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REAL-I-ZING SELF-TRUST by Dr. AlixSandra Parness
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Step One to Empowered Freedom: Trusting yourself says, “I Value Me!” “I am worthy of my desires and visions for my life.” “I have a right to my world my way.”
Step Two to Empowered Freedom: Practice those thoughts consistently until you have formed a new belief system. This does not happen overnight but placing your value on trusting in yourself creates a Personal Paradigm Shift; A new outlook that will yield new perceptions as the old ones dissipate.
Step Three to Empowered Freedom: Live from your new platform that is REAL-I-Z(ing) your newfound freedom. It is the Realization of The Shift that maintains the frequency you want. This Realization is the path to sovereignty.
It has been my joy to have the opportunity to share my path of Empowered Freedom over these past few months with all of you. I am offering the last in this series of teleseminars on Oct. 22, 29 and Nov. 5 and I would love for you to join me in person. The recorded series will be made available for the future.

When you are creating a Personal Paradigm Shift there are few on your newly developing frequency, a n d there always a few who feel the deep calling to Empowered Freedom and are ready to Go For IT! (don’t fence me in…)
I am not talking about freedom from anything; I am talking about sovereignty, the realization of your power to create.. and then owning it. Owning your thoughts, and understanding the part your emotions play in the currents of the manifestation of your personal paradigm shift is crucial.
Learning to deliberately create your own reality requires your attention to unconditional alignment. Trusting yourself to shift your values away from conditional thinking to unconditional alignment on any subject.
For example: you are facing a health crisis, which is a condition that can lock you into a certain frequency of thoughts. Those thoughts create a pattern that if perpetuated, gain momentum until a belief system that supports the condition is solidly in place. And often that belief system is perpetuated by fear. Take a moment here and reflect on a condition you have personally experienced that kept you in a holding pattern for some time. There are two questions here, 1- to what degree did your feel disempowered? 2- how long did you stay there?
OK, so Great! That was then and this is now imbued with new information:
Let’s say a perceived crisis is looming on the horizon, maybe it has been lurking about for some time without resolve. It could be one of the big three, your health, relationships, or financial issues. You are not new at this, you have practiced Empowered Freedom, you have practiced My World My Way, and you have palpable trust in yourself and your worthiness;  so this is not a stretch to get to Unconditional Alignment.
Unconditional Alignment is embracing a two-fold trust between you and your higher self; unconditional trust in the greater part of you that never sees the condition; The part of you that always holds your utmost freedom with you and for you.
You now know how conditions limit you, so herein lies the Real-I-(zation), which must occur for sovereignty to be a reality for anyone of us.
Moving forward I have deep appreciation for the condition I am facing. I am amazed at how everything came together for me to be in the midst of this condition. Thank You! I have complete faith in myself as I move into how it will feel to be living in the solution. Stepping out of conditional living and into the freedom of unconditional alignment with my greater good. All is well and All Is Well!”
I Want You to be a part of this last Empowered Freedom Series! My legacy of light, developed over the past 35 years through Inner Focus, has created a solid foundation for this new and powerful teaching. I am joined by universal intelligence deeply interested in this subject. My heart is not only open but filled with new ideas and open pathways to greater awareness’s for my life’s work, Healing The Heart Of Humanity, One Heart At A Time (beginning with you/me).
Testimonial: Working with AlixSandra has been a real privilege for me. Her ability to hone in on the real issues at hand is one of her greatest gifts but even more so is her ability to help me to transform beliefs, emotional blocks and to not stay stuck in negativity. She is all about living in a joyful way and we all know that that isn’t always easy, but AlixSandra has taught me tools to use so that I can deliberately move my thoughts and feelings out of places of worry, fear, anxiety and into places of calm and even joy and then staying there! Working with AlixSandra is always the greatest gift to myself and to my own growth and happiness.  
Nicole K. Montreal , Canada
The Third in a Series of Three-Part Teleseminars
As we bring 2014 to a close we are setting the stage for the joy to come. Mastering your thought patterns is now top priority and I am here to help you.
October 22, 29 and November 5
3PM Pacific, 5PM Central, 6PM Eastern
Cost: $144 for the 3-part series
Freedom Equals Sovereignty
“What a powerful and amazing teaching, Thank you AlixSandra I am truly in awe of your gift. My Empowered Freedom shows up when I bless myself, I feel grounded and complete. Then, in that alignment the flow of blessing another or situation can come from my powerful place! Reaching out from the cloaked drudgery of the day I can come to an all-empowering place that is truly complete, and there is no need to change another!"   Pam, Canada 
Please sign up at
All sessions are recorded and accessible for replay.
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Dr. AlixSandra Parness, DD, is a dedicated healer who has spent a lifetime refining her clairvoyant, channeling and teaching abilities, as well her ability to hold to the continuum wave of joy.
Her dynamic journey led her to an even greater vision of world service. Dr. Parness is a passionate activator of higher consciousness with the ability to find, hold and lift individual and group energy and then stabilize the group on that new level. A palpable shift in consciousness becomes a new springboard for success again and again.
Her connection with the realms of divine love opens space for spontaneous healings and enlightened information that uplifts the hearts of individuals and reveals soul lessons in a gentle, firm and empowering way. Because of her ability to transmit the divine energy that flows through her, it is impossible to experience this woman without being forever touched and moved into heightened joy.

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Dr. Alixsandra Parness' Activate Joy  |  2 Sahalee Drive  |  Las Vegas, NV 89148  |
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