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 Celebrating Our Song Of Freedom with Fire and Air! 
I just love the moments I become super aware of my breathing, completely relaxed, expectant and waiting… for the fire of inspiration… to feel the lift. Then to have an idea, to be filled with a new perspective, a new expression of, for example the New Years Celebrations we will all participate in. 
Celebrate Your Song Of Freedom! 
Air combined with fire creates lift. Sometimes it is hard to uncover the fire of passion in everyday life; we constantly have to remind ourselves who we REALLY ARE AND WHAT WE REALLY WANT. My practice is to use my breath, to have no thought and to allow myself to simply be with my breath. Try it, just 10 minutes or so is all it really takes before uplifting thoughts and ideas want to take up that empty space. This morning it was beautiful hot air balloons that wanted to deliver my NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE to YOU. 
Celebrate Your Song Of Freedom! 
We choose this one day out of 365 days to wave a flag and promise to make changes. We look back and count down. What if you understood that every morning is the beginning of Your Personal New Year, that the world is waiting with baited breath for your command. Today is December 28, and it is my birthday. I am as free as a bird to fly and sing and be truly who I am, it is only a thought away. If I fan the flame I woke up with this morning I will rise to my own occasion, my passion will want to show me more and more, because Now I Know. 
A graduate and long-time staff member for our school sent me this “reflection” the other day. Her awareness moved me deeply as did the meditation we all participated in that afternoon, and I asked her permission to offer it to you. 
Celebrating Your Song Of Freedom! 
In early December of this year, I participated in an Inner Focus Module for the Asheville School.  We made masks that we decorated.  Then we did a ritual that was life-changing.  We looked at our masks and reflected into the group about our mask... I didn’t always know the strength and the beauty of my heart, so I created you to keep me small, to hide me, to keep me safe.”  “I didn’t know that I could love myself, so I created a mask to please others (and to do other dysfunctional things) in order to be loved.” As I write that statement, I realize that it is profound.  I can feel the “thunk” in my body and the quiet space created...  Then we all picked up mirrors.  Mine was a small one, maybe three inches, so I allowed my face to fill that mirror and reflect back the center of my face, especially my eyes.  In my eyes, I saw a love so rich and deep that it softened and opened my heart to myself. My face was relaxed and years younger than I last remember it.  I soaked in that love, expanding my heart.  
Today, I realize that I have spent my life looking for love through many ineffective means, never satisfying the deep need within me.  So today, I get it.  My folks have been expressing the love of Source so I could learn how to let in my own love for myself.  My love for myself allows the mask to drop, the resistance to stop, and I know that all is well. Andra Larson
Our masks are beautiful and mesmerizing, but they keep us hiding who we really are. Count Up and Count On Your True Colors Shining Through, Your True Self Speaking Words of Wisdom and Upliftment In Your World. Ride Your Balloon Of Joy High and Hear Yourself Singing Your Own Song Of Freedom. 
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This is all there is to it. However, if you need some help learning how to COUNT UP and get your momentum going in the direction you want it to flow, I would love to help you. Below are some of the ways I am working these days to bring lasting Joy into our world.
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