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Planet Earth Remedies
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Welcome to our April 2015 Newsletter
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Greetings from Planet Earth Remedies
I have really been remiss in not keeping up with monthly newsletter but, have lot's of things happening and plan to update on a more regular basis. Exciting changes, as far as new packaging for several items that previously had problems with leakage and melting in heat, as well as new Crabby Girl products coming in near future. 
It's amazing that it never entered my mind to ship the Muscle Soak, the Castor Oil Intense Skin Repair & Castor-Rose Intense Skin repair in canning jars - but  the credit for the idea,  came from one of my customers. Hard to figure out which half of my brain does not compute with simple solution's, but I can think up complicated formula's in minutes.  
The Muscle Relief Bath Soak, having a substantial amount of essential oil, has always leaked in shipping  even when electrical tape was wrapped around the lid , as well as through major bubble wrap.  It's  been a problem with the inconvenience for my customers to have to deal with this -  thanks to a common sense suggestion I've got a new option - Canning Jars.
 The Castor Oil Intense Skin Repair products have been limited to 2 months shipping out of the year - and this year being very warm  - I only had three weeks of shipping. So,  If you scroll down, you can read about the new packaging.  This will give me an opportunity to formulate new products that I've held of on due to shipping from Arizona.

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RECIPE:::::::Mood Lifter::Stress Buster::Instant Results.
 With all the oils I work with, I have to admit that Lemon is towards the top of the list that makes me feel good, inside and out. Also, I buy Lavender Essential in bulk and use it in many of my products.  The aromatherapy benefits are amazing for calming, stress and headache prevention.  
This is one of my favorite sprays I've made, which originally started out as a Baby Room Spray, then decided to add more essential oil and it became a Mood Spray, which hits your senses within seconds. The first day I made this - was almost instantaneous when I sprayed around my face and neck area - and the smell, with a little Vanilla Extract was wonderful.  It's inexpensive to make, using only three oils:: Orange, Lemon & Lavender (I also added a small amount of good Vanilla Extract) added to either Vodka or Everclear (100% 180 proof pure natural grain alcohol). NOW oils are very inexpensive and you can buy 1 and 2 ounce bottles. You'll have enough oil to last for years for your sprays  I like a lot of essential oil in my sprays, as I find they reap more benefits for me.
To make your own Refreshing Room Spray you will need:
lemon essential oil
orange essential oil
lavender essential oil
vodka, purified water or witch hazel (the vodka or everclear is my preferred ) the aroma is more intense
clean spray bottle-for storage
tip: alcohol helps mix the oil and water particles and results in the scent lasting longer in the air.
1. In a liquid measuring cup combine 1/4 cup of unflavored vodka, 40 drops of  orange essential oil, 30 drops of lemon essential oil and 20 drops of lavender essential oil. Whisk together to blend. (these amounts can be increased for a stronger scent)
2. You can add a quarter cup of distilled water - but I like my sprays stronger
3. Shake well before spraying.
Note: Vanilla Essential oil is extremely expensive and un-affordable.  I used a good Vanilla Extract and love it.
 - Bath Soak new packaging - no leaking - no electrical tape
Muscle Relief Bath Soak
Muscle Relief SOAK - 
What a simple packing solution - too bad it took so many years to come up with this obvious solution to prevent the SOAK from leaking - thankfully one of my customer had this brilliant idea of shipping in canning jars.  Due to being glass and considering it still has to have protection from breakage, if it's travelling a long distance, I won't be able to ship the 64 ounce out of Arizona as the freight would be sky high due to the jar being so big and extra wrapping - in that case I will probably ship the plastic container.  The smaller sizes are not an issue.
This  POWER SOAK is available in three sizes - 16 oz, 32 oz and 64 ounces (1/2 gallon breaks down to $9.00 a pound). It's very strong product so just a little dab will do you.  
 The aroma  is like no other - a blend of Eucalyptus Oil with Sweet Birch (has analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties- a natural form of aspirin) there is nothing like a foot or tub soak to help in relieving pain and discomfort as well as easing breathing ailments, & headaches. A very concentrated soak and you can actually see the essential oils glistening in the container. Sweet Birch is a harder to come by oil and similar to Wintergreen but more of a premium oil. It's a sweet smelling mint.  

