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Let me tell you about this fabulous school

We Are Opening A New School This September.
When I founded the AlixSandra Parness’ Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School in 1994, it was to feed a need at that time both for personal expansion and the lifting of humanity. In the nineties there was an explosion of interest in the spiritual world and how it impacted our everyday life. Groups formed because it was time to embrace the intuitive world and experience a deep connection with the Source of Life itself. Our first school attracted many professionals in the therapy world who were hungry for the inclusion of the physical body and the spiritual aspects, as well as the mental world. These were the years that the phrase Body, Mind and Spirit was coined.
Many of those students have embodied the teachings, enlivened them and created practices that were innovative then, and are still; and beyond what most people in those fields were doing at the time. The Inner Focus School was a four-year school then because it took a longer amount of time to really embody the teachings, and become the person you wanted to be both spiritually and professionally.
The school was internationally taught by myself, and eight highly trained teachers. We always came from the foundational Inner Focus teachings; Rock-Solid Higher Self Connection, A.R.T. Alignment Resonate Technique, 2-Point Hands On Healing, Clairvoyance Training, and Advanced Energetic Anatomy. The beauty of Inner Focus is that it Lives! Excitement always comes when individual students take the teaching into new dimensions of thought. There is heightened cooperation between the individual heart and mind, and the greater heart and mind of Source. 
This exchange allows wisdom and mastery to be practiced and entrained, which creates a new mind-set. It is this natural course of action that each one of us are on every minute of our lives. Inner Focus helps you make it real in your everyday life and live from your own higher perspective.
THE POWER OF SCHOOL!  There are two components of success in anything you do, Commitment and Practice: School provides continuity with a group of people who are resonating in the same frequency, wanting a similar outcome. The exchange of ideas and practices with one another, and with people outside the classroom provides a rich experience for the deepening of your heart’s desire. Growth and expansion are natural as each person reaches for the highest within themselves and their world. School offers consistency, which fertilizes the rich soil of growth and expansion.
Today the school is located in Asheville, NC, the new Mecca in the ever-expanding realms of energy medicine.
We graduated our 18th Inner Focus School in Asheville, NC in May. We are so excited about our graduates, most of whom are ready to open individual practices as Certified Advanced Energy Healers.
Our new school is opening September 10th and promises to be the most exciting year ever. Laurel and I have expanded the program to include Virtual Classes along with in person 5 –day classes. To give you a taste of what our school offers, Laurel Mamet, Inner Focus School Director is offering an Inner Focus training in Little Rock, August 22 & 23. Please go to for more information or feel free to call. 800-600-8283
AlixSandra and Laurel 

Please Join Laurel Mamet in Little Rock...
We are all designed to receive Inner Guidance--insight that can feel like it "came out of the blue". These insights bring with them a sense of confidence and certainty of their absolute truth.
Join me in Little Rock, Arkansas August 22-23, for THE INTUITION ADVANTAGE, as we:
- Develop deeper connection to our Higher Wiser Selves
- Bring clarity to our language and thought     
- Practice being true and deliberate to our inner experience

We will increase self-respect and self-value, learning to be a Trustworthy Carrier of the information we receive.  When we cultivate the good and the great within us, we shine like the Sun, live life with Higher Purpose and use it to uplift our world. Discover More>>
I look forward to a powerful day! Laurel Mamet, Director of AlixSandra Parness' Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School 

Offerings From AlixSandra
As my world expands I am finding wondrous ways to serve you through:
Personal Breakthrough Sessions
Choose to create a new blueprint for your life in a series of Breakthrough Sessions. Click HERE to discover more.
V.I.P. Days
In Person Power Sessions at my home in Las Vegas designed to uplift, awaken new inspiration, heal and change your life. Contact AlixSandra to discover more.
• Activate Intuitive Mastery 5 Week System helping you create a new blueprint for your life. CLICK HERE to discover more.
"Dr. AlixSandra’s A.I.M program has further deepened and shown me how valuable it is to continue to expand my Intuitive connection.  During the A.I.M. course, I became aware of something I was still holding that was devaluing who I am and limiting my potential.  I was surprised to find an old blueprint (belief system) that I thought I had cleared. The freedom and expansion that occurred for me as I constructed a new blueprint, was profoundly life altering. As I now align more deeply with valuing my body, mind and spirit I can embody more of who I truly am… the decisions I make reflect my pure unlimited potential. I am in deep appreciation for this life altering experience and would whole-heartedly recommend this course."  Tanya L.
• Activate Joy Bootcamp
An eight week Life Changing course for Entrepreneurs to Surrender their Spiritual Scarcity Consciousness and Enter The Golden Age Of Joy. Contact AlixSandra to discover more or CLICK HERE to view more.
Laurel and AlixSandra will be offering monthly complimentary teleseminars based on the subject of Embodying Personal Self Mastery beginning soon. Please check the websites and sign up for the start time.
Dr. AlixSandra Parness' Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School
Discover more about the Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing Systems and the upcoming Asheville School: CLICK HERE
NEW SCHOOL OPENING – September 10, 2014
Look What We Have In Store For YOU!
Our Twenty Year Anniversary School Asks For MORE, So Laurel and I Have Created The More! 
Together we will be able to cover more content, deepen your healing experience and offer expertise to make your experience invaluable. Please visit the website for more details.
Spirit Gate Cards are available now.
Details of all of these avenues of personal breakthroughs are available on 
Alixsandra Parness' Activate Joy  •  2 Sahalee Drive  •  Las Vegas  •  NV  •  89148
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