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CT Homeschool Legal Matters
The 2014 Legislative session is almost underway.   The regular session starts on February 5th and it adjourns on May 7th.  CHN has always encouraged homeschoolers to know and develop good communication with their local legislators.  It's an opportunity for us, as a community, to inform them of our presence, our diversity, and perhaps most importantly, our success.  Homeschooling has a long track record of raising homeschooled children to adulthood who are productive members of society. 
On March 12th, homeschoolers will be presenting information to interested visitors and legislators in the Hartford Capitol corridor from 10AM-3PM.  Working together, families from TEACH, CHN and CT-CHEER & N.H.E.L.D. will be present.
If you would like to use this event as an educational field trip opportunity for your family, we encourage you to stop by and visit us as well as your local legislators!  We'll be there from 10AM-3PM informing those who visit our tables, about homeschooling in Connecticut.  We look forward to seeing lots of families there.
There are many committees that comprise the CT Legislature. Several of them, in particular, are of interest to homeschoolers.  The Children Committee, the Education Committee, and the Appropriations Committee.  You can check the links for those committees to see if a Senator or Representative from your district holds a seat on any of them.  They like to hear from homeschoolers and would be happy to talk to you. 
We encourage them to continue supporting homeschoolers in CT to do what we do best: homeschool in freedom.  Do you know who your State Representative and  Senator is? Here's a list that you can check to see who they are on this list, by your town.  If you want to have talking points for them, print out a copy of this Infographic sheet with the latest homeschool statistics. 
Homeschool Issues Across the U.S.A.
One this is certain;  homeschooling is growing across the nation.  It's becoming popular in other countries where it was barely heard of before.  In the U.S.A., there are several states who were legally more restrictive than CT, that decreased regulations or loosened policies on homeschooling during the 2013 legislative session. Homeschooling works. Legislatively controlling it doesn't guarantee success; it's already successful. Kudos to those who recognize that and loosen the noose.
This article from Education News is over a year old. It appears to recognize a surge in homeschooling at that time, that is continuing today. For every 1% of new public school Kindergarteners, there are 7% who are starting homeschool Kindergarten.
In America, we can be grateful that we have the freedom to choose public, private or homeschool as viable education options.  Statistics support the success of home education.  For a succinct summary of homeschool statistics, look at this Infographic
Meet a CT Homeschool Family
In this issue of the newsletter, please meet the Rossing family!  Rick, Deb and their son Joshua are lifelong homeschoolers.  The live in Coventry and are reaching out to others by sharing their unique story.  You can read about their family on the CHN website. Thank you to the Rossings!
50 Winter Fun Ideas for Homeschoolers To Do
Tina Robertson writes, "Hoping to have a few activities to pull of out my bag when the kids are bored and the days are long and cold, I rounded up some activities to keep us learning. Some of them are easy and don’t take quite as long and others a little more involved."  You can browse the Idea List Tina has compiled and find some mid-winter fun for your family.
For winter fun ideas specifically for the Connecticut area, check this page. Meet-up with some friends and enjoy!
Avoiding Wintertime Homeschool BurnoutIt can happen to anyone, no matter where they teach school. Recognize burnout and reinvigorate your homeschool.  Here are some insightful articles to help you do just that!
Avoiding Homeschool Burnout - read more here
Surviving Homeschool Burnout - read more here
Charlotte Mason Education: Coping Strategies - read more here
Homeschool Freebies & Buy-Sell-Swap Sites
Look and see if there are any freebies you'd like to get for your homeschool!  Buy-Sell-Swap & Educational Freebies
Connecticut:  Top Issues in Education
Many if not most homeschoolers care about education; not just homeschooling.  Trends in education impact society and are important to all of us. The CT Education Association (CEA) recently published an article about the "seismic shift in what's being taught in public schools" that we all know as Common Core (CC). It's worth reading.  Some homeschool curriculum publishers have aligned with Core Standards.  CC standards were handed down from the federal level to the states.  Critics are quick to point out, at least, that it is unconstitutional for the federal government to be involved in education at all. 
For a look into the top issues in Connecticut, including education, this publication from the Office of Legislative Research (OLR) is an excellent resource.
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