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Frosty February
... fantastic fibers for freaking frosty February ...
...each image in this newsletter has a link to more reading...
Fibers to knit in February should be:
Fantastically Fluffy  
soft like this St Valentine-like mohair and light like this dragonfly

   Your Favorite
 like this short-sleeve mohair jacket made years ago
Fresh and Fast to Knit
like this Ontario snow and simple like this scarf
Fiber should be the finest and very warm like this mohair jacket

Fabulous and Fashionable  
like this mohair skirt, amazing and always popular
Floral and Friendly
like these felted flowers
Fascinating and just Fantabulous
like this walk
Infinite and Fun
The choices are unlimited.
The point is to have fun like this fuzzy Florida snowman
Bye Frosty Feb.
Hi March!
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