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Take a Walk
Live in each season as it passes....
The book I reread again and again every year in the last five years is called French Women for All Seasons by Mireille Guiliano. The quotes here are from her book. Click on image for the book link.
"Most of us really don’t have the choice to sit winter out. The fact is that not every bird gets to fly south. And I confess I wouldn’t want to: I love my morning walks in the winter, breathing the cool, crisp air, and I can’t imagine living in places without much seasonal variation. When the passing of the year doesn’t impress itself upon my senses, I am, in some profound sense, lost."  p.192
One of my favourite knits (it's about 25 years old) used to be called the Silver Age of Russian Poetry Sweater. Then it became the
Silver Snow Sweater... Now I am thinking of renaming it to the Take a Walk Sweater :-)
Knit in Season
"Winter’s purpose is to clear the decks so nature can start over." p.193
My sister's winter skirt. Cool!!
Click on image to see more winter skirts.
Tatiana's Day
This collage is my craft on Tatiana's Day.
For my English-speaking Knitterati:
Click on image for link about this day in Russia.
Knit and Stay Warm
"… Let’s not kid ourselves: winter has an effect on us as well. In the northern climes, including Paris and New York, a point comes
when it seems the cold and long hours indoors will never
end, ..when the snows of two months ago are often
still piled in the streets, and …"  p.192-193…
Click on image to go to the Winter Warmth
Newsletter, 2012
Winter Tricks
"Long ago, a person’s age would be expressed by how many winters she had on her back. Now technology spares us the worst effects of the elements; the rest is up to us. The trick is to make it as full and energetic a period as it can be." p.194
Click on image for the January 2013 Newsletter
White Blanket
"Though sometimes it is just too cold and windy to leave the house, I do love to walk in the snow … especially in New York City. New York with its
clear blue winter skies and buzzing streets
can become transcendentally quiet when
a thick white blanket is first laid down…"
Click on image to go to Wintery Toronto Newsletter January 2012
Winter in Toronto
"...As we walk down the center of big avenues and little side streets, passing fellow travelers, the streetscape feels as it must have centuries ago. Everything is still and clean, and the community becomes a picturesque village of children on sleds (an odd thing to find in Manhattan, but you do)…" p.195
Happy Walking :-)
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