I am partial to Foot Baths as the oils enter through the bottom of the feet and move through the bloodstream within 30 minutes or so. In France they do a lot of foot baths in lieu of traditional medicines. When soaking (water must be above ankle) as the essential oils move through the blood stream they do not effect the digestive system and also don't stay in a person's organs like the pills do. This soak, as with all of my products, is extremely concentrated. Use only about 2 tablespoon in a tub for a 20-minute soak, and a little less in a foot soak Can be used in a Jacuzzi, vaporizer or a 30-minute foot bath. Nice before bedtime to relax, with a glass of wine or a cup of tea and take some time to pamper yourself.   .

Do Not Use if pregnant, have diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problems, if you are nursing, on blood thinners or any other major health problems. Sweet Birch is similiar to Wintergreen.


New Crabby Girl products in the works
  a·ro·ma·ther·a·py -- The use of selected fragrant substances in lotions and inhalants in an effort to affect mood and promote health
Our Crabby Girl Chill-Out balm will have a couple of companions in the near future as it's become a big favorite by many. I'll delve into other similar products benefiting other mind and mood areas . My favorite oils for aromatherapy are the Citrus Oil.     Just as with all my products a container will last for some time as all products are very concentrated.  For maximum benefits, always apply at nose area, as it affects the brain within about 45 seconds.  You can also put a small amount on your temples as well as the sides of the neck, where the skin is very thin. 
The Lavender Comfort Balm is also very effective for calming, anxiety, nausea, headache prevention. The one ounce container of Lavender Comfort Balm is $14.00 and will last up to 6 months, depending on your issues. Balms have more holding power than oils due to having beeswax, which gives you a better thickness or viscosity & more staying power on your skin. The most important note is to be consistent if you have anxiety, or panic attacks, teeth grinding, jaw clenching.  When using for migraines - use for prevention, but one you get a migraine it may make you sick.
I never go to bed without using one of these products, as when my head hits the pillow I tend to think of what I have not accomplished in the day - or what I'm going to do the next day. so - use at bedtime to turn the mind off and relax.
The Crabby Girl seems to bring a  different kind of peace and calming.  Citrus essential oils are powerful for the mind,  and scientific studies have been done with groups of people dealing with mind and mental issues -  with dramatic results.  The one ounce jar is $16.00 and will last up to 6 months, depending on your issues.
I've have 4 or 5 of my favorite essentials coming in, so I can get  busy formulating the new Crabby-Girl products, including Tangerine, Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit and will focus on concentration and mental boost.  The Citrus Oil have long been studied and the affect on the mind is pretty impressive. 

Castor Oil Intense Skin Repairs - will ship year round due to shipping in canning jars to prevent leakage

Castor Oil Intense Skin RepairI'm so pleased we are now able to offer a shipping option for this much requested product. For the past 8 years, due to shipping from Arizona in the heat, I've only been able to ship about 2 months out of a year. This year I had less than 3 weeks. Now I will ship in this special glass jar from Ball which is low profile.  I love these jars and just brought in a large amount. Years ago when I was working shows, I made a Blood Orange Unrefined Shea Butter and customers loved it, but due to melting so fast I discontinued.  If customers are interested - I may add to the site, with having the new packaging options. 

