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My Wish For You
From AlixSandra 
First let me thank you for keeping the spirit of Christmas alive in me every day of the year. I am deeply appreciative of knowing that you are listening and caring about the same things I do. Generosity is the key to Christmas: Generosity of allowing and acceptance, Generosity of always seeing the best in things and reaching for the best in yourself.
My wish for you is to be happy, to find happiness in every moment of your day.
In every thing that presents itself to you there is a sparkle of Christmas, a twinkle of light that wants to be found and brightened with your smile.
I Wish You Love.
Love to discover the love you are made of, that every cell of your being vibrates to. Love is the song of life you were born with, love is what sings you to sleep at night and wakes you in the morning. Love is the very fabric of the air you breathe. Yes, you are the breath of God and the blessing of everlasting life.
I Wish You Peace.
I wish you the peace of knowing that all is well and things always work out.
There was a boy born in Argentina who was able to tell his parents who he was and where he came from. "I come from the sun" he told them, "I cannot live here, I cannot become one of you". His parents brought him to a local spiritual healer who told the boy "he had to let the dog out" which meant he had to eat food and sleep and do the things humans did. The shaman helped him to understand that he had a mission and would teach others what he knew. The boy had a very difficult time adjusting for several years, but just as the Mystic had told him, all is well. I have not heard of his life since but that story has been with me many years. I feel the Peace of alignment when I remember the boy, the peace of knowing that we are more than we think we are. Consciousness is always expanding and the blessing of things unknown just showing up to inspire and at times are just awesome.
Jubilant Outlandish You! I Wish You JOY! 
I wish for you to let the joy out often, and laugh. To feel the bubbles of anticipation as you wake in the morning, to see what gifts lie in wait for you, just around the corner, under that tree over there, inside that brilliantly wrapped package, on a table spread with delicious bites, in the faces of those you spend your precious time with.
Holidays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza you name it there is always a reason to be generously joyous.
My Blessings and Twinkling Light,
Come Join Us In The Vortex
‘Tis The Season To Gift Yourself
And Sedona’s The Reason 
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