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The Art Of
As we make our way in this wonderful world, there is always the question, “How can I make it better?” Each time we even think that thought, an expanded answer fills our heart. Some of us recognize it and others pass it by; how we value and appreciate our question it is always a deliberate inner focus.
Several years ago I asked a question, “How do I become a Christ?” The answer I received was, “By blessing everything and condemning nothing.”True to my nature, I took that ball and ran with it. I taught classes, I wrote a book and I created a whole chapter dedicated to Blessing. and I practice that teaching everyday in my life. (I offer the Blessing chapter free on
I just returned from my beloved Sacred Sedona. Acutely aware of the majestic temples of wisdom held within the brilliant red rocks, I asked the Masters of the Radiant Heart to deepen my Blessing Consciousness. I was taken into the amphitheater, directed to sit on the lower right of this photo, and was taught The Art of Appreciation.
“The Blessing Consciousness is just the first step in earning your degrees of enlightenment. The flowering comes in Appreciation of the life that Blessing offers.
The Art of Appreciation comes with the value you place on embracing that which kneels before you, asking for your blessing.”
Thank You. I now have the opportunity to expand into a new understanding as I agree to practice the continual shifts in my awareness.
What I find amazing is the way my Higher Self has of using what is right in front of me to help me embody the essence of the teaching. And in my meditation this morning it was clearly given. I took this photo, which is larger above. My Buddha statue is holding an ancient glass ’floater’ filled with breath. Behind Him is a salt light, above His head are silver dollar lights I purchased when Laurel and I went to the Biltmore Estates, and above all of this is a glittering stack of wheat.
I know this will be a longer message than usual, but I want to give you the fullness of the transmission, so you can use it for yourself.
As I took apart the elements before me, there was The Buddha, the Enlightened One holding the breath of God; Buddha, who is a blessing to humankind and all life on Earth; and Buddha, who is the physical Embodiment of Appreciation and Compassion.
Behind Buddha are three elements of prosperity: Salt, Silver Dollars and Wheat.
Salt is valuable, ‘I am the salt of the earth’ a precious commodity often used in place of money. Glistening silver dollars, sparkling lights of well-being; Wheat, the bread of our abundant life.
In preparing the Activate Joy Bootcamp material I will be offering in February, I have been exploring the world of scarcity and its many dimensions. Blessing the world of scarcity for others and myself, I felt there was more to understand, and I wanted to become aware of that knowledge and wisdom.
As I allowed my heart to further enter this visual meditation I felt my desire  weaving into and through the moment; I began to feel the ancient wisdom and understand the teaching, at least enough to impart it for you to work with yourself.
Practice Steps: 
  1. Take a walk and bask in the abundance of nature. Bless everything, grass, trees, dirt etc. This is the base knowledge that matures through the visceral experience of blessing everything (especially the hard things).
  2. Recognize that abundance and prosperity are everywhere. There is no lack except in the perceptions of your mind.
  3. Now, you are lining up with universal intelligence.
  4. Your blessing consciousness is the ‘way’ to abundance and prosperity.
  5. The blessing consciousness adds value, and when you value something your degree of appreciation brings the manifestation.
  6. Practicing the Art Of Appreciation then sustains and expands your newly enlightened understanding. Continued practice of these steps in this order allows for the embodiment of a new consciousness.
Appreciation is far deeper than you might imagine. When you sincerely appreciate someone or something it can bring tears to your eyes or laughter to your heart. Appreciation is truly an art to be valued and sought after as a way of life.
Each of the Masters of the Radiant Heart embodies Blessing and has become Appreciation itself. To see through their eyes is to always see the blessing in everything and to appreciate that blessing so completely; it is the only reality worth living.
As I sit here with them, even as I am writing their words, I feel the reality of ‘Jump Time’, which can only be experienced. Once experienced this radiance can be transmitted from one heart to another, and then to any situation you wish to send it to.
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