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ASYRA Self Health Newsletter February 2014
Hello Everyone. Welcome to the newsletter that gives tips for better health through self-education!
This is the month of the heart, so I will be sharing four lifestyle choices to keep your heart healthier! The heart also carries subconcious memories, so where is your attention? On health?
Watch your thoughts and intentions. Your thoughts about yourself will affect your health! Don't let negative thoughts pull you down. You are a bright, shining, beautiful being!
News Flash!!!
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to read and understand how the Asyra Pro works. It will be the first step in understanding and balancing the body all the way down to cellular level.
It 's All About Heart! 
Heart problems are major in our county today and much of it comes from our lifestyle choices. So lets concentrate on 4 basic choices that can make a difference in our overall health. FIRST, If you smoke, stop!!!!  Smoking is one of the leading causes of heart disease, strokes and cancer! Now you say, I DON'TSMOKE! If you are in a smoke environment, either at home or work, you are going to age and and contribute to heart disease, Just spending and hour in the presence of second hand smoke is the equivalent of smoking 4 cigarettes! A water pipe or the new E-cigarettes, will age your arteries and increase you risk of both heart and lung disease. It will also promote cancer and lower your immune system. Both my mother and father were chain smokers. I suffered with major lung and immune problems as a child. I have worked very hard to clear my lungs and build my immune system. SECOND- Feed your heart through a proper diet! Foods can create serious roadblocks to your arteries. Avoid simple Carbohydrates, added sugars, added syrups and trans- fats. These non-nutrients really increase the inflammatory process in the arteries. Watch the donuts, colas, and those chili hot dogs that add to your LDL cholesterol, and stimulate the genes to produce more inflammatory proteins to make tissue irritation so much worse. Eat mostly veggies, raw or steamed, some fruit, and a small aount of healthy protein.We want to decrease blood pressure. 140/90 is borderline, LDL cholesterol, fasting sugar and the triglycerides need to be less than a 100 and get rid of cotinine (in tobacco products) . While We are talking heart disease and inflammation; EXAMPLE: If you ingest a 5OZ BAG OF FRENCH FRIES, it takes 58 days for HALF that fat to come out of your body! That is trans fats and/hydrogenated oil! It takes another 58 days to get out the other HALF and another 58 days for HALF of that. So it takes 350 days to rid your body of that one 5 oz bag of French Fries! Now think about continually adding more of those harmful trans- fats throughout the year. Your poor body does not have time to equalize and normalize. The inflammatory process increases a hundred times over! We need to make sure we have enough healthful oils in our diet such as Omega 3 6 and 9. Balanced EPA and DHA are found in oily fish, walnuts, flax, trout, and salmon. These healthy fats make up the membranes of our cells, so take in the right ones! FATS DO NOT MAKE YOU FAT!. Unhealthy fats! Yes. Every cell in the body is made up of a phospholipid membrane, so if you have healthy fats, you have healthy cells, healthy tissues and healthy organs, and if your system is healthy, YOU are healthy! THIRD-Exercise!!! Start slowly at first. The way to  improve heart function is to sweat. It can be done with resistance exercise, walking, stretching, yoga, Pilates. etc. This will improve the systolic/diastolic blood pressure.Blood vessels become more elastic by forcing them to dilate.  Start by walking  30 minutes 2 times a week. Then Ideally, do three 20 minute sessions. Here is a formula: 220 MINUS MINUS YOUR AGE. Low impact activities like swimming, cycling and elliptical training are good and they do not compromise your joints. If you will look back into my very first newsletter on my website, doing the Western Yoga is an excellent start and only takes 15 minutes.
Fourth- Reduce Stress!!!  “Stress” gives you what you need  to finish something or meet a deadline. It should not be continuous. Time seems to speed up these days.  So much to do! Try to sit quietly for a t least 15 minutes in contemplation to get in touch with your inner higher self. Sit quietly and sing HUUUU on the out breath. It is very calming. It can be sung on the outer for a few minutes or inner for about 5-15 minutes. Consciously relax the tension in the muscles of the body. Also,you can put your left hand over your heart and your right hand over you abdomen,(heaven and earth) take a breathe and breathe out counting to 5 and then blow out any air left. Take in a deep breath and relax. You can do these exercises anytime. Try any other activity that will give you some relaxation.
