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Knit. Google. Knit.
First Day of Winter
December 21st. Winter solstice.
Winter is officially here. So is my December headgear. It's a knitted hat and cowl set.
Even though I love googling, I very seldom google knit patterns. This one is also my design - nothing special, just simple cables.
As usual, you can see this letter as a web page.
Winter Warmth
One of my favourite winter newsletters is
Winter Warmth with several
winter knitting cards.
This one on the left has a message:
It takes balls to knit!
Funny and true:-) 
Click on the image to see more.
Knitted Squares
This set is two knitted squares - simple, but textured. Several horizontal and vertical cables of nice green color.
Very christmasy!
The yarn is amazing too:Classic Elite Yarns. Lush.
50% angora from Angora Rabbits, 50% wool.
Holiday Colors
Green and red are perfect for the Christmas
knits and crafts.
Click on the image to see more
holidays knits
Feliz Navidad
My warmest (with snow :-) Christmas greetings to the Southern hemisphere where I have spent the past "winter" summer.
Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!
Happy Knitting in the new year!
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