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Good Dog Pet Care
 We Love Pets, Just Like You...
Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter
vs a Neighbor or Friend?
By Terie Hansen   

Here is a true story about a family who left their dog in a care of a close family friend during the holidays. Like many other individuals out there, they’ve had friends care for the house and pets before without problems. Their dog would be allowed to stay in the comfort of his own home and even though they didn’t have to pay for it they made sure to give their friend a nice gift for being there and for helping out.
We now offer Gift Certificates!
Looking for that purrfect Easter gift?  Why not give a gift certificate for Professional Dog Training or Pet Sitting by Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care, LLC  .  
Call us today!  404-422-9832.
We can help bring peace to your home.
At Good Dog! Coaching , we coach you on how to communicate with and train your dog.
Good Dog! Coaching is a proud member of
APDT – Association of Pet Dog Trainers.
Call 404-422-9832
Time for Spring Cleaning...
And,  we suggest you start with your dog! Funnybones for Dogs, located in Lilburn, is happy to offer Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care clients $10 off bathing services through the end of May - that means for only $15 (short coats) or $25 (long coats) your dirty dog will be transformed into a squeaky-clean canine! Nail trims available also.(Bonus: add $10 for a 6-day flea deterrent treatment!) Saturdays only - quick turnaround.
Call (770) 925-9030 to schedule a priority appointment.
Bay Creek Bites
by Dr. Kristen Arp
Make No Bones About It...Why Bones
are bad for Dogs
Everyone knows the line about giving a dog a bone.  It keeps them busy, quiets them, it placates them.  It makes them happy.  And so was born the cliché…
Certainly our dogs’ ancestors relied on bones, as well as the meat of their prey, in order to sustain themselves.  They effectively devoured them without second thought, crushing them for proper ingestion.   So if it was good enough for them, Rover will certainly benefit too, right?
Well, nutritionally, perhaps… but hold on before you head out to the butcher shop.  Read more here.
Awarded Best of Gwinnett 2013!
It's Official! Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care is Best of Gwinnett for 2013!!! Thank you to all of you who voted for us. We couldn't have done it without you! Look for us in Gwinnett Magazine.
Enter our Good Dog! Pet Trivia Contest
We know you love pets just like us, but how well do you know them?
Fetch the right answers to the questions below and you could win a prize! (HINT: the answers are in this newsletter!) 
Prize: The Kurgo Kibble Carrier
You're going to love this ultra-chic dog food carrier and bowl. The Kurgo Kibble Carrier is a pet food carrier that has a built-in feeding bowl. Great for traveling with your pet. Holds 64oz of food. BPA Free.
All entries must be received by 12:00 EST,
April 20, 2014. Winners will be randomly selected from the entries that have all five or most correct answers. Simply email your responses to Subject: pet trivia contest, to enter!  Ready? Let’s begin! 
Why are bones are bad for dogs?
a.       They can become lodged in windpipe.
b.      They can become lodged in their intestines.
c.       They can cause mouth and tongue injuries.
d.      All of the above. 
Where is  a good place to start looking for a professional pet sitter?
a.       Friend or neighbor
b.      Internet search
c.       NAPPS-National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
d.      High school kids 
What potentially deadly infection can occur in a dog if a bone fragment punctures the intestine or stomach wall?
a.       E-coli
b.      Peritonitis
c.       Pyoderma
d.      Leptospirosis 
How do you know you are hiring a truly professional pet sitter?
a.       They will have a business license and insurance.
b.      They will provide a general service contract.
c.       They will be a member of a trade organization such as NAPPS.
d.      All of the above.
Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care offers what services?
a.       Professional Pet Sitting
b.      Professional Dog Training
c.       Private Dog Boarding
d.      All of the above
Why Does My Dog or Cat
Eat Grass?
By Terie Hansen
Have you ever wondered why your dog or cat is eating grass? Many pet owners now know that what you put into your pet nutritionally is very important. Many of the natural and better dog foods are getting some traction in the market place as pet owners become more educated about the difference between high quality ingredients versus pet foods consisting largely of corn, wheat and other fillers.
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We'd Like It A Lot!
If you liked us!
Pet Picture of the Month
Meet Duke & Grace
 Duke and Grace are  5 month old American Bull Dogs and they are full of energy. They love wrestling with each other, eating everything in sight and at the end the day they love to snuggle up with mom and dad. Duke and Grace are learning good puppy manners and get complimented on their awesome behavior when they are on outings.
Yappy Hour!
Stay tuned for information on our "Yappy Hour" coming at the
end of May!
Rescue Group
of the Month
Diva's Pit Bull Rescue
Diva's Pit Bull Rescue is a licensed Georgia based non-profit rescue which is devoted to saving, rehabilitating and re-homing pit bulls, pit mixes and cats into responsible, loving and forever homes.
Pawfest 2014
May 10th, 10am-4pm
Come visit our booth
and join in the festivities.
This a great event put on by the Gwinnett Humane Society.
"Terie was wonderful.  She had an answer to every issue we had.  She was very patient and more than willing to spend a little extra time with us to answer all of our questions."
Rachel L.
"Good Dog! provided excellent one on one care.  Perfect for our attention seeking puppy.  Grace was so worn out when we brought her home that we knew she must have had a busy time!  We will definitely come over to play with Cole again!"
Jason T.
More testimonials here.
Good Dog Pet Care • 3891 Yellowstone Way SW • Lilburn, GA 30047
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