 Castor Oil Intense Skin Repair - and Castor-Rose Intense Skin Repair 
Actually, this product was originally made for a puppy with terrible skin issues. This is a very rich skin treatment/moisturizer without water - all oil. Castor Oil is one of the most therapeutic oils of all , & well respected for it's many therapeutic properties. In early days, Castor Oil heat packs were used for pain and healing - and still today it is highly respected as a miracle oil.
It's a lovely product, as can be seen in the picture above on the right. A luxury treatment for damaged, sun baked skin, wrinkles, skin tags, warts and on and on. Made with Castor Oil, Jojoba, Beeswax, Unrefined African Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Tea Tree, Lavender,, Rosewood, Geranium and a dash of Patchouli.   The Castor Oil Rose blend, has Lavender, Rose, Jasmine with Sandalwood.

Castor oil, used topically, has properties to stimulate the lymphatic system in the body and has been used for many, many years for massage, including applications for callouses, bunions, moles, warts, various skin condition, tumors, cancer (skin and breast), cysts, and many other conditions. A highly concentrated product that has a lovely feel to it. Just a little bit will do - but when first using your skin will just suck it up - especially in dry season. The Castor-Rose is really nice for a night time moisturizer, as it's relaxing.  Also, the Honey-Rose Face Wash has the Rose, Sandalwood, Lavender & Jasmine and is very calming.
You can order at


Castor oil, used topically, has properties to stimulate the lymphatic system in the body and has been used for many, many years for use in massage, including applications for callouses, bunions, moles, warts, various skin condition, tumors, cancer (skin and breast), cysts, and many other conditions. A luxury treatment for the skin with exotic oils and pure essential oils, both the Shea butter and the beeswax provide a natural sunscreen. This is a skin treatment without water. It is extremely rich and highly concentrated and has a lovely feel to it

Making Herbal Infused Oils for Massage or Bath Oil
Making Herbal Infused Oils for Massage or Bath Oil
So easy, rewarding and inexpensive to make a luxury massage or bath oil using fresh herbs - or dried herbs, which are easier as the moisture in the fresh herbs will need to be removed, or the oil may turn rancid. It takes about 11 or 12 hours for the fresh herbs to wilt, then crush up and place in a clean, dry jar - with the dried herbs - you save these steps. (Use a dehydrator or buy at your favorite health food store)
I use Organic Olive Oil to cover herbs (oil should be about an inch over herbs). Give it a good stir, tighten the cap and place in a warm, sunny window for 4-6 weeks. Shake the mixture once or twice a day. Final stpes is to strain the herbs using cheesecloth, pour the infused oil into a dark glass bottles and store in a cool, dark place.
If you are impatient like I am you, and don't have to wait for a month 
 research herbal infusions in the crock-pot. Simply put herbs into a small mason jar, fill jar with your oil, put lid on, place jar in bottom of crock-pot.  Then fill crock pot with water half way up the mason jar.  Crock-pot set to low.  Allow to heat for several hours.  Strain your herbs, and enjoy
your herbal infusion.

                                   Helping a friend in need
In closing - if you have a pet and would like a wonderful tribute, a very talented artist, Kevin Rockwell in South Carolina does amazing animal pen drawings, as well as beautiful paintings.  For one pet  it's around $35.00 plus freight..  For $45.00 you can having a drawing done with two pets or a pet and a person  for  $45.00 plus freight.  You can see his portfolio of just a few of the beautiful paintings he has done over the years - at the link below.
He has been homeless for sometime and has been living in his car with his doberman girl, Tammi.   We started a fundraiser 5 days ago and we are trying desperately to help this bonded pair  Due to being unable to find housing that will take Tammi - he has been homeless for some time and living in his 1987 Honda hatchback - which is not running and is currently in for repairs  It's a desperate situation.  If you are interested in getting information on having a portrait of your pet, you can email him at the link below.
If you would like to contribute to his fundraiser account we have set up to help Kevin & Tammi- click here   For a $10.00 donation I will deduct the $10.00 from all orders over $25.00.  Just enter "donated" in the comment section of the shopping cart.   Plus I will include a 1/2 ounce jar of the $8.00 Orange-Tangerine -Tea Tree Lip Repair, that we used to have on our site  and you get the biggest reward of donating to help someone in need,    Until next time....Judy
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