Now,Let's look at some natural products from Dr. Cass at Physica Energetics that can be of great help. Some of these are new. The ASYRA PRO can test whether these products give a balance for you.1- CoQ10 Liposome Tincture  - Dr. Cass has made this into a nanosphere liposomal tincture. This increases the absorption rate by 3.5%.  Coenzyme Q10 works with the mitochondria to convert glucose into electric energy. One of the molecules that helps to carry electrons in the process is CoQ10. So this supplement protects against heart failure ad other inflammatory processes by improving the efficiency of your mitochondria. Usually 5 to 10 sprays twice a day brings balance.
2- Solray-D Liposome Spray  5-10 sprays twice a day will bring blood levels up. The Vitamin K2(MK7) resolves the calcium and pulls calcium out of the arteries and puts it back into the bones where it belongs Vitamin D is not only good for your bones and immune system,, but also your heart and brain. Again it is a nanosphere increasing the absorption rate 3.5% more.3- Omega 3 fatty acids or Omega Gold. The Omega 3 is in a ratio of 6:5:1 EPA to DHA. It is super critical Co2. Extracted so it is clean, free of mercury. The Omega Gold is manufactured in a a three phase molecular distillation and that again insures the purity and cleanliness of the remedy. At least 2 caps twice a day to start.
4- Buffered Magnesium BisGlycinate with L-Taurine is essential for good heart function. Magnesium in the form of an amino acid chelate,organised form over 1700 mg of Magnesium citrate allows the remedy to by pass the digestive system as a mineral and enter directly into the blood stream as an amino acid where is targets the cellular binding site. The taurine helps keep the magnesium working in the cell for a greater length of time.5- BioHealth Matrix  A phyto nutritional,, amino acid, vitamin and mineral supplement. You don't have to take a ton of it. Just one or two a day with food 6- Flora Syntrophy- A good probiotic! Do not have to refrigerate! Gut bacteria and how we metabolize food makes a difference on inflammation in the body. This can lower arterial aging. It is right spinning made from lactobaccilous sporogenes. You can take this with an antiobiotic. It will survive the acidity of the GI tract and digestive juices. 7- Hepatagest powder helps with phase I,2 and 3 stages of liver detoxification.8- Hawthorn Intrinsic- the heart tonic c is a help for most heart conditions; angina, palpitations, High BP, timing, smokers 9- Convallaria Intrinsic
10- Allium Ursinum called Wild Bear Garlic. It works 10X better than any other garlic with almost no aftertaste. This has to be wild crafted. It cannot be cultivated!
11—L-Arginine SR For Heart, Circulatory and Immune System (Nitric Oxide)  Sustained released Necessary to maintain steady, stable,nitrate oxide flow levels. Suggested for Blood pressure, angina, Cholesterol and  the immune system. All these contribute to a healthy heart !
Soaps and body washes that are labeled "antibacterial" have now come under fire by the Food and Drug Administration, as the government agency has submitted a proposed rule that will require manufacturers of such products to prove they are safe for long-term use.
As part of a larger review by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), manufacturers will also need to show how their products are more effective at preventing illness and the spread of infection than ordinary soap and water.
3 bars of soap in a stackThe FDA is requiring manufacturers of antibacterial soaps to prove their products are safe and effective.
In recent years, two of the main ingredients in antibacterial soaps, triclosan and triclocarban, have been analyzed closely in scientific studies.
One study, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, suggested that triclosan fuels the development of resistant bacteria in streams and rivers.
Another study, supported by the National Institutes of Health, suggested that triclocarban may harm nursing babies, while another proposed that hand sanitizers may in fact cause norovirus outbreaks.
Still, other research has lauded the positive effects of antibacterial soaps. One study, for example, suggested these products may reduce MRSA infection rates in hospitals.
"Washing with plain soap and running water is one of the most important steps consumers can take to avoid getting sick and to prevent spreading germs to others."
 Antibacterial soap products do not have to be removed from the market currently, and the public is invited to comment for 180 days.
Written by Marie Ellis
You Are A Reflection of Divine Love In Action! 
You are a spiritual being having a spiritual experience, Here are some thoughts I leave with you in this month of love.
Give thanks for every gift, no matter how small
Be the best you can be at whatever you do
Do the best you can
Love the opportunity to have this life and see the positive
Divine Love is all
Here's to love, light and good health through awareness! I look forward to seeing you!
Mary Pritchard, ND, CNC
Website: energybalancingsounds,com
M & M Consultants  •  104 Mallard Dr.  •  Lynchburg, VA 24503
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