Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast 18th Edition, December 6, 2013

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Sheepie Day in the park Nov. 16

We had a wonderful day on Nov. 16th, when our sheepies and sheepie owners came together in Norcross, GA for Sheepie Day in the Park, the Fall gathering.   What made it even more wonderful was having 2 of our friends drive from 5 and 8 hours away just to spend the day with us.  One of those dogs was Tilly, who came down from Ohio.  She was adopted in May and her story will be further down in the newsletter.  Additionally, she got to visit her sheepie brother  (who was adopted locally) the day after the Sheepie get together.  We also had one of our friends drive all the way up from Florida, and while they got there a little late, they still got some playtime in with a few sheepies before the end of our playdate.  We had close to a total of 20 sheepdogs over the few hours we were there.
We always look forward to our get togethers, and while the weather was a bit of a concern, it had dried up enough for us to have fun and our sheepies weren't messy!  Whew! 



Tully now Dudley, was a dog that wandered around north GA and found a friend's house to hang out at.  She took care of him for a few days and then realized after trying to find his owners, that she needed to contact rescue.  We brought him into our program and foster Deirdre helped foster him for a few days.  We already had some good applications and we called Jane who had been offering to help us for some time, but was also looking for a new dog.  She was very ready to pick him up!  Dudley is very loved by his family and has another dog he lives with and all is great in the world.   Thankfully, we get lots of updates on Dudley which are always appreciated.  He is a big ole boy and is very handsome with longer hair now.  Dudley now lives in South Carolina.



Huey was an owner turn in.  His father had recently gotten a divorce and his work hours were extended and he felt he just couldn't give him the attention he needed.  Huey and his dad came to foster family, the Arnolds.  While there, it was quite clear Huey loved Cindy immediately.   Cindy was also quite smitten with Huey.  It became very apparent a foster failure was occuring within minutes.   While this sheepie family has 5 dogs (mostly sheepies) already, there are 2 homes to split them up between based on work schedules, one in the mountains and one in Atlanta.  The dogs often are split nicely with 2 going to the mountains and 3 in the city.  Huey had a bit of a rocky start. A lump was found during his first few weeks in care and so a costly (generally means in the $1000 range) removal was incurred before his adoption was final.   He is just fine now and doing great.  This tailed cutie gets lots of attention, walks and love now!



Bentley is an 2 yr old owner turn in.  His mom had just moved to the Florida panhandle from Las Vegas (where she had saved him from another situation).   She developed cancer and her treatments due to insurance had to be done back in Las Vegas, so she felt it would be best to rehome him.   We had an applicant close enough to him and she was able to pick him up and he went straight into an adoption. Bentley joined a few other dogs in the home.  The Suttons had had 4 sheepies over the years and were ready for a new one, so he fit the bill.  He goes on nice long walks with a chihuahua (who insists on joining).  After some seperation anxiety in the beginning, he has adjusted nicely.  Here Bentley is with his dad in Navarre, FL. 


ADOPTION ANNOUCEMENT: Matilda - now Tilly in OH

Tilly and Moses (below) were both owner turn in's from North Mississippi.  A trip from Atlanta to Birmingham, AL was in order to meet with the owners for pick up.  Thankfully fellow rescuer Mary Jane Wolfe (who often lends me her car to pick up dogs),  drove me (Fiona) and we were able to put both dogs in her van.  When we got to Atlanta, we had to split the dogs up, so Matilda went to the Waxman's for foster care.  We had already lined up a home for this girl.  Jim and Karen had gotten a dog from us a year ago, but sadly she was around 8 and apparently had been getting sick and ended up with cancer within the year.  They had tried to save her, but treatments didn't work.  So when they were ready for a new dog, we were happy to help them find one.  We had been told Matilda might be deaf and they were willing to work with that.  Jim and Karen are very involved in dog training and agility and had alot of resources to work with if she was deaf, however we are happy to announce, it was selective hearing all along!  She can hear and is thriving!   She is about  1 1/2 yr old now.   Jim brought her down for our Fall Sheepie day and well that young girl outran all the dogs all day.  She literally ran and played for 3 hours straight.  What a cutie and such a sweet face, so kissable.  She has already gone through one training class, they are waiting a bit longer to put her in agility.  We are so happy to have found the perfect home for this girl and thankful for all the updates we get on her!  She was also lucky to see her brother the day after Sheepie day.   A fun reunion!



