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August 2017
              Indigenous Living Summit 2018
             August 10th - August 19th 
                                “ Back to Life back to reality”
I  pray everyone makes it a point to be at the Summit to re hydrate themselves, there are so many people  that are  very  tired from living in life draining environments.
Over the years, we have watched so many people come to Yumwija just to realize they need time just to get  replenished
                              Reserve Now!!!! call 304-212-2362
 2018 Workshops
We will still have the workshops for people who sign up for them. We will only have 5 workshops, they will be held every day in the mid afternoon. Breathing  Tai-chi, Yoga will be offered in the morning and our annual meeting this year will be held in the forest around the fire, like our ancestors..,
Special Focus!!!   Investing in our Life

 "Celebrating our  Life Blood"
Celebrating life with ceremony is an integral and seriously vital part of living with our life  blood , as indigenous people for Centuries  the purpose of  celebration is to for our emotional renewal . Prosperity comes thru our emotions.
Topics Covered
 Principles of Indigenous Unity and community

Indigenous Bonding Intensive-Claiming our emotions-recognizing our truth.
Returning to Organic living
Yoga & Massage
We do have some highlights We are going to set up a massage and reflexology location in the forest. . We have the forest trail ready for people to walk and see the views, to rest. This year bring your portable lounge chair your cooler cup, some relaxing clothes and chill. The Warrior Trek will be open and the range

Warrior Trek
Warrior Trek,. Our own wilderness combat area of 10 arches for our men to be males again. now open- See how well you can defend yourself in  real time combat  Two teams will dual it out  for team victory in there quest to return to base without being shot by snipers first. Map Gun, paintball, face protective helmet,  camouflage gear, supplied. Please bring your own gloves,, knee and elbow protectors and shoes,  
 Our Range will be open, call office to reserve . Cost 10.00 for paintball Amumission  Protective gear set rental. 5.00. admission 10.00 per fill up of amanio
 Celebrating life  thru Drumming and Dancing
 Dust to Dawn drumming  and dancing. The evenings will be for fire ceremonies and dancing. Every night is dress up night bring  your drums, music makers. and dancing feet  Everyone  should wear their ancestral dress-  to strut your stuff  around the   outdoor deck and stage that will bring the life back into you. We are going to try again to have our indigenous  trade exchange, in the format of our ancestors.. 

Kayaking and Canoeing
Special event - Canoeing/ kayaking trips, on New River or Red River about 30.00 per person. children ½ price.

Accomodations & Food
Again this year everyone will be staying in a tent, sleeping  with the Earth, for People who need to be more modern you can make arrangements to stay a the nearby hotels 
 Lodging,  and onsite camping is advalable. . to stay in a Yumwija camping tents.  We have a tent for males and a tent for females, 10.00 per night a complete tent is 40.00 for the weekend for 1-4 persons or 9x7 ft. large family cabins tents are 50.00 for the weekend.  On-site camping tents are going fast- please book a spot NOW.
On site camping is free-
Community Kitchen : The Community kitchen will  be open  to our members and guest for this event.  We suggest people;e bring their own snacks and coolers
 We have found  camping is the best way to rejuvenate our bodies. We are making several water  wading locations for people to hang out at. We will ask all people to help with chorres at the  Summit retreat. This is the quickest way to learn how to live in a community and live with the Earth  Food will be indigenous cuisine and dinner is included in the fee.

Hang out with us here at Yumwija and experience living with Our Earth
 The donation for the week is 100.00 per adult.  Seniors  over 70 is  $ 75.00. Children are free.  Sliding call if the link does not work, call the office or go to, payment center. 304-212-2362 office
Donation Fee
Volunteer & Participants
Volunteers Needed
.Now many people want to come but have little funds,
We have openings for more teaches, healers, and volunteers  Let us know what indigenous skills you have to offer. Call the office to get involved 304-212-2362
Yumwija needs volunteers to help us build . if you are considering volunteering as you donation, then you must be here for at least 2-3 weeks before the event. We need volunteers to help prepare for the events. This year we are finishing remoldeling the deck, installing lights in the forest,, adding another outdoor compost toilet and  a lot more preparations  have to be done. We need hands and brothers who know how to use construction tools  and  if you don’t  come on down early to learn.  
Children time
 Activities for children from all ages, sports, swimming, and skills for living with Earth. life skill building workshops for developing feminine and masculine skills, girls; how to care for our natural hair.  hair braiding, males, how to change car tire, basic construction,, basic self defense One night in the forest
Optional Link
FIAAH  •  p.o.box527  •  princeton, WV 24740
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