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The Art of Knitting
Welcome to the 50th issue of Artisaknity newsletter
This newsletter is the 50th! 
This time, I decided to focus  on several shades of this wonderful hobby of mine which have been described and shared with you since 2010.
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Caution: I play with yarn.
Knitting makes me happy
Knit happens
Knit girl
Shut up ... I am counting
Why, no... I don't think I have too much yarn
Knit or go away
Get your knitting on!
I love yarn
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It looks like I am into mixed-media!! It was a wonderful discovery for me - in 2011 -  and I am still learning.
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This particular collection has a special name - 
A Playful Sheep.
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On Artisaknity you'll find reflections about yarns, designs, colors, and also insights on knitting as a hobby and passion.
Artisaknity is a game of words. I like words both in my native Russian and in English. Artisan has become one of my favourites. There's art and handicraft, creativity and spirit in it.  I blended it with knit and got the name for this site- Artisaknity . In other words the state and quality of being  an artisan in knitting. I hope I meet the definition.

Happy Knitting! 
                Tanya Preobrazhenski
Artisaknity  •  33 Harbour Sq.  •  Toronto, ON M5J2G2
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