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Dr. Laurie Moore
April 12, 2015 (Sunday)
10 a.m. Hawaii Islands/ 1 p.m. California, U.S.A./ 2 p.m. Colorado U.S.A.
3 p.m. Texas U.S.A./4 p.m. New York U.S.A./ 5 p.m. Florianopolis, Brazil
9 p.m. Henley, United Kingdom/ 10 p.m. Opole, Poland
10 p.m. Johannesburg, Africa/1:30 a.m. Mumbai, India/ 5 a.m. Ashiya, Japan
6 a.m. Kingston, Australia
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Dr. Laurie Moore offers Transmission Pulse to honor the gifts inside you that are ready to emerge. These gifts come from Source through you. She is not the cause, only a gentle yet powerful conduit to remind you of what is inside of you. Dr. Laurie Moore is attuned to the universal realm of awakened, silent neutrality as well as the realms of creation, manifestation, transformation, and cleansing. She is attuned with the angels and the animals, the beings on this side and the other. This is a gift she has been given. via her devotion to masters of love and the Divine Source. She is fully human with all the experiences, blessings, complexity of personal traits, learning curves, and challenges of all humans.
She created Transmission Pulse so that people and animals round the world can gather online. Through the power of this gathering we may experience healing, awakening, transformation, and manifestation of much good for those who participate. Many more may be touched by the repercussions.
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About Dr. Laurie Moore ~ ~ 831-477-7007
For decades Dr. Laurie Moore has brought awakening and manifestation to thousands all over the globe. She lives in service to humans and animals from her love and playful enjoying of the ONE.
People have awakened into unconditional love, experienced angels and masters, learned to hear animals, merged into unconditional joy and peace, and discovered the neutral silent arena in her presence. People have healed addictions, self-defeating habits, chronic difficulties, relationship challenges, emotional pain, and burdens in her presence. People have achieved dreams long yearned to reach, developed deeper bonds of forgiveness, acceptance, and love in her presence. People have manifested wonderful happenings, career, personal and financial goals in her presence. Some receive instantaneous miracles and others receive them gradually over longer periods. Dr. Laurie Moore is a conduit with no say over why or who achieves what. She is directed and prompted from her heart's devotion to Source to assist. While many have experienced physical healings, Dr. Laurie's focus and training is in the emotional, life-concrete, somatic, personal, psychological, and spiritual. She is not a medical practitioner.
A message from Laurie:
I find myself reminiscing on the seminar-satsang days when I often flew to the Hawaii Islands and other locations. I was thankful to meet so many wondrous people and animals, many of whom remain in my life today. One of my favorite experiences of those days was transmitting the love. I allowed myself to merge into deep states of oneness while we gathered, as though I was solo in the forest, abandoning all personal and sinking into Divine Ma’s heart. Sometimes birds gathered around us. Hawks, raven, and deer visited. Sometimes birds, butterflies, and dogs from nearby houses actually walked into the seminar rooms, self-initiated, no accompanying human! Lots of love, laughter, and tears of movement as many of you remember. During these silent meetings people experienced a multitude of awakenings, healings, revelations, manifestations, joy, peace, and unconditional love.
Pondering on how to bring this to people and animals around the world I felt grateful for technology.
Transmission Pulse via Google Chat will be available to many. A little time for words, mostly time for silent transmission, and time for a share or two! My intention is that his be deeply nourishing, life altering and very enjoyable, giving to each something that will assist deeply. You may think of one intention you have for attending before we start.  Then let it go and stay open to any gift of grace the Divine Ma Pa, Universal Flow,
your own teachers, God by whatever name you use, wishes to give to you.
Love, Laurie
The website of Dr. Laurie Moore:
Dear All, 

I am so happy and grateful that I can support Dr. Laurie in creating Transmission Pulse online gatherings as a regular monthly event.
Living miles away from California I never met Dr. Laurie in person, but her presence and work have touched me deeply. Since the day I watched the conversation with Dr. Laurie and Gangaji for the first time, followed by interviews, books and exchange of letters, I felt a heart-melting stream of Warmth, tuning me back into Love and inner silence. 
It is a real gift of our times that contemporary media can help us to connect in the deepest way – with each other, as well as with ourselves, bringing us back to the infinite Source what is alive in every heart. Wherever we are on this planet, we can communicate through Love, embracing the Earth and all our daily challenges, emotions, experiences. Taking a moment to sit still and simply observing whatever is coming, with the soothing assistance of Dr. Laurie, we can discover what is shining through each moment of life, alive and untouched. 
Izabela Młynarz
Cost: $12
Recording: $12
Attend Live and Receive Recording: $17
To sign up please:
1. Register  for the Next Transmission Pulse at:
2. You will receive the paypal confirmation message on your mail.
3. Please, forward the paypal confirmation message to to finalize the enrollment (as a subject of the message please write  “TP registration + YOUR NAME AND SURNAME”).

