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With AlixSandra 
As we are entering the last few weeks of 2013, Thanksgiving is already here, I continue to explore the expansion of thought and what is trending in consciousness these days. Paying attention to daily occurrences and your feelings toward them is a power tool that can be used effectively for alignment with what you want, what you deserve, and what you have lined up to allow into your life.
Deliberate creators are aware of their passion and their desires, that’s all you really have to know to Create Your Own Dynasty and Have Your World Your Way!! The power connection then is for you to see it in the world, make it yours and allow your own success to be the joy ride that perhaps only you can appreciate, but for sure others will take notice of. Everything else is only relevant as a bouncing off place for your next expansion.
I am always looking into my outer world to catch any reflections that might serve my cause (to help people believe in themselves and have their world their way). After watching a news program that showed new product trends stemming from the TV reality show Duck Dynasty, which include dolls, stuffed animals, clothing, bedding, etc., to the degree suppliers can not keep up with the demand, my interest was peaked. Since it isn’t a show I watch my curious nature wanted to understand the energetics of Duck Dynasty and what that draw is all about, because the idea of dynasty and my world my way seem to be on the same wave length.
Keeping in mind that everything Is Consciousness, I asked my own internal guidance system to show me the power plug 11.8 million viewers are tuning into, and its relevance to My World My Way. I saw the correlation immediately and thought it was newsworthy enough to write about.
Duck Dynasty is a rags to riches story of the Robertson family, down home, starting out dirt poor and living off the land any way they could before making it big. Phil had a passion for duck hunting and spent 25 years perfecting a duck call product that he named the Duck Commander. His product worked so well that momentum skyrocketed, they got noticed, and a reality show was born on A&E a few years ago, now they are not poor any more. I really respect that and want to learn all I can from their story.
From my vantage point the popularity of the show is touching a power cord that is electrifying a positive need within the heart of humanity to:
1-    Believe in Themselves and Declare Freedom.
2-    Follow Their Passion Their Way.
3-    Have Fun, Have Fun and Then Have More Fun.
4-    EnJoy Prosperity and Wealth In The Process.
If this family from Louisiana can do it, maybe I can too. Maybe I can create my own Dynasty and Realize My World My Way!
When there is a trend that so many people are connected to it is worth looking at from your perspective. It makes no never-mind where you live; it is how you live that sets up the example, which then becomes a magnetic draw of consciousness. It speaks of momentum, alignment and the expanding need for personal sovereignty. I myself don’t live in the world of hunters, but in the world of humans, hunting is a basic first chakra need for survival. I hunt in my local supermarket.
So I bless the hunters and I bless anyone who follows their passion, practices their personal integrity and aligns with the bounty that is rightfully theirs. We have practiced segregation to the extreme, so as you contemplate the idea of Duck Dynasty, look for the positive, watch out for those yabbits of condemnation, they are sneaky and will rob you of your right to realize your dynasty, the freedom to experience your world your way right here and now.
Thanks Giving Blessings:
I am blessed to live in a country that was settled by freedom hunters. Freedom is my basic need, freedom to be me, to create my life my way. I have learned over lifetimes that for me to be truly free I must allow others the same freedom, to think their own thoughts and feel their own feelings. As I practice Embracing Differences with Enthusiasm, holding nothing back, the blessings of life flow from the cornucopia of my vortex, and I give thanks. I give thanks for nature, for the animals and insects of my world. I give thanks for the circle of life that brings pain and joy that allows me to step up into the greater version of myself. I give thanks for the choices I make as an uplifter in my world.
As I sit at this table I give thanks for the gatherers of the food I am about to eat, the farmers, those who prepare the birds, the meat, the fish, the dairy and make sure the supply is good and consistent. In love I come together with my family, in person or just in my heart. I give thanks for a world that is allowing, and more than that, alive with the abundance of hope and Joy.
Wherever you are and whomever you are with feel my heart touching your heart, holding hands, healing the heart of humanity, one heart at a time.
Happy ThanksGiving
With your help Joy will become a MOVEMENT that others will place value in, focus on and teach. Inner Focus has been a Hallmark for revealing our True Spirituality, and we have it now. The pieces are coming together beautifully and my dedication gets stronger every day. Tune in your intuitive self and ask for teachings on, MY WORLD MY WAY… A Love Attitude.  My Blessings Always!
This is all there is to it. However, if you need some help learning how to CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE TO EXPRESS WHAT YOU WANT and get your momentum going in the direction you want it to flow, I would love to help you. Below are some of the ways I am working these days to bring lasting Joy into our world.
Blessings and Have A Great Wednesday!
As my world expands I am finding wondrous ways to serve you through:
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