Moses is the sibling to Matilda.  He is also, just under 2 years old (came from a different breeder than Matilda).  Moses fostered with Betty in Atlanta for months.  And while we looked for other homes for him, Betty just seemed to feel she was best for Mo.   So Betty failed at being a foster this time!  Betty has been steadfast and true and always was able to give up her fosters (a hard thing for us to do, but we do it to provide them a better life).  This guy has such a great face and bonded to Betty from day one.  Her husband often called Mo her boyfriend, because he stuck so close to her side.  But now he is part of the family.  His sheepie sister tolerates him, because she is head of household and he is real good about playing on the maltese's level.   He goes on nice big walks near the river and helps keep Betty company.  He also has to listen to a cockatoo make alot of noise, but he's just ignores that crazy bird.   Moses is working on being able to play with others so he can come to sheepie day in the future.



You may remember Beethoven.  We actually placed him over a year ago.  Beethoven is 8 ish and had gone through Heartworm treatment when we did have him.  He has a tail.  And he has a peculiar fear of the dark and thunder.  While he was doing just fine with the family we placed him with, he and the Dad of the family just never seemed to hit it off.  So it was decided that the best thing to do is find him a  new home.  We were able to put him in foster care in B'ham with Annalisa, who has helped us foster many times.  He did well with her sheepie.  We weren't sure if Beethoven's issue also had to do with men in general or certain men, but we felt the less men in the picture the better his chances in his new home.  We found Dawn in Chattanooga, who was very interested in Beethoven.  She had followed his story and felt she had a nice calm environment to help bring Beethoven into.   She picked up Bae (his nickname) and has worked with him quite diligently.  He can be quite stubborn when it comes to the darkness, but so far so good, there have only been a few times she couldn't get him to go outside after it turned dark.  She is working with him using treat training.  She adores him and he adores her.  This tailed sheepie we feel has found his forever home and we are quite thankful to Dawn for her interest in him and the time she has spent with him.  He deserves a good life.  He has such a great face and he is just a doll.



Our poor sweet Lola as she was named by the vets office.  This girl was found in the Knoxville area on the side of the road left to die.  A good samaritan found her and took her to the vet.  She had external wounds that were filled with maggots and some in the mouth as well.  The vet's office cleaned her up, shaved her and spayed her.  Quite honestly looking back, the vets office probably should have given her some more time to heal before the spay was done.  By the time we were contacted by the good samaritan, we were told she was good to go.  We covered the expenses incurred by the good samaritan and also paid for some additional vetting. After discussing the situation with Pam who lived about 2 hours away, she said she would go pick up the dog and adopt her.  Pam and her husband were wonderful with her care.  Their sheepie Zoe had recently lost its sibling Charlie.  Pam and hubby were looking for another sibling to keep Zoe happy since she was clearly missing company. 
When Pam picked up Lola (became Rosie), she told me the situation was still very bad concerning the health of the dog.  She still had very open wounds that were not healing properly and she was dopey from medication (very drunk) and not energetic.  However, through everything this dog had been through, she was always sweet and allowed vets and staff to poke and prod her without any resistance.  This girl was a trooper and tugging at Pam's heartstrings.  Rosie started her first week off at the vets office daily.  She was getting special treatment from the staff and special water baths to help with healing.  She went through alot of tests as well.  It's now been a few months since her adoption and while Rosie is a bouncy girl that gets along great with her new sister Zoe, she is still not out of the water yet.  She is still on medication for her liver.  Her open wounds have healed.  She just had a tooth pulled last week and an growth in her mouth removed.  Through all these additional expenses, the Illots never asked for our help (we did offer since our goal is to provide a healthy dog at the point of adoption).  We want to thank them for their amazing care for this sweet girl and generosity. 
We know Rosie is in the right hands for her care and we are very happy for this family.



