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Activate Joy! 
From The Butterfly Spirit Gate
“I Am Joy!
I Am A Messenger Of Joy!
My Shapes, Colors and Delicate Beauty
Activate Joy, and Inspire Joy In Others!  
I Am A Gift and A Blessing In The World,
A gentle reminder that life is full of beauty,
With highs and lows that offer contrast
To create new perspectives that
Lead to mastery.
I Am Divine Master.
This is my brand New Year and I have a brand New Story to share. Several years ago I created a deck of thirty inspirational cards that I use every day to help me Power Up my story for the day. Perhaps we all have a deck of cards that open our creative spirit and help us find a new path for our thoughts to travel on. A dear friend and graduate of our school, who runs a beautiful horse sanctuary called Spirit Gate in Victoria, BC, asked me to come to teach a class. I was excited to see her and what she had built since we were last together. Inspiration is an interesting phenomenon that can Power You Up in a way you never expect...
As part of the class I decided to create some inspirational sayings that we would use in an exercise. I used the logo of Spirit Gate (in the very center). Since I have a background in Shamanism I called on four power animals I am deeply familiar with to guide the way. Eagle In the East, Butterfly in the South, Horse in the West and Wolf in the North, (they surround the logo).
When inspiration begins to flow, it is like a fast moving current you get caught up in. When passion is steering the racecar, the creative process can take hours/days of work you don’t even notice, it is exhilarating, amazing and uplifting.
After I finished a fewof the messages,it felt like I needed photos of my magnificent teachers to create a visual experience to deepen the impact of their words. When this happened the cards took on a life of their own. The teachers were in charge now,they were choosing the photos that illustrated their message. I was awe-struck at the perfect flow of all thirty transmissions. I had to print them as a beautiful deck of cards so everyone could be a part of this amazing heart opening.
“Activate Freedom”
I Honor Me!
I honor my place in my community. I know my place within the pack is important, as every member is important individually as well as collectively. I am creator. I am free to walk to the beat of my own heart. I am in the moment and I am free to choose. HO!”
How do you Power Up your day? What gets your engine started? How you start your day dictates how your day will go. I Honor Me! MY WORLD MY WAY IS the story you tell when you first wake up in the morning. Your story takes on a life of its own because you revved up that particular engine, so choose your thoughts well. Reach for your highest vision for your day and feel the momentum of joy lifting you, expanding you into the jet stream of empowerment. POWER UP! Use your momentum to create miracles and a life of Joy!   
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