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Planet Earth Remedies
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Welcome to our September 2014 Newsletter
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Winter Rescue Remedies & more
Looks like it's going to be a very bizarre winter this year.  The Old Farmer's Almanac for 2014-2015 predictions just came out a couple weeks ago - the first publication was in 1792 and their predictions have been 80% on target.  The almanac predicts a "super-cold" winter in two-thirds of the country, or what Editor Janice Stillman calls "a refriger-nation.   In the Phoenix area last year - our winter was like spring, or early summer with temperatures in the 80's. Three weeks ago we had the most rain ever in the Phoenix area with freeways even flooding.  Cold weather brings out aches and pains that we forgot we had, as well as colds and flu.  Therefore in preparation for winter we are reminding you of our most important products to fight off illness.  
Also  I've included the  "Four Thieves Blend" recipe below, which is a wonderful blend  you can make at home to combat colds, flu and viruses.  
Winter Survival Products 

Eucalyptus Oil Spray
The most beneficial product in our line for maintaining health and well being year round is our Eucalyptus Oil Spray. We have never raised the price on this item and believe we are the lowest price in the country.  The 16 ounce bottle is selling from $44.00 up to $80.00 (our price being $36.00)  Whether you use  for pain relief or breathing ailments - this product is essential to aid in keeping your family healthy - and you never want to be without. A must for keeping your respiratory system healthy, fighting the cold and flu virus,while indispensable for breathing problems - especially in winter with flu season and cold season.  I use this daily in my house by spraying a napkin, attaching to my fans to help purify the air and guard off colds, flu and bacteria. Dispersed through the air in spray or vaporizer can inhibit the spread of infections.
Eucalyptus Lavender Spray -  This product combines all the wonderful benefits of the Eucalyptus Oil with Lavender, which is one of the more important oils known for calming, breathing, pain relief and the list goes one. I may be having an increase on this product in the near future, due to the price of Lavender spiking This lovely, relaxing blend, is extremely effective in calming the mind, body and relaxing muscles,while relieving pain for extended amounts of time (if massaged in deep).

I have used this blend on many animals with spine and hip issues and it works wonders. Applying a moist heat bag after massaging also is very effective in relieving pain and reducing swelling. Especially in cold weather the addition of heat after massaging brings amazing relief. This is nice to use at before bedtime for calming and relaxing and bringing a restful nights sleep. I also apply the "Lavender Comfort Balm" under my nose, as it tends to relax the facial muscles, especially if you are a jaw clencher, teeth grinder. For headaches and migraines massage into the neck and shoulder area, as well as a little on the temples. You can also spray a flat cotton pad, hold tight at the nose area - and breathe in deep. Lavender oil has a calming effect as well as is very soothing for muscles and nerves.
Breathe Easier Balm - This is a powerful blend of essential oils for congestion and breathing - but also for headaches. This more powerful decongestant Eucalyptus balm blended with all natural essential oils. Very effective  in clearing congestion due to colds, allergies, sinus problem & related ailments. 
Applying a small at the nose area, will help to clear sinus & bronchial passageways within a few seconds. I use this for headaches, by rubbing on my temples - and breathe in for the aromatherapy benefits.  The 1 oz for $14.00 will last up to 6 or longer. It is very potent so just a tiny bit is needed.  We also offer the Comfort Breathe Easier Blend with Lavender Essential Oil added.
Muscle Relief SOAK
This soak should really be called "The Divine Soak." A soak with an aroma that is like no other - a blend of Eucalyptus Oil with Sweet Birch (has analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties) nothing like a foot for tub soak to help in relieving pain and discomfort as well as easing breathing ailments, & headaches. A very concentrated soak and you can actually see the essential oils glistening in the container. Sweet Birch is a harder to come by oil and similar to Wintergreen but more of a premium oil. It's a sweet smelling mint.
There is so much oil in this SOAK, that I have to wrap electrical tape around the cap - and at times the oils will leak through.  It's potent to say the least and just a little goes a long ways.  If you are on blood thinners, have issues with high blood pressure, heart ailments of if pregnant or nursing - this soak is not for you.
Intensive Remedy Rub
One of the most popular products in the line -  extremely rich, a highly concentrated Eucalyptus Balm, with warming and cooling. This balm is a superior product, more for spot pain, trigger points or smaller areas - I do not recommend this product for all over body massage but is very effective in massaging into a sore muscle or joint as well as great as a  chest rub - a very concentrated product - only a small amount is needed for massage.   The Intensive Remedy Rub has a pleasant warming and cooling effect and excellent massage quality - and the aroma is so nice. Use for relief of arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, neck & back pain, headaches, migraines, muscle & joint pain, fibromyalgia.