Bella came to us as an owner turn in.  When one of the owners died the other was left with a breed they had never had before, and had to work more.  Although the dog had gone through one training class, she had not had alot of reinforcement of her manners and was quite wild for a 2 year old.   She came to foster at my (Fiona) house and did just fine with my dog.  She was just dying to play and have activity.  Anyone who has forgotten how active these younger dogs can be, feel free to offer to foster, we can put a young one in your hands as a reminder!  
While we had had a year full of male dogs, this was only our 3rd female of the year and we had had alot of applicants that wanted a girl.  As I went through each viable candidates who wanted a female.  Our candidate needed to commit to training and have some fencing for this energetic girl. 
Our friends, Jim and Karan, from OH had a friend they knew who was looking for a second sheepie and they knew her through their training circles.  So clearly this was someone who knew the breed and was ready for training challenge.  Finally an arrangement was made through a transporter (Jim Spurling) and Bella moved up north to be with Iris and her sheepie. 
Updates have been great and she is doing well, they are making progress with training, slowly but surely and they are very happy!


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Your dog probably has a microchip (some do not depending on the vet's capabilities), but have you ever checked to find out if it has been registered?  In some cases our Placement director or the foster may have been the one who registered the dog.  This is as good a time as any to double check who is the registered owner of your dog.  If you need any paperwork or help transferring your dog's info, please contact placement@oesrescuenetwork.org


Have you moved?  Has your email changed?  Please help us keep in touch with you and help us keep a good database.  If you moved, please send us your new address.   If your email addy has changed, let us know so we can update where we send the newsletter and other communications.
Send updates to:   placement@oesrescuenetwork.org

Adoption Announcement: LULU in GA

Lulu comes to us through a TN Craigslist listing.  Normally we don't pay for dogs, however in this case, sponsor Mary Jane Wolfe, paid for her and also provided transport and company for a trip to meet with another one of our Sheepie owners (Jim, who got his sheepie last Dec).  Jim arranged to pick the dog up from the lady and then met us where we brought her to my house.  While Mary Jane was considering her for her household, she also needed her tested before she came into her home since she had dogs, a cat and several birds (one of which walks around).  
It became very apparent, that Lulu was not cat friendly.  While I have 3 cats, they have a kitty door to the garage they can run to in order to escape when necessary.  Even my most social cat was hanging out in the garage during her stay with me.  So Mary Jane knew this was not the dog for her, so she became ours to place. 
After realizing for the most part Lulu was just a happy camper on the couch and not here to be buds with the other cool dogs, we had her summed up pretty well.  She wasn't thrilled with sharing people, she was a people hog!  She would also give the stink eye seconds before she was gonna react to dogs getting too close or in her way.  Once you know the peculiarities of the dogs, you can work with them.  We also knew she bit a young kid at her last home and that is why she was given up. 
Looking for a no kid, no cat home and preferred no other dogs with a fence, was a challenge.  Shelley had been a sheepie owner before and she was desperate for a new sheepie.   Shelley has spina bifida and is very independent and is in a wheelchair.  I had been looking for the right dog for her for some time.  A couch potato fit the bill.  Lulu is very loving.. sometimes alot of loving.  Shelley did not have cats or kids and had a great fence to let her out with ease.  However, Shelley and hubby did have 2 westies.  This was our only possible challenge.   It was love at first sight with Lulu when Shelley and Rejean came to meet Lulu.  Lulu was very loving and gave alot of kisses.  This was Rejeans first Sheepie, so he was a bit overwhelmed at her size (she is a big 90lb girl).  Quite quickly Lulu and Rejean bonded.  
Fosters and this Placement Director often have anxiety that everything will go well in a placement.  Quite often there is a week long adjustment phase.  Poor Shelley and Rejean had to deal with the nervous stomach issue that Lulu had and also one minor altercation with one of the westies (setting boundaries).  I have to say that Shelley was amazing with her updates, that were very amusing all the while filled with happieness.    There were a few learning curves when it came to the other dogs, but quickly they all found their way to co-exist on the couch!  

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