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Disney's marketing department sure got it right with the release of the movie "Frozen" this winter; we think everyone could relate! 
We've finally thawed after the brutal Polar Vortex, and we figured it was high time you heard a "peep" out of us.   Although the weather seemed interminable, the quarter flew by in our office as we kicked off the year helping new clients and meeting new friends. 
We gave educational presentations at a local Rotary International chapter and at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, and we're gearing up for more public speaking engagements and educational workshops.   If you belong to a group or organization that would like to learn from us, let us know! 
Legal Tip
A Tale of Two Children
Charles Dickens' classic novel opens with:  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....”  Although he wasn't talking about long term care planning, Dickens' gripping first sentence could very well apply to the different experiences adult children have based on their parents planning, or lack thereof. 

Four Pillars Law Firm can help both those who prepare well in advance of any actual needs as well as those who do not plan but suddenly find themselves in crisis.  And although we pride ourselves on making sure that every  client's story has the happiest ending possible, a few will tell you that when they first came to us, their family situations had everyone on the verge of "cracking up."
Read the tales of these two adult children and their eggs-traordinary situations that led to working with us:
As someone who has spent 32 years working in the medical field, I’ve seen time and again how life can change in an instant and how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.... (click here to read more)
In September of 2011, I dropped by my parents' house for a quick overnight visit to discover a scary situation....
To paraphrase the last line of A Tale of Two Cities:  "Advanced planning is a far, far better thing...."
Our Community's Future
Kind Words from Leaders
in the Senior Community

We know just how this lady feels; we're smiling and blushing too.  It's because we're tickled pink by the feedback we've been getting from local leaders.  Read what they say about us and then click on their names to learn about some of the things they're doing for our community: 
“When Kelly Shovelin spoke to our professional administrators at a monthly training session, our group had a collective “Aha Moment” about the benefits available for veterans and their spouses.  Although we’d heard the information before, Kelly was the first to present it in a way that was accessible.  Now, our administrators fully understand the programs and can share this information with our residents.  We are very selective when referring our residents, and we never hesitate to recommend Four Pillars Law Firm.”    - Marianna Stacy, Community Outreach Educator at Brightmore of Wilmington 
“Kelly Shovelin and Matt Schrum are not only experts in their field, they’re also relatable and skilled at putting their audience at ease.  When they spoke to our support group for individuals diagnosed with early stage memory loss, the reviews were unanimous:  the information presented was both eye-opening and invaluable.” - Andrew Zeldin, Founder of Assist for Life Care Management and Forget-Me-Nots support groups
“Kelly and Matt are not only tremendously knowledgeable; they also know how to present information clearly and concisely.  I’ve trusted their counsel for years and I confidently refer my clients, knowing they’ll get accurate and honest information.”—Angie King, Senior Vice-President, Capitol Securities
We're letting "the children" tell their stories, but we can't overlook those precious grandchildren too!  We think this little tyke is a future lawyer in the making:
 Photo Source:  Unknown
If you think you have a good lawyer joke, please share it with us and we may publish it in our next newsletter.  We invite you to submit jokes, cartoons, questions, and comments to:
In This Issue:
Just Four Paws
I Live 4 The Beach!
The Four Pillars Client Relations Coordinator (that's me!) just turned a very appropriate four years old.
For my birthday, I got to spend the weekend on the beach.  Much to Kelly's dismay, I've learned a neat new trick:  waiting for low tide and then burrowing my way under the gate when the dock drops.  What can I say in my defense?  Like any true coastal Carolinian, I like to walk on the beach every chance I get!
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We're Here Four You
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