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The Majestic Pillars of Ancient Beauty, Monuments to the Mystical Nature of Life, and keepers of Infinite Wisdom welcome us. Sedona recognizes we who have been working for planetary upliftment for so long.
We do that by exploring our own nature, sharing it with the world, and delighting in the expanse to all things possible.
The ancient ones invite us to walk the land, and to bask in the magnificence of creation itself. Sedona is a reflection of you and I; all that she is we are. 
There is still time to join Laurel and I as we jump time to the beat of the Radiant Heart of Sedona.
We are constantly experiencing Jump Time as we follow our compelling vision for this event. For example: expanding the compelling vision for the Inner Focus Healing School and its’ impactive teachings. Inner Focus was a vision waiting for me to enliven it. As I did so others jumped onboard as it aligned with their vision. But it is Inner Focus that continues to show us what it wants for each of us personally and for the planet.
Timing is everything; recently Laurel was searching for office space in Asheville, where our school is presently expanding. She was guided to a wonderful space she immediately saw as a place where both the school and graduate practitioners could thrive.  This is reminiscent of how Laurel and I were inspired by the Masters of the Radiant Heart a year ago, to create this event for all of us.
In Jump Time you need to be ready to leap into action, almost without hesitation because your KNOWING has grown so strong. As Laurel and I drove into Sedona we were activated immediately… we KNEW something was afoot as we were drawn to the beautiful Center we KNEW would be the vortex for this Event.
And then the Hand, like a tractor beam we drove directly to where the Masters of the Radiant heart revealed their plan to us. (this is my photo taken that morning and does not exist on any postcard I have seen other than ours)
I cannot express the exhilarating feeling of following your heart, powered by your KNOWING, and then being willing to be the creative expression of that inspiration. Jump Time!
We are spiritual athletes that are honed and willing to deliberately jump onto a higher vibration in a nanosecond.
So what we are offering you is to Say Yes to Jump Time. There is Room, There Is Time to answer the call of the Radiant Heart of Sedona and let go of worry, anxiety, fear and scarcity.
Here is my creative expression of what I felt that morning with the “Hand of G..”
Please call
1-800-600-8283 right now and secure your place for the gathering of Ascended Souls APRIL 4 – 6. Go to and sign in for the experience of a lifetime.
We’ll be waiting for your call.
As my world expands I am finding wondrous ways to serve you through:
Personal Breakthrough Sessions
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V.I.P. Days
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Laurel and AlixSandra will be offering monthly complimentary teleseminars based on the subject of Embodying Personal Self Mastery beginning soon. Please check the websites and sign up for the start time.
Sacred Journeys with AlixSandra and Laurel
2014 Sedona Experience REMINDER: Get your registration in right now and take advantage of the HOLIDAY SPECIAL of $595. CLICK HERE to register / more information. Or Call 1-800-600-8283.
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