Cotton Content
Cotton is a fiber we all wear, knit and use in our daily lives.
It is a source of endless variations for clothes and accessories.
5 summers
Five summers ago was issued the first Artisaknity newsletter, and my knitting journal began.
I started with blue cotton and a very simple pattern. This small crocheted summer purse was made in Aruba (the button-stone from the Eagle Beach is the silent witness to it:-)) 
Click on image to go to Arabesque Aruba newsletter (2010)
From the Habu Textiles website:
We carry “slow” materials, not flashy, not necessary pretty, not cheap, not easy, but those
that will give a soul to the fabrics.
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Sounds like the description of this top:
not flashy but with a certain character.
This azure top is made of Japanese habu.
I mixed the aquamarine with yellow and
shades of blue. It feels great on a hot
summer day. 
 Click on image to go to Aqua August newsletter (2011)
Cotton Comfort 
Cotton is the most popular yarn for the summer knits. It's comfortable to wear, pleasant to work with and easy to care for. 
This top was made more than 30 years ago and is still in pretty good shape!

Click on image to go to July Blue Sky newsletter (2012)
Cotton for Cozy
I love this cotton wine bottle cozy.
This time last summer I had to knit something really warm because I spent it in Southern Hemisphere where July is a winter month.
Click on image to go to Winter Knitting in Chile newsletter (2013)
Going Green
Green grass, green yarn...
It's a pattern sample. The knit itself is yet to be done ... may be for the next summer... but it already looks like something earth-friendly, doesn't it?!!
Russian village(where I spent some of my summer time this year) is a source of infinite inspiration for cotton knitters.
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