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"The Lost Art of The Written Letter", 45 in. x 15 in. - Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, $980
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N  A  N  C  Y     H  I  L  L  I  A  R  D     J  O  Y  C  E
"Intentionally Subjective"
"Nancy Hilliard Joyce noticed an overlap in subject matter with fellow Asheville artist, Grant Penny – planting the seed for this two person show. While their subject matter may sometimes overlap, their styles and mediums are decidedly different.
Nancy creates distinctly gestural paintings using everything from acrylic paint and oil-based pen to hammer and nails.
Grant is a paper collage artist using handmade/dyed papers to create works with a very minimal approach and style.
Together, the artists have selected six subjects of which they will each create a piece. Some subjects selected are drawn from previous, overlapping works, while others are new and interesting explorations for them both. The result will be six pairings of “intentional subjects” - plus a large, truly collaborative thirteenth piece that both artists will create together.
The title, “Intentionally Subjective,” lends itself to a double meaning. The first being that obviously the subjects of each pair were chosen with intent. The second being, as we all know so well, art is very subjective and this side-by-side showing will certainly spark some interesting (and no-doubt subjective) thoughts, feelings, and conversations."
Events & Happenings
Intentionally Subjective
Artist Grant Penny
meets Nancy Joyce: A Collaborative Show
October 18th, 2014
Marriott Courtyard Greenville, SC
The Grove Park Inn
"Thirteen": An artist's Interpretation.
13 Original works on Canvas.
January 31st, 2014 
The Grove Park Inn
On-Going Curated Installation
Asheville, NC
ONE Greenville: 
"Greenville as ONE"
69in x 144in.
triptych piece - Main Lobby
One N. Main Street
Permanent Installation.
Greenville, SC
Asheville Art Museum: 
New Children's ArtPLAYce
Three Photographic TacTiles.
Current Exhibition. 
Asheville, NC
Children's Museum of the Upstate
100-piece TacTile collaborative work
Current Exhibition
Greenville, SC
New Video!
Thank you to Ty Gilpin, videographer and friend for creating this short 4 minute video in my studio!
Coming FALL 2015
I've found a mission that has hit me hard. I will have a show in late 2015 that I am calling, "Bicyclette". This will be specifically for the not-for-profit, Lotus more by clicking on the link below!
There She Goes
"There She Goes"
36in. x 36in. sold off my easel 
to read about this sweet here:
"Waiting for the Sun"
45in. x 15in. - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
Recent Honors
WNCAP, 2nd Runner up art entry award for "Raise Your Hand Auction". 
Balsam Range, CD Cover Art for Mountain Home Music Company. Early Summer release.
Red June, CD Cover Art  for Organic Records. Coming Spring 2014.
The Wilhelm Brothers, CD Cover Art for "Lay Your Burden Down". Wilhelm Brothers.
Womble Carlyle Gallery - First Place winner for "Sacagawea"
Asheville Citizen Times - July 2014
The Biltmore Beacon - June 2014
Red June Music - March 2014
Carolina Arts - February 2014
The Laurel of Asheville - January 2014
SOPHIE Magazine - January 2014
WNC Magazine - January/February 2014
Sophie Magazine  - November 2013.
The Laurel of Asheville, Cover Story - June 2013. The Laurel. 
Nancy Joyce Gallery • 122 Riverside Drive (Studio E) • Asheville, NC 28801
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