Please feel free to share your ticket with family and friends in your home. Please spread the word so those in other places and homes will be able to get their tickets and benefit.
You will receive a link-invite to the Google chat room  VIA YOUR EMAIL ten minutes before the event begins. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Google Chat ahead of time. Google chats are easy to use; if you don't know how to use it ask a friend or look up info on the web. A chat room is created right before the event with access to those who are attending. We don't get the link from Google till then which is why we can only send it to you then.
IMPORTANT: It is very helpful for us if you don't make the registration later that an hour before the live session.
If you have any questions according to Transmission Pulse, please write to
1. Google Hangout is a simple tool that is similar to Skype.
2. To use Google Hangout you MUST have an account with Gmail.
3. When you open your Gmail account you will  find the Hangout tool next to your mailbox. To make the best use of the Transmission Pulse time, learn to use it ahead of timeIf you have questions  please ask me or someone else.
1. BEFORE JOINING THE HANGOUT: Please make sure your camera and microphone are onPlease, make sure to eliminate any disturbing sounds around you. If impossible to get rid of surrounding sounds, turn off your microphone. Turn it back on only if you want to speak.
2. PLEASE BE ON TIME. We recommend that you are ready 15-20 minutes before we begin. Have the technical system set and prepared. You can take a few moments to sit in silence. Concentrate on your heart with gratitude to prepare yourself for the Transmission. Approximately 10 minutes before the session you will receive an invitation to the Hangout VIA YOUR E-MAIL. Follow the link. When you join the Hangout you will see the Transmission Pulse logo on the screen until the session begins.  
3. We can have 10 people in the Hangout in the same time. Once the Hangout is full, we will email a different  link to any more people joining in. You will receive the same transmission at YouTube live. Press the link and you are there.
4. VERY IMPORTANT: Please don’t use the sound using Hangout and YouTube at the same time! If you open the YouTube link while on the Hangout, please, SWITCH OFF THE SOUND in one of them. Otherwise we’ll have strange echo.
5. The session is about 40 minutes long. Some of the session is open for sharing experiences, feelings, reflections and questions. Dr. Laurie Moore lets you know when. When Dr. Laurie says it is time for sharing, please raise your hand to let us know you want to speak.
Please invite yourself to steep deep into your heart. The most precious gift of the Transmission Pulse session is to rest in your heart. Be open for all gifts the Universe is giving you now, in this moment. Supported by the loving presence of Dr. Laurie Moore, and the presence of each other, we find potent awareness of our soul-selves , often experiencing deep peace as thoughts, emotions, and flavors pass through. Positive shifts and changes of consciousness of life occur. Unexpected gifts may arise now as well as in the following days, months and years of the Transmission's repercussive waves. We find ourselves awakening in universal and personal love, while embracing any and all aspects of being human.

Dear Laurie,
EVER so grateful for our time together - I enjoyed it so much - and learned a lot.
I spent yesterday kinda integrating - and letting the non-needed energy in my left shoulder move out.  She seems to be clinging on a bit, but I can surely feel the energy shifting - and I am grateful.
Thank you again - from the bottom of my heart - I can't wait to see where our paths cross again.
Tons of love,
(Name withheld for confidentiality)
Dear Laurie:
I have already gotten SO much, so so much more than can even be described (and we are only on the second day of the seminar).
Such Love,
Dear Laurie:
I want to thank you for doing a reading for my dog.
That day she had a cleansing catharsis. The next day she was fine. Well since then (and since I spoke to you) she seems to be a different dog, She much calmer, loving, and has not had one pee accident in the house. She seems a lot more grounded. There is a noticeable difference,
I almost feel as though some non-needed energies were cast out of her.
(Name withheld for confidentiality)
Dr. Laurie:
You have instant links. I now feel comforted and it makes sense. Now I understand
this challenge and feel better. What you said about my relative was accurate.
Thank you,
Dr. Laurie:
You went right to the bottom line on the John Burgos Show.
You cut right to the chase with people. Love is the basis.
What you say about me is right on track too. Thank you for supporting me with finding my answers.
Laurie, your work creates a true pod of love. Thank you. You are one of the most
loving people I have met. You have given me deeper love than most people I

It was incredible, luscious, and pure joy. My power charka filled with light, my
root charka alive in a luscious wonderful way for the first time, my throat full of
song, my hear feeling delicious, my third eye a beam of bright light. I am more
present then ever because Dr. Laurie Moore helped me to go deep within and
then bring what was inside me back into outer life!
Karen Stohlman, mother of two teenagers

Thank you for all the help you have an ability to give and give and give out sooo
much. Your way is another form of the Divine Mother and we all need all of this
we can get.
Ahraiyanna Dellatone

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