Eucalyptus Oil Tips
Just a few tips for using Eucalyptus Oil 
1) Rub into muscle or joint to reduce swelling and release toxins from muscles. This is the product you want to have close on hand for a traumatic injury or fall   as it's a thinner product that penetrates very fast into a muscle or joint to reduce swelling and inflammation very fast.  When I was working events, I always, without fail, used this product first for massage on most pain situations - including sciatica, headaches, fibromyalgia , arthritis and so much more.  This is great for sprains, strains and you will find less swelling and bruising if you apply immediately and massage in well.
  2) "Five Star Tip"Spray a flat cotton pad -attach to your air or heater in your car to help protect you from getting sick. Dispersed through the air can inhibit the spread of infection. (A favorite of mine) Spray your pillow at night as well as
Top Tipsyour animals bedding. For problems such as asthma, allergies, sinusitis, or bronchitis, you can rub Eucalyptus on the chest and under the nose to open bronchial passageways and loosen congestion.  Eucalyptus rejuvenates red blood cell functioning, creating more oxygen for the lungs.  You can also spray it on your pillow at night to help keep airways open.
This is very important for someone with chronic or serious respiratory disorders. Spray Eucalyptus on a napkin and clip to any fan or register or simply add to your humidifier.…Eucalyptus will inhibit the spread of infection.
3) Spray a couple of cotton balls, stick in a zip lock baggie and carry with you in case of a breathing problem
4) Take 1 ounce of Pure Eucalyptus Oil and mix with 7 ounces of distilled water to use in controlling bed bug eggs and dust mites. Spray bedding, as well as spray one or two sprays into rinse cycle or dryer to make your sheets and towels smell heavenly. This blend is good to use in the shower, steam room or sauna as it's not greasy and won't leave an oily residue.
5) Use for sunburns and bug bites. Insects dislike the strong camphor like odor that the leaves emit to reduce the sting of insect bites.+
6) Spray a napkin - attach to ceiling fans to purify air and help aid with breathing ailments. Also spray air filters before installing.  I use this everyday on my fans.
 7) Veterinarians use eucalyptus with horses with influenza, dogs with distemper, and a variety of animals with parasitic skin problems. It's also amazing for massaging animals with arthritis and joint problems.  I use have used this for dogs I have rescued with congestive heart failure -my Golden has, at 16 years old has breathing problems occasionally  and I spray 3 or 4 times around him as well as under his neck area. Use for comfort on animals with a collasped trachea.
Check out our Planet Dog Remedies @
 8)Use as an insect repellent:
Eucalyptus spray repels flies and mosquitoes, as well as fleas and ticks for your pets. Apply the oil to exposed areas of your skin before heading outdoors. For your pet, spray between the shoulder blades and on their bed.
9) Use for itching and burning
10 Fights fevers by cooling down the body. Apply on chest and forehead, avoiding the eyes. For young children, apply very little, as Eucalyptus may cause chills.(Not recommended for children under 2 years of age)
11) Kills germ and disinfects skin abscesses and wounds.
12) Use to stimulate and refresh the mind and helps in overcoming sluggishness. During times of emotional overload, it can restore balance, improve concentration and increase intellectual capacity.
13) Can cool the heat of anger. After a fight or conflict, diffusing eucalyptus oil through the room will cleanse the environment.

