EFSC Announces 3 Educational Conferences in 2015

New EFSC Officers and Directors Elected

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“ON THE SIDE OF HISTORY” ▶︎ “Exploring and celebrating intersections of scripture, society, and The Episcopal Church
Community of Focus: WOMEN
Community of Focus: AFRICAN AMERICANS
Community of Focus: LGBT
EFSC Elects 2015 Officers
Newly elected EFSC Directors:
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“ON THE SIDE OF HISTORY” ▶︎ “Exploring and celebrating intersections of scripture, society, and The Episcopal Church
This is the common theme of three EFSC Conferences to be held to be held in 2015 in different deaneries throughout the diocese.

The educational conferences will be led by noted experts, each featuring presentations on significant topics relevant to The Episcopal Church in South Carolina. The programs will be hosted in three different locations on three Saturdays during the first months of 2015. Conferences will begin at 9:30AM and end at 2:30PM including a box lunch.

SAVE THE DATES - REGISTRATION WILL OPEN IN DECEMBER - Instructions will be sent by eNewsletter from EFSC and TEC in SC. All sessions are to be open to the public.

Each Conference will have one of the following Communities of Focus:




Community of Focus: WOMEN
Topics and speakers:

✽ Women in the Church: "What to Make of the Diversity and Differences?”: by The Venerable Calhoun Walpole(Archdeacon, TEC in SC.

✽ “A Perspective on Women in the History of The Episcopal Church in South Carolina”: by Dr. Walter Edgar (Professor of History Emeritus,University of South Carolina).

✽ “The Grimke Sisters: Voices for Change, Voices from Yesterday, Voices for Today”: by Dr. Amy McCandless (Dean of the Graduate School, University of Charleston, South Carolina).

Conference to be held January 24, 2015 at The Episcopal Church in Okatie (231 Hazzard Creek, on Hwy 170) OKATIE, SC

Community of Focus: AFRICAN AMERICANS
Topics and speakers:

✽ “Scripture as a Voice For and Within the African American Community from Slavery to Today” by: Dr. Kendra Hamilton (Director of Southern Studies, Presbyterian College).

✽ “Over 200 Years of Black Leadership in TEC”
The Union of Black Episcopalians - Rev. Wilmot Merchant

✽ “A Reading from ‘Truth in Cold Blood’” followed by an audience participation discussion moderated by: The Venerable Calhoun Walpole and Dr. Kendra Hamilton.

✽ “The Church’s Role and Responsibility In Promoting Social Justice” by: Dr. Michael Kogan (Professor of Religion, Montclair State University).

Conference to be held February 28, 2015 at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church (801 11th Avenue, N. MYRTLE BEACH)

Community of Focus: LGBT
Topics and speakers:

✽ “Does Scripture Actually Speak to Us? Perspectives on Our Responsibilities in Interpreting Scripture” by: Dr. Dale Martin (Professor of Religious Studies, Yale University).

✽ “Scripture and Sexual Orientation: A Case Study of the Ethics of Interpretation” Dr. Dale Martin (Professor of Religious Studies, Yale University).

✽ “Personal Histories, Personal Voices - Embracing Diversity in TEC in SC”by: Multiple speakers from the diocese

Conference to be held March 21, 2015 at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church,(67 Anson Street, CHARLESTON, SC)

EFSC Elects 2015 Officers
President: Warren Mersereau
1st VP: Frances Elmore
2nd VP: Lynn Pagliaro
Secretary: Carolyn Sparks
Treasurer: Barbara Mann

Newly elected EFSC Directors:
Mary Neale Berkaw - Church of the Holy Communion
Huston Davis - St Mark’s Port Royal
Joey Froneberger - St Stephens (Charleston)
Dr Charles Geer - Holy Communion
Ginny King - Grace
Jim Moore - All Saints - Hilton Head
Sandy Moyle - Holy Cross Faith Memorial
Kathleen Padgett - St Mark’s Port Royal
Earle Phillips - St Catherine’s
Bill Warner - St Ann’s

The Episcopal Church in SC
The Episcopal Church in South Carolina has reorganized and is carrying forward the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, just as generations of Episcopalians in South Carolina have done since 1789, confident that by moving forward together in unity and faith, with God's help, we will flourish.

Your participation in the life of our diocese and its parishes, missions and worshiping communities is encouraged. The Episcopal Church always welcomes you!

The powerful words of a beloved bishop of South Carolina speak poignantly to us as we continue to rebuild:

“We should strive for unity, not uniformity. Uniformity is mechanical, barren, unfruitful, and unprofitable. Unity is organic, living, and capable of endless growth. If we are to be truly catholic, as Christ himself is catholic, then we must have a church broad enough to embrace within its communion every living human soul.”

The Right Reverend William Alexander Guerry

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