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"On a Roll" : 16 in. x 64 in. - Mixed Media on Wood (Reclaimed Wood Frame) - $1,450
M A R C H   |    2 0 1 4
N   A   N   C   Y       J   O   Y   C   E       G   A   L   L   E   R   Y
News & Press
Balsam Range, CD Cover Art for Mountain Home Music Company. Early Summer release.
Red June, CD Cover Art  for Organic Records. Coming Spring 2014.
The Wilhelm Brothers, CD Cover Art for "Lay Your Burden Down". Wilhelm Brothers.
Womble Carlyle Gallery - First Place winner for "Sacagawea"
Commission Complete!
"5th and 53rd"
Commission piece.
Installations & Shows
 The Grove Park Inn
"Thirteen": An artist's Interpretation.
13 Original works on Canvas.
January 31st, 2014  @ 5:30pm
The Grove Park Inn
Architectural perspective pieces:
Curated Installation
Asheville, NC
ONE Greenville: 
"Greenville as ONE"
69in x 144in.
triptych piece - Main Lobby
One N. Main Street
Permanent Installation.
Greenville, SC
Asheville Art Museum: 
New Children's ArtPLAYce
Three Photographic TacTiles.
Current Exhibition. 
Asheville, NC
Children's Museum of the Upstate
100-piece TacTile collaborative work
Current Exhibition
Greenville, SC
Side Notes
You can keep up with my new paintings by 'liking' Nancy Joyce Gallery on FaceBook which will allow you to see pieces before the newsletter arrives. You can also follow me on Twitter or read my blog. Thank you all for your loyal support and for your deep and sincere encouragement as I continue to forge ahead.

Recent Work
"Stellula" - $1,350
36 in. x 24 in.
Mixed Media on Wood
(Reclaimed Wood Frame)
Lasting Impressions
One of my missions while painting is to shed light on issues that are important to me. Last Summer, I was asked by a very dear friend of mine, Kathy O'Brien, to make three paintings for each of her children. She already owned a painting of mine but wanted "individual and unique pieces for each of her children to have for the rest of their lives." I decided to incorporate her handprint (using a special technique which included molding paste - see below) for each painting as well as each child's hand beside hers to make three dandelion pieces that would be tactile and impressionable forever. (The Finished pieces can be seen above.)
My friend Kathy was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer three years ago. She has never smoked a day in her life. She is, by every definition, defying all odds. Her positive outlook, laughter, passion for life, love towards her children, dedication to clean eating, prayer, meditation, focus on her mind & body would astound you. Her story can be read here: Story 1, here: Story 2, and here: Story 3.
This will continue to be a cause I bring awareness to throughout my art in many forms. There is still not enough knowledge about lung cancer and many misunderstood ideas and stereotypes about this form of cancer.
Quick facts:
  1. Cancer of the lungs takes more lives every year than the other three leading cancer killers combined (breast, colon, and prostate);
  2. Nearly 375,000 people in the U.S. are living with lung cancer;
  3. One in five women with lung cancer has never smoked, and the diagnosis rate among women is only increasing.
I am meeting Chris Draft, and Kathy this weekend in Atlanta. Look for more on this collaboration and inspiration in the months to come. xo 
Nancy Joyce Gallery • 122 Riverside Drive (Studio E) • Asheville, NC 28801
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