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With AlixSandra
Ahhhhh. Spring! Doesn’t that make you feel good?
I can’t wait for spring to finally get here! Now your focus is on what isn’t present and that doesn’t feel so good.
Activating Joy is about practicing the feeling of Spring. Having a new Spring in your step. Watching the sleepy crocuses push their way up through the snow.  Feeling the sun warming you up and causing creeks to flow a little faster. Taking a walk in the crisp morning air and filling your lungs with happiness.
Spring is the season we all look forward to because it is new life bursting into bloom as the brown barren trees flush with a sweet green glow. We all feel good as Spring fills our hearts with JOY! My daughter couldn’t wait to send me a photo of her first rose blooming happily in her back yard, pretty and pink like a newborn baby.
Practice the Feeling of Spring as it is awakening a new level of awareness within you this very day. Look out your window and feel the rumblings of the forerunners of this kingdom, excited to be the ones to hear the oohs and ahhs as they are admired and appreciated. Irises tall and glorious reaching for the sky; and yes the pansies nodding their approval in the breeze.
I love the smell of newly mown grass as the buzz of the mower sounds an alarm – Spring Is Here! Then as I look at my garden and begin to celebrate the plants that survived the freeze now sprouting their first little buds, I shout “good for you” and clap my hands!
There is no other season like Spring and the JOY it calls for within the heart of humanity. There is no scarcity here, weather you are in the desert, the plains of Nebraska, or the Blue Ridge Mountains abundance is singing her song. Are You Listening?
What would happen if the bulbs doubted and wondered if it was the right time to bloom? How would spring feel if the plant kingdom feared the weather or being stepped on? “Why bother, let me stay where I am, no one cares anyway. Maybe I’ll bloom later… or not.” This is what we do when we are afraid to let our magnificence shine, when we doubt our decisions and are never happy with ourselves.
This never feels good does it? So… STOP IT! PUSH THE RESET BUTTON…
ACTIVATE JOY right now, and practice the Feeling of Spring. Use today and every day to allow abundance to find you, to allow your dreams and wishes to be fulfilled. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR WORLD YOUR WAY. Align with Spring and Be A Stable Blessing To Yourself.
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