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~  VFN  ~ Happy Mother's Day!

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El Festival de Cante Grande “Fosforito” de Puente Genil es una de las realidades más significativas en la cultura tradicional y popular de nuestra localidad. ~ El Ayuntamiento de Puente Genil, a través de la concejalía de Festejos, organiza los últimos días del mes de julio, prólogo del Festival de Cante Grande “Fosforito” de Puente Genil, distintas actividades culturales relacionadas con el mundo del flamenco.
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Feria en Sevilla!
Spain Has What You Want... Spain Has What You Need! Spain
Sevilla Congress & Convention Bureau!
La Ciudad - SEVILLA!
...Can't Live Without it!
Flamenco de orilla a orilla
Desde: Mª Ángeles Carrasco Hidalgo Directora, Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco
Se convoca el décimo “Taller de capacitación profesional en la gestión cultural del flamenco”, que se celebrará del 5 de mayo al 6 de junio en Cádiz. Para cualquier duda o aclaración pueden ponerse en contacto con el Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco, de la Consejería de Educación, Cultura y Deporte de la Junta de Andalucía, en el teléfono 955 542023. Para más información.
De Catalunya

New Flamenco Festival in Pamplona, hometown of Maestro Sabicas will host, on August 26-32, Flamenco on Fire featuring a stellar lineup of artists ... >>>

Lo Ferro 2014

The Tablao Flamenco Cordobés pays tribute to the dancer Carmen Amaya.

Karime Amaya (Carmen Amaya’s great-niece pictured here), Belén López, José Maya and many more top artists. The show is divided into three parts: “Distant roots”, “Carmen and her time” and “Flamenco links with Andalusia”. See programme
Flamenco por El Güito
El próximo 9 de junio, El Güito, recibirá su merecido. Su merecido homenaje a un grande del flamenco.

Miraflores 2014
Aqui os dejo información de nuestro próximo cursillo de verano en Miraflores 2014. ~ 4-9 y 11-16 de Agosto, 2014
Enterno Camarón

XLI Festival Torre del Cante
Alhaurín de la Torre Finca El Portón - Alhaurín de la Torre Sábado 14 de junio 2014 a las 22:30 La Peña Torre del Cante desvela al programación del Torre del Cante ENTRADAS

A Hard Sell to Tame a Name in Spain - NY Times
CASTRILLO MATAJUDÍOS, Spain — To outsiders, it might seem obvious that the time has come, or long passed, to change the name of a village that evokes one of the darkest chapters of Spain’s history.
But the mayor of Castrillo Matajudíos — roughly, Little Hill Fort of Jew Killers — is having a tough time persuading the 56 registered inhabitants of this sleepy village to vote on May 25 to adopt a different name and finally eradicate a link to the persecution of Jews during the Spanish Inquisition. {continues here} -- Editor's Note: Thank you to Josh Brown for this wonderful article.
New stamp issue celebrates the 75th anniversary of the National Film Board
The new stamp features the renowned flamenco documentary "Flamenco at 5:15".
This Oscar®-winning short film is an impressionistic record of a flamenco dance class given to senior students of the National Ballet School of Canada by two great teachers from Spain, Susana and Antonio Robledo. The film shows the beautiful young North American dancers—inspired by the flamenco rhythms and mesmerized by Susana's extraordinary energy—joyously merging with an ancient gypsy culture.
'Herencia Flamenca' in Glendale

