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Planet Earth Remedies
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Planet Earth Remedies - April - 2014  Newsletter 
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In this issue:  Our Newest tote at a special price
Happy Camper's Rescue Remedies Tote 
Our newest addition to our tote collection contains natural remedies to get you through many situations where you may run into problems while camping, traveling or even at home.  These products are all airline compliant sizes. With a $55.00 value ($63.00 with the extra bug spray included) our introductory price is just $45.00  (this particular offer only - includes an extra bottle of our very popular Lemongrass bug spray, which bugs hate all the ingredients.
Included in tote bag
3 ounce Honey Scrub Face Wash  - wound healing, disinfectant
3 ounce Eucalyptus-Lavender Spray
2.3 ounce Happy Camper's Bugs Away Spray
1 ounce Lavender Comfort Balm (bites, burns, wound healing, stress, headaches, migraines
1 ounce Tea Tree Bacteria Buster Balm - our very best product for healing skin ailments, sores, bites, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis.
We have not yet added this tote to our page, as I am working on shooting new pictures for all the totes.  If you are interested in the tote you can send me a message at or reach me from the contact page at my website at
Aromatherapy for the mind 
Aromatherapy plays a very large role in my life, and my mental state of mind.   As I was reading an article on the effects of Rosemary I refected back to my beautiful Rosemary shrub, I had some years ago, and how much I loved the aroma and how good I felt, every morning when I was around it - I hope you read this article below as it is  
Another article where doctors who are treating patients who have lost their sense of smell have found that a life without fragrance may lead to severe anxiety and depression. Smelling is linked to the part of the brain that controls our moods, emotions, memory and learning.  The part of the brain which processes smells is the center for memory.  My mother used to wear Merle Norman makeup and the smell was so wonderful.   If only we could go back in time 
Smelling lavender increases alpha waves in the back of the head, which are associated with relaxation. Jasmine increases beta waves in the front of the head, which are associated with a more alert state. In Japan, a fragrance company studied the effects of smell on people by pumping  different fragrances in work areas where keyboard entry operators were stationed and monitored the number of mistakes made as a function of the smell in the air. The results were as follows:
When exposed to lavender oil fragrance (a relaxant), the keyboard typing errors dropped 20 percent.When exposed to jasmine (an uplifting fragrance), the errors dropped 33 percentWhen exposed to lemon fragrance (a sharp, refreshing stimulant), the mistakes fell by 54 percent!
I always apply aromatherapy products at the nose area, as it affects the brain within 45 seconds.  It's important to be consistent.  I've used Lavender Comfort Balm for 16 years now and it does have an accumulative effect if used consistently.
My sister called me for suggestions on dealing with her new little grandaughter, who is now 3 months old, who has a form of eczema, as does her mother. She usually calls me before they use a product, but my niece had picked up a product by Melaluca that was for infant eczema - and the little one had a bad reaction.  This is what I suggested she do as far as cleaning the baby using the natural wipes. 
1) Only buy Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Hemp Soap -  it is organic - the downside is that it is not tear proof - but you are getting a pure and natural product where you can make the wipes, as well as a baby body wash.  
I saw on the news a couple of months ago certain baby wipes may be causing a mysterious rash that closely resembles Psoriasis or Eczema - due to the preservatives & chemicals in the wipes. One of the links below actually lists the chemicals in several leading manufacturers of baby wipes. Just remember when you apply products to your skin that contain chemicals -they go directly into your blood stream - and just imagine with a little baby.Click on the link below, as I make my own wipes for my skin using Dr. Bronner's Natural Organic Base - Baby Mild or Citrus Castile with a little Apricot Oil, Water, Witch Hazel with Lavender & Orange essential oils. For the animals I make up a Tea Tree blend - and use a spray bottle to dampen the Bounty paper towel (although I love Viva - Bounty is said to be the best. . I'm listing several links - as the second has all kinds of wonderful recipes. link has some great recipes - easy and all natural
Larger Sizes for products  - new product coming soon
Eucalyptus Oil Spray will always be near and dear to me, as this is the product that led me into the wonderful world of natural alternative therapies.  In 16 years, I have not raised the price on this product, and after research I appear to have the lowest price in the U.S. I did find one vendor that is charging up to $80.00 for the 16 ounce - mine being $36.00.  The reason for not raising the price, is to make this affordable to all - as of all my products, to me this is the one that is indispensable.  The 8 ounce bottle has about 1500 sprays.  In order to get extended relief from pain, you must use a massage product that goes in deep and will reduce swelling and inflammation. (See article on massaging for pain below in a separate post) We have 4 massage products:
Intensive Remedy Rub
Eucalyptus Oil Spray
Eucalyptus-Lavender Spray
Lavender Comfort Balm
Recently I have added larger sizes of two of our most popular items - First product: The Intensive Remedy Rub in a large 8 ounce container (the jar is the size of a grapefruit).  It has always been very popular, as it is another massage product that goes deep and fast into the muscle or joint. You end up saving $4.00 on the large jar.
