shoulders relatively stationary. Reverse.
  10. ONE LEGGED JANGLE. Place hand on opposite thigh for support. Stretch other arm forward and leg to rear. Vigorously shake imaginary glove & shoe off. Reverse. 3 reps.
  11. Touching toes.  Inhale deeply raising on toes and stretching hands to sky with upper back gently arched. Hold briefly. Bend forward, stretching hands toward toes, knees not locked. Long Exhale. With practice on can stay on toes throughout.
  12. JANGLE.  3 reps
  13. Flat footed squat. Feet shoulder width apart and always flat. Arms always extended straight ahead. Inhale deeply. Squat with back erect, exhaling completely. Inhale rising.
  14. Crossover. Inhale rising on your toes stretching left hand to the sky. Bend forward, stretching left hand up to grasp left heel, knees hot locked. Long exhale. Repeat, stretching left hand to grasp outside of right heel. Likewise with right hand. First to right heel. Then to outside of left heel. 3 reps
  15. Spleen/liver press.  Legs wide apart. Inhale. Press left(spleen) side of abdomen down against left thigh exhaling. Likewise, press right(liver) side against right thigh. 3 to 6 reps
  16. JANGLE 3 reps
  17. Head and neck exercise.  Shoulders stationary. Gentle but firm. Drop head to chest three times. Raise head to sky three times. Tilt toward one shoulder three times. Same to other. Drop head to chest and rotate in circle three times. Reverse direction.
  18. Alternate Breathing.  Close left nostril. Inhale “STRENGH” through right, raising right arm and rising on toes. Hold briefly. Stretch right hand toward toes, knees not locked,exhaling sharply out mouth. 3 to 6 reps. Likewise, inhale” BALANCE” through left nostril raising left arm on toes. Hold briefly. Stretch left hand to toes exhaling out mouth(always). Same no. of reps. 
  19. Hug a Friend. Heart-to-heart.
Just 15 minutes each morning and you will feel wonderful!!!!  If you would like to have the DVD of these exercises. Here is the website: http//   You can also get this through the A. R.E. Exercise and wellness section.
I wanted to explain the 4 phases of  "Healing for a Quality of Life".
There are four phases to bring the body back to optimum health to deal with any major issues.
Phase 1,
The body needs to have a fighting chance with a strong immune system. The RCCP program is so important. Last month I talked at length about this in my newsletter, but it is so valuable. We must open the systemic drainage of the liver, kidneys and other organs of elimination; increase nutrient uptake with digestive enzymes; hydrate the body and balance the pH; provide alkalizing ionic trace minerals and much needed electrolytes; get the immune system back in check and also provide specific flora to help balance the GI tract with the "right spinning" Flora Syntropy, spore-form probiotic. Remember it's in a spore form which means it survives antibiotics and gastric juices. The program come with the RCCP instruction book and The Detox Solution Book by Patricia Fitzgerald.  This program with the seven products truly builds all systems. It initially costs 328.80, but it is worth it. Taken for just one month with a lymph drainage, you will see a big difference in how you feel.
Phase 2
Most people are highly acidic, poorly hydrated and suffer from adrenal fatigue. Digestion is a problem involving proteins, fats, and carbs which can include poor absorbtion of minerals and a lot of inflammation.
After taking the RCCP program for a month, the next important step is to balance the adrenals, kidneys, the liver and the biliary tree at the same time. Liver detoxification is so important. The old saying was "How's your liver today".  This phase contains 4 products. Here is the Adrenal/Thyroid Protocol and the number of things you take a day for a few weeks:
4 Adrenal Life Force
4 Bio-omega 3
120 drops of Licro Intrinsic ( natural adrenal massage)
45 drops of Spectralyte ( trace minerals and electrolytes)
I have had so many tell me how great this makes them feel!
Cost for the program is 142.80
Phase 3
Liver/kidney/gallbladder protocol
These products cleanse and balance.
Carduus Marianus Intrinsic - Milk Thistle that  is hepata-protectant
Liver Milieu -( Fantastic Drainage remedy) has the cytochrome p450 enzyme to balance phase 1 and 2 of the liver.
HepataGest Powder is the third segment of the liver cleanse as it detoxes the biliary tree. Use a scoop in water or in a shake morning or evening.
