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A Pilgrimage to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

By Kathryn Long
Visiting Fallingwater was not just something to be checked off my bucket list. It was really a pilgrimage. Why? The first time I saw the photos in art history class at East Carolina I was fascinated. After I completed a BFA in interior design I went on to the University of Georgia for a masters in art history, with a major focus in 20th century art and architecture.
When you see the photos, think about this: the home, designed for Edgar J. and Lillian S. Kaufmann, was built in 1936. Year after next it will be 80 years old―and it will always look totally “modern.”
The place it holds in the history of architecture and design is unparalleled.
So why did it take so long to visit this treasure in person? Fallingwater is in Bear Run, a remote area of Western Pennsylvania. It’s not really on the way to anything. There are few places to stay and fewer places to eat.
Fortunately, the Kaufmann’s son gave the home to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Care and maintenance are ongoing and expensive. Here are some interesting facts about Fallingwater fallingwater-facts

Axel and I enjoyed the two-hour “in depth” tour. For more photos, including the rarely-seen kitchen and guest house, click here:
click on photo to view slideshow.
On the same day you can easily visit the Usonian home Wright designed for I. N. and Bernardine Hagan in 1953.

It is still privately owned, so here are some exterior photos:

click on photo to view slideshow.

Enjoy, and do call or e-mail me,, if you are planning a trip. 828-253-9403

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