Recipe for Four Thieves Blend -
I just made up this blend this morning - and it smells awesome. Before I begin - if you have the
extra dollars you can purchase Thieves Blend from Young Living, which is a premium oil that is a little pricey, for a very small (tiny) bottle- but many of their oils you can use internally. I buy oils in large quantities, and I make up so much of this blend in the winter - and use daily - so it's not something I would do, but an alternative for you to consider.  I  make this  blend up every winter, and beside all the therapeutic benefits - it smells heavenly during the Holidays.  Smells like Christmas season - especially with the Cinnamon & Clove. 
As legend has it - Four Thieves Recipe  was created from research on a band of thieves   who were miraculously protected from the black plaque in the 15th century. While robbing from the dead and dying plague victims, they were protected and did not contract the dreaded disease. Their secret formula was a blend of essential oils that they rubbed all over their bodies. When they were captured they released the secret formula in trade for a more lenient sentence. 
I have been using this blend since the swine flu was around 8 or so years ago. I was working events 2 or three times a week and needed extra protection. I would spray in the air the minute someone would cough. I also share the hand sanitizer recipe using this blend at the end of this post.  This is very inexpensive to make and you can order 2 ounce bottles of each oil from If you need me to break the recipe down into smaller measurements - you can contact me at
NOW oils are very inexpensive (and easy to find)  and I have been using them for 15 years, when I make out of the ordinary blends, where I don't want to buy large quantities.   To purchase all the oils should not be over $30.00 but you will have enough oil to be able to make this spray for years and years.  I have also included a link for Wholesale Supplies Plus where I order a lot of my bottle supplies.  They are very inexpensive, and you can order small bottle of oil - freight is paid for purchases of $40.00 - you can't beat that. 
You have a few choices as far as a base for the Thieves Recipe - you can use Vodka -80 proof is ( 40% alcohol & 40% water), or go with a higher proof Vodka, which is what I do.  You can also use Isopropyl alcohol or Everclear which is a pure and 100% natural grain alcohol 180 proof.  It is comparable to a perfume alcohol premium choice for room sprays - a little harder to find (a liquor store or upscale market will probably have it)  and runs about $18.00 a bottle.  - but 100% natural.
If you decide to make a natural hand sanitizer - it's equal parts of Aloe-vera gel and 100 proof vodka . Pure and Natural. Look at it this way - I would much rather use something on my skin that I can drink than use a product with chemical ingredients. Several of the large hand sanitizer plants have been closed due to dangers. Remember these chemicals go directly in to the bloodstream.  It is very scary.
Mix in a dark brown glass bottle with a dropper. You can pick up the bottle & dropper at Sprout's or Wholefoods or probably at a health food store.  Should not be over $1.50 at the most.
For a 4 ounce container for a Room Spray -  I would use 1-1/2 teaspoons of the blend and fill with the Alcohol.  I like a strong spray - but that's just me. 
For a hand sanitizer I would use 10 or 12 drops per 3 or 4 ounces.
You can also had 4 or 5 drops to a nice oil, like Almond, or Olive and massage a little in to the bottoms of the foot, as well as a small amount in the chest area.
In case you did not see the hand sanitizer recipe - it's equal parts of Aloe-vera gel and 100 proof vodka - pure and natural. Look at it this way - I would much rather use something on my skin that I can drink than use a product with chemical ingredients. Several of the large hand sanitizer plants have been closed due to dangers. Remember these chemicals go directly in to the bloodstream.  It is very scary.
Both of these companies have good pricing and you can buy essential oils in smaller sizes.  Wholesale Supplies Plus pays freight on orders of $40.00.   Also love Bulk Apothecary.  They usually ship the same day as the order is placed but do not pay freight.
 For my customers convenience, if you are placing an order with me for products, I can purchase the bottles of the oil for you, and bill you the actual cost (will include receipt).  I have a great little hometown store out by me and they have great pricing for NOW oils in 2 ounce sizes.  I will advise pricing before purchasing - just let me know.  As well as they have the brown glass bottles with dropper that runs about $1.50.
Castor Oil Intensive Skin Repair - Only Ships 2 months out of the year
 These two products only ship when temp's are in the 60's, which is about 2 months out of the year in Phoenix area.  I have to check as well, temperatures at the destination point -  especially Florida. We had our 2nd warmest November and December on record in Arizona last year - and we are facing another warm winter this year, and shipping was limited. 