GB-40 Yuan Source  is know as the "stonecrusher" for the gall bladder. Chanca Peidra is the key. Usually, it is not the gall bladder that is the problem, but the bile. It becomes to thick and viscose, picking up bacteria, parasites, mold, etc.  It needs to be thinned a bit. GB-40 Yuan Source is  paint thinner to paint. It keeps things flowing and helps the whole biliary tree decongest and repair.
The cost for the 3rd phase of cleaning and rebuilding is 161.80
Phase 4
Causitive Factors- This means what an individual now personally needs to address. Everyone has different factors.
There is also an emotional component in every illness. There are three products what work wonders no matter what the stress. Generally, you only need to have one of these at a time. The cost is 24.00 to 26.00.
Ultimate Rescue- immediate help
Ultimate Fields- continue long term
Heart song milieu liposome spray- transgenerational, works well with closed head injuries, ADHD, learning disabilities, ETC>
 The Idea is to detox at a deeper level but gently.
 Food Tips for "A Well-Seasoned Mind".
TUMERIC- It seems that curcumin- the active ingredient in turmeric has shown some promise to break up brain plaque of amyloid beta, the abnormal protein buildup that is a hallmark of Alzheimer's.
CINNAMON- If you want to react faster during you next tennis game, chew cinnamon gum. Doing so, a recent study found, speeds the rate at which your brain processes visual cues.
SAFFRON- Do you have the blues? 1/2 teaspoon in Rice works well for moderate depression.
GINGER- Are you migraine prone? Stir 3 Teaspoons of ginger into 1 cup of boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes. Enjoy!
GARLIC- Long touted for its heart healthy benefits and now benefits the brain!
Resource from AARP June 2010
Lyme Disease Part 1, What is it?
Lyme disease was first recognized back in 1975 in Lyme, Connecticut. There were several cases in that area. It is now the most common insect born infection in the US.  It occurs in about 49 states and about 80% are along the East Coast. Lyme disease is generally caused by bacteria Borrelia burgdoferi which is transmitted by ticks and some say mosquitos. Once a tick is attached to a host, it can wait several hours before starting to feed for the next 3 or 4 days. Toxic agents are released from the tick into the host's bloodstream during this feeding process. Lyme surrounds itself with staph, strep, mycoplasma and also molds, so the symptoms may not be created by this Lyme spirochete, but by what surrounds it! 
Symptoms can show up in two days, a month,or years later. Most, but not all people, develop a large circular bulls-eye rash. Primary symptoms include fever, chills, muscle pains, fatigue, headache, and stiffness. Later stages can cause joint pain, organ pain and inflammation. Partial paralysis and an abnormal pulse are often accompanied by adrenal dysfunction.
Lyme is hard to diagnose because it often mimics other diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, or other nerve related disorders. I have been told there are over 250 strains of Lyme and the blood work uses 3. This fact was told to me. 
( Thank you, Brenda) People suffer from underlying causes ranging from heavy metals to viral, infection, parasites, to bacterial infection, etc. Dr. Cass says,
"Borrelia burgdorferi never comes alone. Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, and Mycoplasma ,etc almost always accompany it".
Gut issues are always related to parasites or babesia,  and the borrelia alters the immune system and opens the door to other infections, but does hot generally create a significant symptom in of itself .
Now with all protocols in place, we get right to the issues. First, we do an assessment with the Asyra Pro to see where we start. We can make something called a nosode using your own saliva. Next we hit it with some powerful spagyrically processed botanicals and herbs.
 Some of the herbs that work well with Lyme and it's accompanying "friends" are Japanese Knotweed, Teasel Root, Andrographis, Cat's Claw, and Smilax.
I like to use  Berberine Intrinsic, Mycelia Intrinsic and Scrofulara Intrinsic because of the anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties. Taking 90 drops twice a day until done. I also like to add Wild Oregano Oil for decongesting and support at 8 a day. Add additional Flora to keep the pH balance while taking the Oil. I also imprint these into what is called Bacteria Tox for tissue cleansing.
This is a start of some of the ways to address the issue of Lyme Disease. Next month we will continue with more self education about this devastating disease!
Until Next Time, thank you everyone for tuning into the "Self Health Newsletter". As always, I look forward to exploring better ways to take care of ourselves the better education.
Health begins Within!
                                                       Love and Light
                                                       Mary Pritchard
                                                                                                                   Beingmary@gmail.compictures for lymes disease
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