Featuring 7 Artists Direct From Spain!
Saturday, May 31, at 7:30pm
Sunday, June 1, at 2:30pm
Paco Arroyo, Guitarist & Musical Director; Yolanda Arroyo, Dancer & Artistic Director; Dolores Giménez, Dancer; Fernando Mejías, Guitarist; Vicente Gelo, Singer; Sonia Berbel, Singer; Gema Cumplido, Fiestero; Carlos Merino, Cajon and Francisco "Yiyi" Orozco, Percussion
Alex Theatre 216 North Brand Boulevard, Glendale, California
Photos: Sari Makki Photography
Romeria del Rocio in U.S.A.
Esta Hermandad Rociera nace en tierras de Carolina del Sur, mas concretamente a caballo entre Aiken y Springfield. Es en el Cortijo de Sicamore, donde la Familia Coves-Darden, dedicada a la cria del Caballo Español y con gran tradición por la cultura española, decide construir una Ermita en Honor de la Virgen del Rocio, recreando a escala la fachada de la Ermita Original.{Video}
Senovilla available in US!
Flamenco West is the exclusive US distributor of professional Senovilla flamenco dance shoes. Over 500 pairs in stock! Providing castanettes by Filigrana and Del Sur, we offer a fine selection of skirts, dresses, mantones, fans and high-end accessories for professionals and students alike.
(310) 305-7661
Announcing our Celebration of Our Lady of Rocio 2014
May 25th at 12:15pm at St. Victor's Catholic Church - 8634 Holloway Drive, West Hollywood, CA 90069
If your group would like to perform at Our Lady of Rocio reception celebration, please contact Roger at 818-448-5185.
Attendance to the Holy Mass is completly Free - For Tickets to the Reception or additional info, Call 818-448-5185. Nuestra Celebración Rociera será el 25 de mayo en Iglesia de San Víctor, West Hollywood, CA La Santa Misa es completamente gratis! Para comprar boletos para la recepción o para más información llamar al 818-448-5185 - PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY!!! RSVP if possible! Favor de llegar a tiempo!!!
Roberto Amaral Flamenco Classes
Amaral Dance Studio starts this Thursday May 1.
-- Canastera (Soleá por Bulería) Wednesdays
-- Intermediate Flamenco Boot Camp - alternate Thursdays
-- Lyrical Flamenco - Saturdays
-- "Por Fiesta" (Sevillanas Tangos & Palmas) - alternate Sundays.
-- Flamenco Foundations - beginning and intermediate 10:30- 11:30 every other Saturday only.  -- Intermediate Technique w/ castanets now every other week.
-- New Alegrias and Fandangos classes, 1st class this Sat May 3.
-- Alegrias - closed class but Fandangos is open for the time being.
-- Seguiriya and Romantica classes move to Thursdays every other week only.
For class days/times/prices visit
or contact Ana María Suárez  805 - 813-7212 
Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque
27th Annual Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque, June 8-14, 2014. Festival Flamenco Internacional is the largest gathering of flamenco dance and music in the United States.
This year we welcome Farruquito, La Lupi and Alfonso Losa to Festival Flamenco. We're excited to bring these flamenco masters and their companies to Albuquerque for a week full of education and performance. More Information Here!
Arte y Pureza Flamenco
New Classes have Started!
Sunday, May 18

"Edgy Flamenco-Jazz Hybrid" Ethan Margolis - Vox/Nylon Guitar Katisse Buckingham - Flute/Sax Ric Fierabracci - Bass Jeff Miley - Electric Guitar Chris Wabich - Drums
Tix: $15.00
Rina Orellana's Flamenco Classes
7-8p – int/adv Solea
8-9p – adv beg/int ALEGRIAS
7-8p – int/adv Bulerias & Cuadro Skills
8-9p – adv Guajira with fan
10-11a – flamenco for Kids
11-12p – adv beg/int Fandangos de Huelva
12-1p – int Sevillanas with Bate de Cola
Classes at Boogiezone Utopia in Torrance.
For complete schedule and more information, please visit
Email,  or call 310-977-7332
Juan Talavera Spanish and Flamenco Dance Classes
Classes for Ladies, Gents, and Children 12 Yrs. and Up
New Summer Class Schedule                                                         Saturdays Beginning June 7th
Very Beginning Beginners:  12-1 PM
Adv. Beginners : 1:00-2:00 PM 
Intermediate/Adv. 2:00-3:00 PM
Sundays: Starting June 8
Same as above
Privates, Semi-privates by appointment only!
Flamenco Trip to Jerez!
Dance.  Do palmas.  Hear flamenco all around you.  Eat tapas.  Drink sherry. Relax at the Arabic baths. Enjoy a private workshop with Mercedes Ruíz, bulerías classes with Ana María López and palmas with Perico.  Watch an intimate performance hosted by Mercedes herself.  And do it all in a small supportive group with a bilingual guide at your side throughout.
When: May 19 - June 2, 2014
Rocio Ponce Flamenco Class
New flamenco dance class for teens and adults taught by Rocio Ponce at The Ventura Improv Company (34 N. Palm St. Ventura CA 93001), Thursdays 6:30-8pm. Intermediate level; however, beginners are welcome. Join now to perform in Old Spanish Days Fiesta in Santa Barbara this summer! Drop-ins welcome. For more info visit:
Summer Flamenco Classes for Youth at Esencia Flamenca
Ages 3-5 and 6-12
Fans, Castanets, Ruffles, and Polka Dots! Come learn Flamenco dance, basic Spanish, history of Spain, learn about  Spanish artists, and Dance. Recital at the end of summer. Taught by Sarah Parra, Flamenco teacher for over 25 yrs. Classes for children.

Two sessions ages 3-5 Mondays and Weds: 10:30 to 11:15am, 12 classes $130 ages 6-12 Tues and Thursday: 3 - 4pm, 12 classes $175
Esencia Flamenca, 3257 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos Ca 90720
To enroll call Sarah Parra at 562-761-1618
Angelita Agujetas @ Costa Brava
Sundays 7pm
Costa Brava Restaurant
Telephone: 858-273-1218
1653 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109
Hours: 11:00 AM to Midnight, Daily
Vida Flamenca  •  128 North Harper Avenue  •  Los Angeles, CA 90048
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