Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast 19th Edition, April 14, 2014

Announcing 2 Sheepie Day in the Park Events

Atlanta and Nashville are having Spring Get Togethers.   These events are for fun and just to get to meet up with other Sheepie owners.  Many of the sheepies coming to these events have been saved and rescued through our group and it's a nice opportunity to get to see them again.  However, any sheepie owner is welcome and if you have non sheepies, they are welcome too!
ATLANTA Event:  Saturday, April 19, 2014 at  1pm till the last sheepie leaves.    Raindate is Sunday April 20.
Location: 4758 S. Old Peachtree Rd, Norcoss, GA   (located inside Pinckneyville Baseball fields, near the Covered outdoor hockey rink and skateboard park... dog parks are located in the same parking lot area).
Nashville Event:   Saturday, April 26, 2014 at 1:30pm.   Location is at the Brentwood Dog Park.   Raindate is Sunday April 27.
Come and join us!


Adoption Announcement: ANNABELLE

Annabelle and Dock came from a home in Richmond Hill, Ga.   Both dogs are 5 1/2 years old.  Their owners were aging and had medical issues and they were beginning to have multiple health issues which the owners just did not have the money to cover. 
Annabelle is a sweet little girl who came to us full of love and alot of energy.   She had some hair loss on her butt and some yeast allergies that a change in food will help out with.  She needed to be spayed and needed all her shots.  When we got her she showed some aggression to the female dog in the foster home and so she was taken into boarding and to start her spay needs.  However, when we admitted her, she was showing signs of a false pregancy.  Sadly we needed to keep her there until this had passed and until the spay could be completed.  In the meantime, Dr. Leslie K., was open to bringing this girl to her home.  They had lost their dog in the past year ( a rescue from our group that had a fatal reaction to medication) and their home had no other dogs for Annabelle to pick on.  
So after her spay was complete, she spent one night at my home (Fiona) and she was actually good with my dog (so it could have been the false pregnancy issue that created her lack of love for my dog) and she was well behaved.   Dr. Leslie and I met half way and she took Annabelle home.  
After a rough night of diahrea and stomach issue and trial and error over the next few weeks getting her stomach settled Annabelle was finally feeling better.  A tablespoon of pumpkin in her food daily helps sort things out.  After the month and alot of togetherness, Dr. Leslie contacted me to let me know she would like to adopt Ms. Annabelle!  We are so happy it all worked out.  Annabelle will be getting to live part of the year in Florida at her vacation home and the rest of the year near Augusta, GA.


In Foster Care: Dock

Dock is the brother to Annabelle.  He is a big ole boy around 115 depending on what day it is.  From day 1 he has had his issues that we are prepared to handle until he is well enough to adopt out, which we hope will be as soon as his elbow heels.    Before we took Dock and Annabelle on, communication with the owners was intermittant and I worked more with their vet who informed me that he had cancer on his toe.  Apparently the owners were fearful of telling us because they felt we would not take their dogs.  Once we finally got the information, we told the vet to go ahead and proceed as soon as possible on the toe amputation and also his neuter.  We had been trying to handle as much as what we felt would be possible while down at the cheaper vet in the country before his transport to Atlanta.   After all Atlanta prices can get pricey even with any type of rescue discount.
Due to the weather back in January (2 snow events), scheduling his pick up with difficult at best, but he did start his healing process.  Friend to our rescue, Mary Jane Wolfe, offered to drive me in her van to pick up the dogs down in Macon.  When we saw the dogs, we saw Dock who acted like a 12 year old dog and the wiley Annabelle stepping all over poor ole Dock who was trying to protect his newly changed foot!.   Both dogs had horrible hair that needed to be groomed properly.  Both dogs had missing hair on their butts and were calloused.  But Dock had these 2 huge fleshy things hanging from each of his elbows.  I took him to the local vet where he described the fleshy things as pressure points.  The toe had healed very nicely and the cancer was removed within margins, so that was great news.   He was prescribed 2 medicated baths a week, which we have done and also changed his food to a "no grain" food to help with his hair. 
Because I was leaving for several weeks on two different work trips, I went ahead and booked Dock in for surgery on his elbows.  Well they started with the elbow on the same side as the toe amputation, because if the cancer had spread it would have shown up in that elbow first.  The vet said the tissue was very abnormal and quite honestly we were both pretty sure it was cancer, but it came back NEGATIVE which was a miracle.  During surgery, they actually ran out of time and were only able to do one of the elbows because of how intense the work was on repairing all the connective tissue.  
In the end, I have to say I'm very happy only one elbow was repaired, because that is what we are dealing with now.  We can't seem to get it repaired.  As you can imagine a dog uses their elbows every time they get up and down.  He started off week 1 (which is now a month ago) with stitches and staples over the location of the surgery on his elbow.  Withing 5 days some of the staples and stiches had come out and I took him back in for repair.  Back under again, they stitched and stapled everything up.  Then they opened again and again they have been repaired again, but now we are around 4 weeks since surgery and it almost seems worse than it started off as.  We have gone to a specialist who is ordering special sleeves ($180) to try to use to keep the wound covered and create a donut around the elbow so the pressure goes on the donut instead of the actual elbow.  That doctor did not want to re-staple or stitch the dog and the gap in the wound is almost 1 1/2 inches long.  Literally one hour after he was rebandaged up with the  new bandages that had the donut, it has already slid down his leg and off his elbow.  That night I rebandaged it myself 5 more times and just couldn't keep it up.  The sleeves are on special order and hopefully will be here by Wed of this week.  The sleeves will go on both elbows and strap over the back.  This type of mechanics will help the bandages from slipping down, because the pull will be from the back instead.   After Friday and the rebandaging, I just took him back to the vet on Saturday, April 12 back to the vet.  I was scared looking at his exposed elbow and felt they could rebandage him much better than me.   Monday I pick him up and take him back to the specialist where I may beg for them to restaple and restitch him.  
While all this was going on, we also found out Dock is HYPO Thyroid. This apparently has been working against his healing the whole time and we just found out about it and he began his medication last week, which is a daily twice a day pill.   
As you can see, we have an uphill battle with Dock.  Once we get past these few issues and sorting it all out, he will be the best dog ever for a low key home.  He sleeps alot and will knock right under your arm while you are typing for a head rub and he will bark at you if you are not paying attention to him when he wants it, but that's it.  He is potty trained, crated trained, sweet a sweet gets.  Gets along fine with my dog.  Has been face to face with my cat because he is curious and just doesn't know what to think about it all.  But all in all Dock is a love.  I mean a real love!  He has so many friends in vet techs and workers.  He just rolls over for bandaging, he is wonderful with the groomer.  Everytime I go up there (and that has been no less than 10 times in the past month), they all come up and give him a hug and kiss, and tell me he has a special place in their hearts.  They all call out "Dock's here".  
The picture below is of Dock prior to elblow surgery.  
As of now, we have spent close to $3000 on Dock and his issues.  We have received $900 in donations from our Facebook followers and so much appreciate it.   If any of our newsletter followers can give to us during this expensive time, we would gladly appreciate it as, you can imagine that $3000 is definitely a strain on our funds.   Our paypal link is on our website www.oesrescuenetwork.org  and an address to send in donations is on the right side of this newsletter.  Any donations towards Dock's care are appreciated!  


Dock Between Surgeries


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