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The Ingles Giving Tree
It's that time of year again for the Ingles Giving Tree at the Asheville Mall. MANNA will build the tree with 10 tons of food donated from Ingles. The lighting of the tree will be November 25th at 5pm.
As we light our trees and prepare our tables for the holidays, family and employees of Ingles ask you to remember those in Western North Carolina who may not be as fortunate.
As part of the Giving Tree tradition, you may drop off your non-perishable food items in a bin near the tree at the Asheville Mall. If you fill a grocery bag and turn it in on Nov. 25th or 26th, you can register to win a $500 Ingles gift card! Cash, check or charge donations will also be accepted. ... Read more
Get MANNA's Wintry Mix CD
Cross gifts off of your list and help needy families in WNC; buy MANNA's Wintry Mix CD now! Don't fight the crowds, buy a bundle of CDs for your loved ones, then sit back and relax. Save one for yourself and have a listen.
 You'll hear a delightful line up of local artists singing acoustic, pop, Latin, jazz, folk, gospel, Americana, swing, Irish and world music.  Read more
V.I.P. Volunteer
We love our volunteers at MANNA and could not do what we do without them! This month's spotlight is on the volunteers that help us do FNS outreach. Our V.I.P. Volunteer for this month is...
Doug Ryan!
Doug is a fantastic asset to our outreach team. He brings with him field experience in working with marginalized populations. His friendly, outgoing attitude is a hit with kids, seniors and  Read more
Freshly Picked
A fresh crop of opportunities for fun and support to MANNA...
November 28...Turkey Trot
December 4-10...Grove Park Inn Parking Fee donated to MANNA
(for Gingerbread House Competition traffic)
December 6..Asheville Choral Society Holiday Concert for MANNA
December 7...Asheville Youth Poetry Slam
December 8...Loaves and Fishes Alternative Gift Market
After November 25...Like us and automatically give $2... Read more
Gifts Out of the Box
In the last few months we’ve seen the stock market reach an all-time high. Gifting appreciated stock to MANNA provides extra benefits in addition to knowing that you are providing much needed food to families in WNC that are struggling to put food on their tables and pay for heat, electricity and rent.
1) You don’t have to pay any capital gains tax on the amount the stock has appreciated
2) You get a tax deduction for the full appreciated amount of your contribution 3) Special note: The American Tax Relief act extended the Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) provision until the end of 2013. This means if you are 701/2 or older, you can take a QCD from your IRA of up to $100,000 of your Required Minimum Distribution and exclude that amount from your gross income. 
For more information or if you have questions, contact Donna Ensley at
Read more

Ending Hunger in WNC
November 1, 2013 marked the start of a reduction in SNAP benefits, The SNAP ARRA cut will cause a family of four to lose $36 per month from their maximum benefits starting in November, a loss of $432 over the course of the year. These cuts directly impact our neighbors in need in Western North Carolina as well as our food retailers.
For instance in Buncombe County, for the month of November it is estimated that the county lost $240,204 in food sales through FNS / SNAP benefits. That also represents a loss of 92,803 meals to our neighbors in need, just in Buncombe County. The loss for our whole service area, 16 counties Western North Carolina, is 336,882 meals.
To make up for this reduction in SNAP benefits, we would have to increase our food distribution by 40% ... Read More.
Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort is MANNA's premier sponsor for our 30th year and celebration. Thanks to Harrah's for the countless meals they've made possible.
Grade A MANNA supporters:
Allen and Sheree King and all of the apple volunteers for a record breaking ...Read more
•  Donate Money or Food
•  Volunteer at the Food Bank
•  Get Help
•  Learn More About Hunger
MANNA FoodBank  •  627 Swannanoa River Road  •  Asheville, NC 28805
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