Educator Newsletter #117
November 1, 2013
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Mission Statement
Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and uplift the spirits of educators so they can in turn inspire, encourage, and uplift the spirits of their students.
In This Issue
1. Quote
2. Spirit Whisperer Contemplation
3. Bumper Sticker
4. Article: Who Do You Want to BE?
5. What to Say When . . .
6. Sign of the Times
1. Quote
"The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people, and must be willing to bear the expenses of it. There should not be a district of one mile square, without a school in it, not funded by a charitable individual, but maintained at the public expense of the people themselves."
John Adams, 1785
2. Spirit Whisperer Contemplation
Maybe this particular situation with this particular student had to surface before it could be worked through and released. Maybe this situation is the most important thing that will happen to her this year. Maybe it is no accident that it came up in front of you.
Get a full year of SW Contemplations free when you order the Spirit Whisperers book.
3. Bumper Sticker
Spotted on a Kia Soul in Des Plaines, IL:
At Least the War
on Education is Going Well.
4. Article: Who Do You Want to BE?
By Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman
Who do you want to BE . . .
when several students flunk your latest chapter test?
when the lunchroom helper interrupts your only 20-minute lunch period, announcing, "These two were fighting on the playground. You handle them"?
when a parent insists you accept an excuse for her child's incomplete work because it wasn’t the child's fault?
when your principal announces to the staff that the amount of student testing will increase this semester?
when a student blurts out an answer for the fifth time this morning?
when you hear putdowns being used by students?
when you discover a plagiarized report?
when several students laugh out loud at another student's answer?
when you find a letter left by the substitute teacher informing you of several incidents of inappropriate behavior on the part of your students?
when a few students are openly ignoring the guest speaker and pursuing their own agenda?
when a student's handwriting is so bad you can hardly read it?
when students complain to you about another teacher?
when one student informs you that another student has been cheating?
when a parent sends you a critical note?
when you realize you left the papers you corrected the night before on your kitchen table?
In all the cases above, how you choose to BE is more important than what you choose to DO. Decide first how you want to BE and allow what you choose to DO to flow naturally from your first choice. If you decide what to DO first, the important BE choice is often left to chance.
What could you BE? You could choose to BE serious, frustrated, empathetic, thorough, confrontational, excited, gentle, kind, annoyed, or one of many other possible choices.
Here's another one that we value: Why not choose to be a teacher? If you choose to be a teacher, what you'll most often do next is teach. Can you identify any item above that would not be helped by the professional educator taking a teaching stance? We can't. Of course, being empathetic as you begin is a nice way to move into the teaching stance. Why not combine the two?
"Some of these situations might call for me being a disciplinarian," you might be thinking. "I might need to hold my students accountable for their actions." Yes, you might. And if you do that before you teach, you have missed the cornerstone of any effective discipline system: teaching. Teach and teach, and teach and teach. If you choose to be a disciplinarian later, fine. Holding students accountable is important, too. Still, being a teacher comes first.
BE a teacher and allow your next action to flow from that helpful state of being.
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5. When to Say When . . .
What to say when your student says, "This class sucks. I hate being here."
Do not respond to this student's words. Look past them to the feeling beneath the words. Respond to his or her feeling with empathy and paraphrasing.
"You must be really frustrated to talk like that. It must be rough to be in a class you dislike so much."
Refrain from reassuring, giving advice, arguing, blaming, disciplining, and/or comforting. What is needed here is that the student feel heard and understood. Empathetic paraphrasing will accomplish that.
6. Sign of the Times

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