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The Clay Minerals Society
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Clay Minerals Society
CMS e-News
In this issue:
Workshop Lecture series 
Volume 18 in the CMS Workshop Lecture Series: "Materials and Clay Minerals", edited by Larry Drummy is available from the CMS.
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Source Clays
Read about and buy from the Society's Source Clays Repository here.
Clays and Clay Minerals
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Annual Meeting
Come to Edinburgh in July 2015 to attend the joint Euroclay-CMS meeting for 2015.
Please pass a copy of this new publication to a colleague. They can read about membership here.
From the New President

As agreed at the Society's May 2014 Council Meeting and discussed briefly at the Business Meeting of the CMS, we have a new monthly newsletter coming straight to your in-box. This newsletter will convey useful information about forthcoming conferences of interest, information about the recently published papers in Clays and Clay Minerals, and snippets of general interest to the clay community which can include information about jobs, grants/funding and other items of broad interest to the CMS.  Some information will parallel the information given in Elements but will be more up-to-the-minute.
We are excited by the prospect of resurrecting our print newsletter, CMS News in e-format. We will be able to reach many people easily and quickly with items of current importance. We welcome your comments and, importantly, your contributions and news items to CMS e-News.  Please send items for future newsletters to my attention. Thanks.
Non-members may sign up, just click on the "Subscribe" link to have your email address added.
Crawford Elliott, President
From the new Editor in Chief

It's timely that the first issue of our new Newsletter should fall at about the same time that we hand over the responsibility for our journal from Joe Stucki to Michael Velbel. Joe, having served for seven years is taking an 18 month sabbatical. He plans to return to the hot seat in January 2016. In the meantime, Council has appointed Michael Velbel as Acting Editor in Chief. Michael steps almost straight from the Presidency into the Editorship. Whew! Thanks Michael and we look forward to working with you.
Please note that our journal is now operating a fast-track submission system. For those papers which meet certain technical submission criteria our editorial team has committed to a quicker turnaround than normal and when those papers are accepted, they go straight to the front of the production line. We insist that these papers meet our criteria in terms of language, layout, quality of artwork, etc. Reviewers who review five of these papers will be given the opportunity to publish an Open Access paper in our journal, free of charge!
One of the regular features will be a selection of highlights from recent issues of the journal:
Read the contents on either of our two online platforms. Select here.
  • Co-sorption of cadmium and phosphate on the surface of a synthetic hydroxyiron-montmorillonite complex
    Runliang Zhu, Min Li, Fei Ge, Ying Xu, Jianxi Zhu, and Hongping He
  • Temperature effects on synthetic nontronite crystallinity and implications for nontronite formation in Columbia River Basalts
    Leslie L. Baker and Daniel G. Strawn
  • Study of low-pressure argon adsorption on synthetic nontronite: implications for smectite crystal growth
    Alain Decarreau, Sabine Petit, Pauline Andrieux, Frederic Villieras, Manuel Pelletier, and Angelina Razafitianamaharavo
  • The timing of diagenesis and thermal maturation of the Cretaceous Marias River Shale, Disturbed Belt, Montana
    Stephen G. Osborn, Louise Totten Duffield, W. Crawford Elliott, J. M. Wampler, R. Douglas Elmore, and Michael H. Engel
  • Stoichiometric reactions describing serpentinization of anhydrous primary silicates: A critical appraisal, with application to aqueous alteration of chondrule silicates in CM carbonaceous chondrites
    M. Velbel
  • Investigation on the thermal decomposition of talc
    Xiaowen Liu, Xiaoxu Liu, and Yuehua Hu
  • Stability of iron in clays under different leaching conditions
    Barbora Dousova, Lucie Fuitova, David Kolousek, Miloslav Lhotka, Tomas Matys Grygar, and Petra Spurna
  • First-principles ab initio study of carbon dioxide adsorption on the kaolinite(001) surface
    Man-Chao He, Jian Zhao, and Yang Li
Healing Clays
NSF News makes mention of the work of Lynda Williams and others  on healing clays. They ask whether these clays might be the new answer to  superbugs. Williams et al. published a paper on this subject in Clays and Clay Minerals in 2008 (image: clay-bacteria interface). See the paper here (Ingenta; GSW)
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