We are also offering the Muscle Soother Spray in half gallon and gallon sizes  which over the past 10 years has become one of our biggest selling products.  Immediately upon contact this spray goes from icy cold to heat and surprisingly, even though it is not a massage product, it does tend to relieve pain for extended amounts of time - especially if used a couple of times a day.  There is a huge savings if ordered in the larger sizes, over ordering 3 or 4 bottles at a time.  This product size will not be added to the website but you can contact me through the website contact page, or send me a message at for pricing.
I am working on a new pure Castor Oil Balm for pain and skin problems, but have been too busy to think it out.  I always loved driving to out of state events, as it gave me time to myself to be able to come up with formulas.  Since our new site came up in December it's kept me busy - but look for this new product coming.   If you go to our Facebook page (click like on logo below) you can see the posts I've done on the miraculous Castor oil.  We would appreciate a  LIKE and a share on our Facebook page - we try to post recipes and tips that can help you stay away from chemicals - so be sure and share with your friends.
Planet Dog Remedies 
Achy Body Canine Blend
Several of the products on my people site - came from remedies I made up for friends with animals who had pain and skin ailments. I have used massage on my dogs for many years and it can be quite a dramatic change, if you massage in deep in a circular motion down the spin area into the hip.  I can usually find the spot causing the problem (about the size of a nickle or quarter) and that's where I concentrate.    If you can reduce the swelling, you can reduce the pain. My large Rat Terrier,who I rescued 6 years ago, had a couple of down days, where after watching him move, realized it was coming from the hip area.  When I touched the spot he would shake a little so I was able to pinpoint the problem fast -  I followed my advice by applying the achy Body Canine Blend and added some Castor oil on top and after a couple of days he was back to his old self.  If you check out my facebook page look at the links on Castor Oil that I recently posted.  It is a miracle oil - even for us humans for a varitey of issues - but also for beauty - growing long eyelashes and minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.  I realize money is tight right now - but if you or your animal are suffering and you can't afford to buy products - pickup a bottle of Castor Oil in the Pharmacy Dept of the drugstore and massage in well. I have additional tips on Facebook. 
Dozer loved the Castor Oil and licked most of it off.  Oh well - they used to use in internally years ago. 
Massaging for pain

I believe people in general do not understand the impact that natural remedies can have on your skin, body and mind. It would not surprise me if 80% of the country has no idea what enormous relief can be obtained, simply by rubbing oil into a muscle or joint, or applying Lavender under the nose for anxiety or stress.  From pain relief,which is my specialty, to helping calm and relax with aromatherapy products, I have seen amazing results with thousands of customers over the years. A close friend mentioned she had given many of my products as gifts - and people don't know what to do with them.  If you have met me at a show and I have massaged you - then you get it.    With the new healthcare law taking effect,  possibly people may seek alternative remedies for dealing with pain and inflammation.  
 This is the best diagram I've seen showing exactly where to massage for pain from the waist up. Working shows & large events weekly for almost 10 years I ran into just about every pain ailment possible - I never had anyone leave my booth without feeling enormous relief from the short, deep massage. Because my massages were rarely longer than 5 minutes (except migraines) - I would at times, at a large event do several hundred on a weekend. I learned from my customers over the years that most pain from the waist up, including hands, arms, headaches, migraines come from these areas (especially from where the X is at the around the shoulder blade). I normally don't massage with the flat of the hand other than with headaches. I would first massage the upper neck and shoulder first - then move down with my thumb or the upper bone in the thumb to the X areas in the diagram.. The spot to apply pressure is usually about the size of a nickle or quarter and once you pinpoint the spot - it will hurt when you apply pressure. That little spot causes all kinds of symptoms and problems. If you have an orbital sander, place a towel over the area, place sander on top towel - and there you go!! You can also lean up against a door jam - stretch the arm over to the other side of the body, as to be able to get under the blade - or try the tennis balls in a sock and back up to a wall. Pain from the waist down, (feet, knees (inside of knee you will find the spot in most cases) try sciatic area - sit in a chair, lean over to stretch the back and find the spot. Then applying pressure with the tips of your fingers, massage deep in a circular motion.
