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Please tell me this doesn't happen in your family.
Following our recent snow storm, the service and product providers known as fathers were out trying to clear the walks and driveways. There was not a kid to be seen anywhere.
I commented to a neighbor that in the past, kids would be out with their shovels helping clear the snow. After that they would be off shoveling walks to earn money.
"Is that where your kids are?" I asked.
"No," he answered. "Kids today aren't that motivated." 
He blames today's kids. Little does he know that parents are the ones who train kids to believe they are honored guests in the home, rather than contributing members of a family team.
Many tasks, like snow removal or yard work, are family jobs where kids can and should become part of the team. Kids should be helping in any way that is appropriate for their age. Even small kids can help prepare drinks or snacks to serve the ones who are doing the hard work. The last thing I want to see is a kid sleeping in or playing video games while their parents do these jobs alone.
To learn more about how to get your kids to do family contributions without complaining, listen to "Didn't I Tell You To Take Out the Trash?!".
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Jim Fay
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