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With AlixSandra
On August 18, 2013 I awoke with an inspiration to write a weekly newsletter, mostly just to stay in touch. I was not sure if I would continue after a few months because I had no idea at the time what a fabulous vehicle it would turn out to be for all of us.
This is the thirty first Wonderful Wednesday Newsletter. It is an inspiring and exciting challenge to maintain my flow and translate the vibration I perceive will expand and lift my world, and I am thrilled you are a part of this process.
Maintaining Balance is often tricky and requires some finesse when it seems that things get in the way. So I will share my “secrets” with you.
First is - I Trust Myself, I Trust My Heart and I Trust My Universal Flow. I honestly never question it; I simply follow my inspired thought to see where it leads. In a few weeks Laurel and I will be meeting you in Sedona for an experience that will unfold in perfect right timing for everyone who said yes to the physical experience. It was one year ago we were both awakened to energies we call the Radiant Heart of Sedona. Because we are open, conscious and awakened, we followed the whirlwind of signs and transmissions of enlivened thought. It was not a desire we knew we had, but there is a greater force at work that KNOWS the trajectory of expansion taking place for all of us, and we are devoted to this plan.
Secondly is being able to embrace stumbling along the way. In my experience this is the most masterful tool in my kit. Overwhelm, planning, disappointments, financial setbacks are all perceptions of the moment. Being able to maintain your balance is to recognize these things present choices. To embrace the contrast in the moment is to respect yourself enough to reach for the best feeling you can find. There was a moment a few days ago that overwhelm had engulfed me, swallowed me whole and was about to digest me. So using my daily practice I picked myself up, got out of town and helped paint a house. When I returned home, everything was still waiting for me but my mood had shifted because my vibrational attitude changed. The atmosphere was different and my flow
returned. You Cannot Make This Happen! There must be intent to completely let go and let the universe sweep you up into the arms of happiness and Joy. Painting those walls offered me the quiet serenity I needed to regroup.
These practices are the springboard for “Jump Time”.  This photo was taken at “Buddha Beach” in Sedona. These balance rocks are all along the trails at Cathedral Rock and many other places. Monday, April 7th Laurel and I will be taking our groups to feel the energy these vortexes offer, not only to the people experiencing them but also to the world as a whole. Whether you see these formations or not they are broadcasting their unconditional energies to assist humanity in their own way - to bring balance and well-being into our atmosphere.
This is the center of a cactus flower, perfectly balanced. It has within it everything needed to bring Joy, Beauty and Life into the world. It is a vortex unto itself and exists without resistance.
My desire is to live my life with as little resistance as possible, to be unconditional in my thinking and embrace “Jump Time” when it shows up.
Laurel and I would like to make an offer to those of you who would like to join us in Sedona but are unable to physically make it, we have a plan formulating for a never-before (for us) way you can be “with us” in the sacred space of Sedona.
If you are interested respond to this newsletter and we will be in touch with the details. Meanwhile keep your balance as our fast moving energy radiates into the universe and beyond.
Offerings From AlixSandra
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