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Easter Crafts
April has always been the Easter crafts month. Not only knitting and crocheting but also paper, fabric and paint work. 
Each image in this newsletter has a link to other Easter crafts - just click on it. Enjoy :-)
April Eggstravaganza
Almost every April brings Easter, and it's a good time to push our knitting art to the eggstreme and eggsibit our crafts as real eggsperts.
La Pascua
My last Easter was in Chile. Nice memories.
Pascua Feliz!
Eggs and Nests
April is Easter, bunnies, chickens, eggs and nests.
 This egg-filled nest is jazzed up with a knitted band, lace, a crocheted piece, some yarn,
and other ephemera.
Looks very vernal (spring like)!
Lavender and green
My latest craft - lavender and green crocheted  Easter egg. Cotton.
Easter Eggs to Dye for
Blue, purple, yellow, red ....... color variations are endless.
    Salute to spring! 
Have an eggciting Easter!
Artisaknity  •  33 Harbour Sq.  •  Toronto, ON M5J2G2
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