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Hello! Everyone, Welcome to the news about better health through self education. This edition will be on STRESS!
HU-U-U-U!(look down in article) When is stress not an issue! Tiz the season to have more than you want! We will look at supplements, gems, herbs, and exercises for the outer and inner. Let's de-stress and enjoy life!

We all have potential stressors daily such as injury and infection; emotional stressors such as loss, change or trauma; it can come from lack of sleep; skipping meals etc. Even the “perception” of stress stimulates the body's stress response. No matter the form, stress leads to disruptions in neurotransmitter balance, which in turn can cause anxiety, depression and other problems.
What are Neurotransmitters? They are little chemical messengers in the nervous system They communicate between neurons in the body, not just the brain. Study began 50 years ago and included research on 5-hydroxytrypothane(5-HTP) to increase serotonin levels. The effect of neurotransmitters has much to do with determining mood, energy level, focus, concentration, food cravings, digestion, sleep patterns and metabolism There are more than 100 chemicals in the body that are currently known to act as neurotransmitters They can be excitatory or inhibitory. Excitatory neurotransmitters such as glutamate generally make transmission quicker, while inhibitory neurotransmitters, such as GABA cause neurons to act slowly. Nutrients are important to the effective production of neurotransmitters. We want to improve our moods, anxiety and depression.
The body's response to stress comes in many forms; increased heart rate and blood pressure; increased cholesterol levels; suppressed immune system, hindering growth, hindering release of stomach acids; effects to the colon, change of appetite and weight gain; decreases in the ability to fight infections; it may even lead to autoimmune problems. It effects all balancers of neurotransmitters and it activates changes in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis(HPA)
Something else, it elevates cortisol (effects the neurotransmitters) We get the “Fight or Flight” response.. Usually cortisol turns this stress response off when a stress ends. Nowadays, it is hard for people to stop the stress in their lives. The HPA stress circuit is in a constant loop between the nervous system and the parts of the endocrine system that release stress hormones. If the body is in chronic stress, the HPA will start to shut down, thus Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression,and in some cases decreased fertility. The adrenal/thyroid connection also acts with the pituitary .
The new HPA(axis) Life Force coming out in December will address this problem. Don't forget the liver. Hormones collect there. Use Hepata Gest powder for the liver. The Hypothal Code works with pituitary disorders, and endocrine imbalance. It can be used for ADD, ADHD,pineal disorder and as an appetite suppressant. Stress affects the HPA axis. The Hypothal Code can give the proper blueprint back to the body. These products were formulated by Dr. Cass from Canada, and the company of Physica Energetics. Check my web site, for more information and ordering.
We can use herbs in tinctures or as teas. Here are some you may already have in you arsenal. Aloe Vera- for overwork or burnout. Put in water bottle and drink. Chamomile- Tea- good for calming especially after crying and other intense emotions. Cherry Plum- fear that extreme stress will lead to a breakdown. Lavender- feeling overwhelmed . Try some in a nice warm bath! Star of Bethlehem- soothing trauma after severe stress. Lemon Balm-use leaves and make tea; essential oil is good for depression, tension,digestion and a feverish cold.
Many gemstones can help balance the inner and outer. Mother Earth does a wonderful job! You can go to a local store that sells gems and crystals and pick a stone that speaks to you and wear it or carry it in your pocket. Here are is a suggestion, wear quartz.! This stone will give you a head start toward relieving stress. You can also put Loving and healing thoughts into your quartz. It will work with you! 
These supplements you can order . Just check my website: Phyto Cal-mag /Boron is excellent. Boron is important for assimilation of Methyl B-12 and Vitamin B-5 . The “B's” are excellent for stress. Ultimate Rescue- Homeopathic formulated for quick stress relief. Ultimate Fields- Homeopathic for long term stress relief.You might like to have an assessment using the Asyra Pro to see where your body might be under stress. This helps pinpoint some better ways to stay relaxed. Call me for an Asyra Bio-Energetic assessment. 434- 941-7764. A balanced body is a happy body! Exercise- Remember when we talked about rebounder and exercises with Western Yoga?
Both are found in my first newsletter. Check the website. Whatever the exercise is right for you, it is important to make a it a habit. How about some organic dark chocolate as a good habit ???!!!! Yum!!!!Gather some sunshine and take a walk barefooted in the grass!!
The following supplements you can order . Just check my website:
Rest and Just BE! Here is a quick exercise you can do anytime. Place your left hand over your heart and your right hand on your abdomen with your thumb touching your belly button. Hold for a few seconds and get in touch with “heaven and earth”. Then exhale and count 1,2,3,4,5 and blow out any extra air. Breath in a full breath through the nose, exhale and relax. This can be done as much as you like throughout your day.
HU-more:Try this exercise to expand your awareness, heal a broken heart, and bring peace and calm by connecting to the inner higher self. It is the universal sound of “HU”. With eyes open or closed, take a few deep breaths to relax. Then begin to sing HU (pronounced “hue”) in a long drawn out breath. HU-U-U-U. Take another breath and sing again. Continue singing as long as comfortable, as much as 10 to 20 minutes. Then sit quietly and feel your heart open. I have done this exercise every time I feel stressed and it works! I even sing it in the car! It also goes well with the previous exercise.
There are many things you can do for yourself to relax and relieve stress. I have tried to highlight some easy ways to help. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
Until next time ,thank you for tuning into the “Self-Health Newsletter”. As always, I look forward to exploring better ways to take care of ourselves through better education.
Love and Light,
Mary Pritchard                
M&M Consultants  •  104 Mallard Dr.  •  Lynchburg, VA 24503
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