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Wonderful Wednesday
With AlixSandra
I often find that people can accept a large concept, like Inner Focus as a noun, a name without realizing the potent layers of vibrational energy contained on so many levels within that name.

Focusing, to focus, I am focus; all conjure up different feelings and directions of thought.
Focus can become KNOWING, the knowing of Masters and the Knowing of Mastery.
Let me show you what I mean: Focus requires a Focal Point. For this purpose let us use a point of attraction to focus on something you want. You can be as wild or conservative as you like but I encourage you to go wild.
As our weekend progressed in Sedona the theme that emerged for our group was Freedom. This Focus works well because it addressed a fundamental feeling we all share. It is important to get to the feeling that freedom means to you and not to focus on the details of what I want freedom from.
Element #1 - When you begin to focus you know what you want, so if I'm going to focus on something, a desire has to be there.
Element #2 - The next question is how strong is the desire? Honestly it depends on the momentum that has been building around it. You can be inspired with a desire that goes flat after a while, because that desire was just a precursor to something else. You can be inspired with a desire of an idea that needs time to gain a foothold in your thought process. It keeps tapping you on the shoulder in different ways, until it becomes a true desire that now requires focus.
Element #3- Desire then progresses and becomes WANTING.
 Wanting has a trajectory of its own. There is an acceleration, a slowing and a picking up again as the desire, the WANTING clarifies it self. We have to understand there are two of us in this dance, there is me, myself the physical manifestation of my Higher Self and my constantly Present Self who is in celebration of my desire. That part of me is consistently showing me the expansive possibilities that are delighting my heart.
Element #4 - Before you can really Focus in a way that will bring a satisfying manifestation, a compelling reason for your wanting must surface or you'll never be able to hold your focus for very long.


So let's go back to the idea of possibilities. 
If I really really want a new car there has to be some alignment with my feeling that I can get it. I have to be able to see the possibility that I can actually reach that goal. That's all you need; you don't have to worry about how much anything costs or anything else, just, is there a possibility of succeeding with my desire.
I've been talking for a while now about My World My Way, always a winner. I've really been using that feeling of being a winner. So, I live here in Las Vegas where everybody wants to win, but unfortunately if you talk to people that travel here, their opposing mindset is expecting to lose.
Element #5- Our next element is having a really exhilarating expectation. The feeling of exhilaration is what has to be focused on and maintained; it's the feeling of success; it's the feeling of getting what you want and then savoring that you actually achieve it.
Element #6- Holding your focus without is to align with others who want the same thing you do. When I was looking for a new car I went to each of the car dealerships and started to drive different cars I already knew I was only looking I was building the momentum to achieve the car that I really really wanted. I brought my best friend with me who was excited for herself and me because she wanted to share in the feeling of something new and wonderful.
So now I'm with people who want the same thing and the feelings become palpable. There is the smell of a new car, which tantalizes the senses, there's the feeling of test driving, the exhilaration of trying out all kinds of new gadgets that are in the new cars these days. This is how we build and accelerate the momentum – It is all in the Feeling World.

Element #7 - Another element is alignment. Now this is a tricky one. I have been writing about this for many months and weeks in the Wonderful Wednesday newsletters. Alignment says, IT IS ALREADY MINE! Because I have the desire it's already fulfilled I'm just having fun getting the momentum up before the manifestation of my new car is in my driveway.  
As a deliberate focuser you cannot afford in anyway shape or form to focus on what you do not want! The whole key to deliberate creation is on continuing to hold the focus. I want something and it's already mine. In order to be in the frequency of my waiting new car, I have to accelerate my vibration: to see it taste, touch it, feel it, drive it.
Activation Key: KNOWING
Most of us have been taught in one way or another to ask for something, to pray for something. The for keeps us from finding it because it says, I don't have it. KNOWING says it is already mine, so I immerse myself in the feeling of my WANTING. I smell, taste and feel the object of my desire as if I were enjoying it in the moment, because you really are!

In 1991 I was inspired to open my own school of Advanced Energy Healing. During a meditation I was told the name was to be Inner Focus. All these years later and I am still understanding the layer upon layers of Focus; I am still receiving guidance to deepen my awareness of Focus and the deeper purpose that was really behind the naming of my school.

My hairdresser asked me, “well exactly what are you teaching in your school?” and I told her “the whole enchilada; it's personal development, it's healing skill development, it's embodying a consistent desire to bring vibrational frequency into higher and higher alignment. Now you are a potent force for good in the world.
Summary: There is Vision, which causes one level of Focus, and then there is Compelling Vision, which causes a deeper level of Focus. Focus offers a never-ending unfoldment of creations just waiting to be embraced and given life.
Blessings My Dear Ones.
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