3 Minute 100% naturale face cream - no chemicals

A couple of years ago, I made up a really nice facial moisturizer using Alba Botanica base as it is 100% vegetarian ingredients with no animal testing. This lotion is unscented, which makes it nice, as you can add a little essential oil if you wish.   It is very affordable at about $7.99 or less for an 8 ounce bottle (with a pump). You can buy at Walmart, Walgreen's, Sprouts, or any health food store.
 Using a cream with a pump is critical , as creams in a jar are lethal if you stick your finger it the jar.  No way in the world would I ever make a cream moisturizer and sell it.  I have in the past purchased two products (one from a major company) where these was black mold in the top of the jar.  In order to be able to stick you finger in a jar it has to be loaded with chemicals - trust me on that fact.  If you can't pronounce the ingredient - it's usually a chemical.  If you willing to have a little patience you can find a recipe or alternative remedy -for just about everything.  
Anyway, several years ago when my brother and sister-in-law were visiting, I was telling her about how nice this moisturizer.   She is a long time hospice nurse, infact she cared for my father in his last months - and eventually married my brother, which is one of those great endings.  She loved this recipe and bought all the ingredients and she uses this cream on her hospice patients.  I've used pure Jojoba Oil for years on my face, but made up a bottle of this the other day to apply when I leave the house - without looking greasy. . This is nice as it's very dry in Arizona and the skin suffers.  It is very cooling when applied to face - and super hydrating  -you can't go wrong. 
Alba Botanica Face Lotion
3 ounce bottle  (you can find a 3 pack at Dollar Tree)
    fill the bottle 3/4 full with Alba Botanica very emollient body lotion
add 1/2 teaspoon of Honey or if you have the Honey Wash add 1/2 teaspoon
add 1/2 teaspoon of one of these oils - Castor Oil, Almond or Apricot is nice also
Break open and add a couple of capsules of Vitamin E
If you choose to add essentials oils - add 10 or so drops of Lavender 5 drops of Orange Oil or others that you might like - and just SHAKE WELL TO MIX - and that's it. 
I love the feel of it - Honey is the most perfect food in the world for the skin.
A lifesaver for emergencies, healing, animals, wounds, beautiful skin

With summer fast approaching (at least in Arizona) this is a product you want to keep close at hand for vacation emergencies, -  as it's not only a wonderful face wash - but excellent for applying to bites, wounds, boils.  A little medicine chest in a bottle --not only for beautiful skin but also the healing properties of this wash. . You will feel a noticeable difference in your skin when you use this soap, and on the first application - you will be hooked. A 4 ounce bottle will last up to 3 or 4 months, as just a little dab will do. You can apply to an open wound, boil, sore, bug bite, pimple, cat scratches -  and let dry like a liquid band-aid, or use as also use on your animals for wounds.    You can add a bit to your shampoo if you have scalp issues and it's also very moisturizing. Be sure and read the testimonials on this product and its effectiveness in dealing with acne and other issues.  
As a person who does kitten rescue - the first think I do when scratched - is apply this soap.  My daughter, when very young, had cat scratch fever and almost lost her arm. I also had a severe attack by a dog,  on my hand years ago, and without insurance -this is the product I used.  
See our testimonials at:
Rescue Animals

In closing, I can't leave without mentioning the thousands and thousands of homeless, helpless animals sitting in over crowded shelters - facing ultimate death if not rescued.  If you are considering a furry friend - please consider a rescue animal.
 Also, my friend Cherie, who lives in Hawaii and makes the most beautiful Hawaiian jewelry - click on the Charssi link above and take a lookat her beautiful creations direct from the Islands!
Wishing you all the best - 
Planet Earth Remedies
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