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The Way To Balance Ctr For Advanced Healing & Training
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Register NOW!  Exciting New Webinars
by Sue and Aaron Singleton
*** FREE WEBINAR - Thursday FEB 13 ***
SESSION 1 of the LIVE Online Webinar Series:
Nine Simple Laws to Create Joy and Grace
Featuring a Guided Study with the Book’s Author, Sue H. Singleton
Internationally renowned Medical Intuitive, Healer, Author Sue Singleton's near-death experience provided invaluable insights into the universal laws and how the universe works. As the author of Nine Simple Laws to Create Joy and Grace: A Comprehensive Guide to Manifestation, Sue is excited to offer YOU the opportunity to create the life you love, in a webinar inspired by her highly-acclaimed book!
JOIN SUE for her 7-session experiential journey: Thrive BEYOND the Law of Attraction!
Learn the law for heightened intuition; transform dislikes into loves with the law of gratitude; experience the laws' energy frequencies using sacred geometry from the Singletons' unique Stone Play™ Crystal Layouts; feel the resonance of their innovative BioMorphic Geometry™ technology, and MUCH MORE.
If you already work with the Law of Attraction, you will find manifestation simpler with the missing pieces of the puzzle--the other 8 laws! You will thrive BEYOND the Law of Attraction. As a participant, you gain opportunities to ask Sue questions regarding Nine Simple Laws, throughout the 7-module series.
The February 13th Webinar is FREE. (Session 1 of 7)
This 1.5-hour experience is Sue's personal gift to YOU!
You must simply pre-register HERE to receive access codes
to participate via webinar or telephone.
To register for the rest of the series (sessions 2-7), you must use THIS (different) link, and with just one form you can register for sessions 2-7. 
The series will be webcast LIVE on alternating Thursdays, from Feb. 13 - May 8. All 7 webinars will be held from 7:00-8:30 pm, U.S. EASTERN TIME on these Thursdays: Session 1: Feb. 13; Session 2: Feb. 27; Session 3: Mar. 13; Session 4: Mar.27; Session 5: Apr. 10; Session 6: Apr. 24, Session 7: May 8.
Schedule conflicts? No problem!
Although live attendance will enhance your experience, attendees who register and pay for modules 2-7 gain access to all 7 recorded webinar-sessions, to view or listen to at their convenience!
Full Series Pricing (and EARLY Registration DISCOUNT):
Through 2/13: Just $99 for the full series (including sessions 2-7)
Starting 2/14: $108 for the full series tuition (including sessions 2-7)
Special BONUSES available only to students of the full series (1-7):
One lucky person will receive a $211-value GIFT!
One lucky person who registers for sessions 2-7 by Feb. 14 will receive a FREE Stone Play Mat/Introductory Kit PLUS the bag of 96 crystals for Nine Simple Laws. VALUE: $211 Winner selected at random; Must pre-register by February 14 for sessions 2-7 to be eligible to win.
ALL Students of the full series will receive these Special Offers*:
  • Student-only discounted pricing
  • Stone Play Mat/Introductory Kit PLUS the bag of 96 crystals for Nine Simple Laws VALUE: $211. Webinar student price: $150
  • BioMorphic Geometry: Nine Simple Laws Companion Booklet VALUE: $59 Webinar student price: Just $9
  • 10% OFF your total purchase of all other Energy of Life (EOL) Products developed by Sue and Aaron Singleton.
  • EXTRA webinar-only offered exercises and experientials that are not included in the book
 *NOTE: Offers are valid from the time you pay in full for the series up until 5/15/14; may not be combined with any other offers/discounts and are not redeemable for cash.
CLICK HERE for more about
(FREE) SESSION 1, including: 
  • A full DESCRIPTION of the FREE 1.5-hour Webinar Session 1
  • A special Link to REGISTER for Session 1 (as online Webinar OR listen on phone)
  • Info about SUPPLIES you will need to purchase (BOOK) by Feb 13.
 CLICK HERE for more about
SESSIONS 2 thru 7 of the Series, including:
  • A full DESCRIPTION of Sessions # 2 - 7 of the Webinar Series
  • A special Link to REGISTER (all at once) for 2-7 (Webinar OR listen on phone)
  • When you register by 2/13, you become eligible for the $211-value GIFT!
** NEW Webinar OR In-Person Workshop - March 1 **
LIVE Webinar OR LIVE In-Person Workshop in Amesbury, MA:
BioMorphic Geometry: The NEW Science of Healing
Featuring live experiential & exercises with
BMG Inventor, Aaron Singleton
Inventor, Visionary and Intuitive Healer Aaron Singleton teaches you how to apply the new BioMorphic Geometry (BMG) prototypes in your daily life.
This new science uses geometric shapes, algorithms, arcs, chords, angles and numbers in very specific placements and proximity to each other, to interact with our consciousness and unconsciousness.
The Balance Card, a Master BMG design, is unique in its ability to create a carrier wave which picks up the holographic imprint of crystals, oils, herbs, homeopathy and supplements, and transfers their unique frequencies into the body, DNA, bioplasmic field and aura. The Balance Card easily clears physical, emotional and energetic imbalances from our bodies and energy fields.
The BMG Restore Your Divine Blueprint Cards help transmute critical life issues to assist us in moving forward in our personal, professional and spiritual development, and thus may be key to more rapid spiritual healing and development. These specific six designs emit frequencies that light up conscious or unconscious areas that are blocking us from experiencing these states of being: Joy, Inner Harmony, Release Judgment, From the Heart of God to the Heart of Man, Peace, and I am.
In this Workshop / Webinar You Will:
  • Receive 3 hours of transformative healing
  • Learn how the Balance card projects the energy of crystals, essential oils, etc. directly into the body
  • Feel the resonance of various BMG card alignments on the body
  • Experience dialing in the specific frequency for pain and tension relief
  • Explore combining various healing tools with BMG
  • Discover the power of BioMorphic Geometry, the healing science of the future
If you already own some of the Singletons' BioMorphic Geometry cards,
you will learn even MORE ways to apply them in your daily life.
If BMG is new to you, you are in for a great adventure!
You may CHOOSE whether you want to participate
In-Person OR via Online Webinar
In-person Workshop: $55.00 USD
Online Webinar: $40.00 USD
  • View full webinar DESCRIPTION
  • Access separate links to REGISTER for the in-person workshop OR the live webinar
  • Access information about SUPPLIES you will need to purchase by February 18.
The Way To Balance Ctr For Advanced Healing & Training  |  21 Water Street  |  Amesbury, MA 01913  |
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