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Little Pearls
A Whale of a Pearl! ~ October 1, 2014
It's been three years since we created a new Little Pearl; six months since the last newsletter. Some of you have wondered if Little Pearls was still alive. There have been glimmers, but I couldn't hold any momentum ~ until now.
I'm finally emerging from the long grieving time for my husband Jim. Staying engaged in the process and two big trips away this summer have helped create a shift. So, finally, some news!
Pearl Dreams: Oregon Gray Whales & More!
The California gray whales off the Oregon coast at Depoe Bay have held a big piece of my heart since a young one breached next to my friend Anni and me in 1976. This has been most powerful wildlife experience of my life, at least so far. I have returned as many times as possible since then, alone and later with Jim.
Four years ago, we went out on a zodiac with a wonderful marine biologist named Carrie Newell of Whale Research Eco Excursions and her dog Kida. I went out with them twice this September. Their enthusiasm for these friendly, gentle whales and their interactions out there on the ocean ARE a Pearl!  

For a taste, here is a short, rough video I took from my cell phone: 
Within two weeks, we hope to have footage for the first new Little Pearl in three years, and I'm both scared and excited. We have to match schedules with Carrie and a filmmaker from Portland, the whales have to hang around instead of heading to their winter home in Baja, Mexico, and the sometimes-wild Oregon coast weather has to cooperate. There are no guarantees. Wish us luck ~ fingers, toes, paws and tail flukes crossed! 
Here is Oregon Public Broadcasting's 8-minute documentary about Carrie from 2010, which gives you a sense of her work and enthusiasm. The Little Pearl will be more condensed and emotionally powerful, yet this is also great: OPB: Gray Whales
There are many other Pearl Dreams, most of which are on our website. A Honeybee Pearl is pulling on me, too. I'd love to know if any feel particularly meaningful to you.   
Spotlight Pearl: Wild and Free: a Screech Owl Named Pinkey
Little Pearls has has great luck with companion and wild animals and with nature, giving me hope for this new one!  One great example is a serendipitous filming of baby owl Pinkey and his friend Little Bit after their release by their wonderful rehabber Clyde Hollifield.  Wild and Free: a Screech Owl Named Pinkey
How You Can Help, Financially and in Other Ways
In the long quiet time for Little Pearls, I barely worked on raising funds, though the bills for computer repairs, etc kept coming in. Paying the Portland filmmaker for Whale Pearl footage will bring our bank account to its lowest point in years. Can you help?
If you can, please:
  • Donate Now
  • Become a Sponsor, again or for the first time ~ let me know if you're interested!
  • Write a review (a good one!) for us with Great NonProfits ~ reviews are due by the end of October. We've made this list every year for several years and it truly can help with fundraising in the larger world.
  • Watch Little Pearls on YouTubeespecially if you are feeling down, need some inspiration or want a reminder of what truly matters. It works for me!
  • Visit our website (it needs updating, yet it's still great)
  • Get our beautiful DVD, for yourself and those you love
  • Volunteer ~ we will need help with all kinds of things, and our Board is small
A Personal Note
My two big trips this summer were challenging in some ways, yet they gave me a welcomed new perspective. I spent two weeks in Ontario, Canada with my granddaughters and my sister Diana and her family. Here are Kayla and Kira with the equine girls on on our last day at the farm. 

After a short time home, I went to northern California to support my sister Carmen in her healing from a very serious medical condition. Carmen's daughter Alison was there with her little baby Mallory, who stole my heart and won't give it back... 
After California, I had five days in Oregon: a couple days with my old friends Anni and Michael, brief visits with another friend and two dear cousins, and three days alone (and with my whale friends) on the central coast. I'm still seeing whale spouts in my dreams.  Precious times! 
Again, any way you can help Little Pearls get up and running again is treasured.


Warmly, with gratitude
Linda McLean
Executive & Creative Director
Little Pearls
(photo by Anni Powell at Willamette River, Salem, Oregon, September 2014)
Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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