This is a very rich skin treatment/moisturizer without water - all oil. Castor Oil is one of the most therapeutic oils of all , & well respected for it's many therapeutic properties. In early days, Castor Oil heat packs were used for pain and healing.
A luxury treatment for damaged, sun baked skin, wrinkles, skin tags, warts and on and on. Made with Castor Oil, Jojoba, Beeswax, Unrefined African Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Tea Tree, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, Geranium and a dash of Patchouli.   The Castor Oil Rose blend, has Lavender, Rose, Jasmine with Sandalwood.

Castor oil, used topically, has properties to stimulate the lymphatic system in the body and has been used for many, many years for massage, including applications for callouses, bunions, moles, warts, various skin condition, tumors, cancer (skin and breast), cysts, and many other conditions. A highly concentrated product that has a lovely feel to it. Just a little bit will do - but when first using your skin will just suck it up - especially in dry season. Great for a night time moisturizer.  - 
You can order at


Castor oil, used topically, has properties to stimulate the lymphatic system in the body and has been used for many, many years for use in massage, including applications for callouses, bunions, moles, warts, various skin condition, tumors, cancer (skin and breast), cysts, and many other conditions. A luxury treatment for the skin with exotic oils and pure essential oils, both the Shea butter and the beeswax provide a natural sunscreen. This is a skin treatment without water. It is extremely rich and highly concentrated and has a lovely feel to it

Honey Scrub Shower Wash -& Face Wash
A little medicine chest in a bottle. Probably my most loved product by me, as not only do I use this product on my face,  but also I use as a hand wash, for wound healing on myself and my animals, as well as the Shower Wash.
  I broke up a dog fight a several weeks ago, and my fingertips ended up taking a beating - this is the product I reached for. Years ago, I had a severe hand injury and without insurance - this product saved my hand.  It is antiseptic, antibacterial, disinfectant, ad fungicidal action, product for the skin, that kills bacteria and infection on contact.  I add a small amount to my shampoo (Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Hemp Soap) when I shampoo my hair daily and if you have scalp problems - this will do the job.  The only difference in the Face Wash and the Shower Wash is the Shower has a little less Honey so it is flows easier in the shower. . One of my wonderful customers who became a dear friend, just passed away after a long battle with cancer and who had a colostomy about 7 years ago.  She used the Honey Scrub Shower wash for all these years for cleansing the wound, and never had one infection.  If you know friends who have ALS or bed sores - this is an amazing product for healing (also the Tea Tree Bacteria Buster Balm 

Use a  dime size on your face, apply water, clean skin well, and rinse well. This soap is  antibacterial, antiseptic, antibacterial, disinfectant, with fungicidal action that kills bacteria and infection on contact.   Apply a small amount on a pimple or boil, and leave on like a liquid band-aid  (is transparent) and will speed the healing and clear infection. Apply to warm wash cloth and use for a face pack when cold season arrives. If you have foot problems, you can also use in a foot soak for healing fungus. This powerful punch in a bottle will last about 3-5 months on the 4-oz size.  I've only raised the price on this product $2.00 in 16 years - even with supplies going sky-high.   This face wash is excellent for all skin types.  The shower gel is great if you have dry skin, skin ailments (eczema, psoriasis, acne, scalp problems).  These products are very concentrated.

In closing - if you are considering a pet for your family - please don't overlook the many wonderful pets, sitting in local shelters through out America.  Many thousands of dogs, cats and also horses are desperate for a loving home  All of my animals have been rescues and have brought me love that at times humans cannot.

Speaking of being human - please excuse any typo's you may find.  I worked years ago in an advertising department and my boss used to say it's almost impossible to proof you own work.  I can go over and over looking for typo's and once it's out to the world - I find them right away. 
Hoping winter is not to tough for so many of my East Coast customers.  Take care and stay safe.
Until next.....Judy
Also check out one of my favorite animal rescue groups:
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