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     We are all “Healers”. Each and every one of us is made-up of Mystical Essence Energy programmed for Freedom. The freedom to be and do anything we can conceive of doing. Our bodies are conductors of electrical frequencies beyond our comprehension that wants to reach out and not only touch, but also be touched. This natural flow of energy is magnetic, so we are magnetic beings. But until we become curious enough to ask: Why do I feel this way when I walk into a cathedral? What is it that opens and closes my heart? How is it that I know when the phone will ring, and know who is calling? Is there such a thing as universal knowledge and how can I tap into this intelligence? This energy will remain untapped.
     It is in this Triad we begin to bring together Science and Intuition, the mental and emotional worlds. It is imperative for a healer to embody both understandings as a third (Spirit) is created. Many years ago my Higher Self gave me this teaching from Jesus: “When two or more gather together there am I”. It was in those early power years when the teachings were pouring through me, that the inner worlds of our sacred geometry made themselves known. So in this writing I will attempt to give you the basic understandings… know there is so much more.
     Through the “Einsteinian paradigm of healing”, phrase coined by Richard Gerber, M.D. author of Vibrational Medicine, science has discovered that one cannot only convert matter into energy but energy into matter. “They have discovered the atom is made up of mostly space. The minute subatomic particles that do fill this void are in fact frozen packets of light. When viewed from the microcosmic level, all matter is frozen light.” Barbara Brennan states in Hands of Light  “Another important consequence of Einstein’s relativity is the realization that matter and energy are interchangeable. Mass is but a form of energy. Matter is a high frequency slowed down to a lower frequency to become crystallized energy.” Scientists have discovered that sub-atomic particles are influenced by the intention of the person viewing them. The implications for transformation and healing are limitless. So what then is the factor we must consider in the process of magnetic healing?
     The human energy field is electromagnetic. Our human body then is like a bipolar magnet. Seen two dimensionally we resemble half an apple with an obvious middle line or conduit for essence energy or prana to travel in.

2-dimensional representation of a
bi-polar magnetic field
     All bipolar magnets emit a field that three-dimensionally resembles a doughnut-like shape called a “tube torus” which moves three-dimensionally around the body.

3-dimensional representation of a bi-polar magnetic field, or "Tube-torus”
The central column or conduit is our channel of life, which draws in highly charged energy (light particles) that nourish our physical body. Many different cultures have touched upon and developed techniques involving this central column. It has been called the “pranic tube”, and the “sushumana” (yogi’s term for the pathway of kundalini).
     How then does this relate to magnetic healing? If we can understand the apple we can begin to understand how we gather universal energy (prana) from the earth and from the sun, the source of light for Earth. This energy nourishes our essence and can be transmitted through intention to nourish others. Light particles contained in the atom become dynamic emissions of pure life-force which radiate from your middle column through your electromagnetic field. When these emissions of light hit disease they automatically begin to dissolve the discordant patterns of energy. “When you turn on the light, the darkness does not argue, it simply gives way to the light.” This statement was told to me through an experience with my Higher Self in 1983, and I have been expanding my understanding of it ever since.  Our challenge is to keep turning the light on.
     #1 Mind-set: The more you work in the healing arts, the more you come to realize the part faith plays in every healing. Faith is: the feeling of wellbeing; allowing the intelligent flow of energy to realize it’s goal; knowing you are the point of power. You are the power that determines life or death, health or illness, poverty or abundance, hatred or love. Others can lend you their energy for a while but ultimately you must be able to stand on your own. In other words, you must learn to believe in yourself and allow the universe to support you all the way, no matter how things look. Is this perhaps the answer to the question, what is the determining factor in magnetic healing or any healing for that matter? Could it be something as simple and yet complex as faith? We begin, oftentimes with faith in something we consider being greater than ourselves. Usually it must reside outside of us, a Deity, Divine Presence, God, anyone other than us. Our next quantum leap must take us whole-heartedly within. We either create our reality or we don’t. There is no middle ground. If someone other than yourself created you, you will always be at the mercy or whim of that being. If, on the other hand free will reigns, as we have come to understand and in some manner we have yet to learn about, we were born of light in purity and goodness, part of a ubiquitous unity consciousness. This faith will lead us into a consciousness of freedom, generosity and unconditional love. And these concepts will become the new cosmology we all long for.
     #2 Body: Working with these principles over the past 28 years, developing ideas and theories in the classroom and in my meditations, I can present some techniques that I have experienced as having lasting results in healing clients as well as my students and myself. One of the techniques I originated and work with is called Figure Eight Breathing ( 8 ); begin at your heart - on the exhale send your energy to the heart of the Earth; inhale bringing the heart of the Earth up behind you into the back of your heart; exhale sending your energy into the heart of God, All That Is;  inhale to bring the heart of God into the back of your heart through your life cord. Do this exercise for at least 2-3 minutes.  This simple exercise grounds you and activates your electromagnetic field bringing life-giving prana or light into you from both the Earth and Cosmic sources. After practicing this a few times you might begin to feel a radiatory energy spreading from a central point in your heart, instantly filling the middle column and then radiating from the “tube-torus” of your three-dimensional pranic field. This technique also helps you align with your infinite soul consciousness.
     Figure Eight Breathing can be used to clear each of your chakras. Using the palm of your hand face down, begin with any chakra. Exhale, pushing your hand forward, setting your intention to clear out any stagnate energies and give them to your spiritual self for transformation. On the inhale, scoop refreshing, life-giving light and energy to rejuvenate and clear your chakra. Continue with each chakra imagining the clear sparkling color that corresponds with the chakra.
     #3 Spirit: Your spirit and body are now ready to use Magnetic Healing to release frozen light stored in the atoms of your field, allowing this light to be gently magnetized by the field of someone who is asking for a healing. Use your breath to bring accumulated light from your central column and heart, through your chest and shoulders down your arms and into your hands. Setting Your Intention: “My desire is to send light into darkness”. The integrity of your intention creates a pathway for the Light to follow. As the energy builds your hands and fingers begin to tingle, then your hands become warm and eventually hot. Understand that you are drawing unlimited energy from the Earth, Nature, Light Beings, God Consciousness, Humanity’s consciousness for higher good, and You. You are the creative point of power directing the incoming light with your intention. Now everything in creation aligned with your intention will support the healing.
     The more you charge your electromagnetic field with pranic life force,
bringing light into everything you do, you will discover that you will change. Shadows disappear and you can laugh again, sometimes for no apparent reason. Relationships change and it’s OK.
     When you use Inner Focus Magnetic Healing you are in the natural flow of the universe pulsing with Earth’s natural rhythm. You realize you are a divine creator with unlimited capabilities and life becomes a joyous adventure. 
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